Just make sure that you use a well-designed spatula—or even two—if you pick a heavy cast iron wok. If you are ordering this wok online make sure you order a couple wok spatulas at the same time. The nice thing about two small handles rather than one longer one is that they don’t get in the way. If this is important for your style of cooking then the Scanpan CTX Wok may be exactly what you’re looking for. Chances are that your new induction wok doesn't need special seasoning but some do. This Tefal wok has the classic Thermospot technology that we have all come to know and love about Tefal products over the years. If you want a lightweight wok that’s easy to lift, this option is for you. It heats up quickly and evenly due to thick gauge base. Non-induction models have not been included. This non-stick wok can truly take a beating and keep on cooking, making sure each dish is served perfectly every time. The induction wok is suitable for stoves, other hobs, and is oven safe. what is the best 1800 watt stainless steel base one-burner induction portable cooker? This wok from Tefal has a fantastic titanium non-stick coating that is extremely tough. This wok has to be one of the nicest looking woks on this list and performs really nicely too. Whether you have a massive semi-pro kitchen, or a tiny flat with limited space, a wok will be your best friend for its versatility alone. Carbon steel woks have the same advantage as cast iron in that they are cheap to buy yet they are high quality cookware. ⇒ Looking for the Best Induction Cookware? Made with a unique forging technology, it has aluminum incorporated in the insides of the thin wall and thick in the base. This is a good thing because the wok won’t be moving around your cooktop offering maximum stability. Warranty: 2 year manufacturer. You only need to use medium heat rather than high heat and you’ll achieve great results. Lift and see and check for weight. This includes a glass lid, stainless steel steamer and skimmer. This way it will be economical in the future if you want to shift to other cooktops. This wok is not inexpensive. Generating heat only when coming into contact with your stove, these pans are a great way to safeguard children (and yourself) in the kitchen. If you have been looking for a wok that will work on your induction hob, then you’re probably already aware of the minefield that is this topic. The flat wide bottom makes it easy to operate on all cooktops including induction. Dishwasher safe: Yes Of the three wok types, stainless steel woks are the most expensive. Cook in it and soon you will be sold. 6 Easy Steps for Choosing the Best Beverage Cooler – Your Perfect Soda or Beer Fridge Awaits! There’s no shame here, so look for woks with as long a warranty as possible, this way you’ll enjoy a lifetime of healthy and tasty cooking with peace of mind that should anything happen to your wok, the manufacturer will take care of you. Together, they handle the rigors of wok cooking so that you can enjoy great-tasting recipes for years to come. That's a healthy prospect because you need no oil with this induction wok. Plus, it makes for easy clean up; simply wipe with a damp cloth. At The Equipped Cook we review the 5 best induction woks in five different categories. It has loop handles at both sides which provide a comfortable grasp for placing and removing. A stunningly beautiful piece of metal, this wok will never disappoint. This combination of a traditional wok and a typical pan is quite sturdy. Latest update for this post: 9 November 2019. It won't hurt to look at brands known to produce high-quality appliances, either. Heat it a little for a better effect. A good glass lid seals in flavors and prevents spills. The stainless steel layer in the bottom works quite well on induction. When reviewing these woks we looked at a number of features; size and depth, handle comfort, oven and dishwasher safe etc, and here’s the wok we’d be happy to see take up residence in our kitchen, the ProCook Gourmet, it’s a family feeder and a crowd pleaser, from hob to oven to dishwasher, it’s the best wok for an induction hob on the UK market. After drying it needs to be seasoned with any oil of your choice.