In heaven do you reunite with the last person you were in love with on earth or does it have to be a marriage. Boy I can relate to almost all of these stories. I am one of the lucky ones. Or will he have moved on and not be there anymore? Will i be still be marry to my wife here on earth? It’s only been a month since my loss. One day I will only be a name, then that will be lost too.But here and now, I am part of the story of all those who came before, and my son carries on that tail. When I got there the house was dark it was about 530 pm . Why does my husband tell me how beautiful i am and how much he loves me then have no time or energy for our marriage? She would sit on my bed and stare into my eyes full of love and compassion. The “what ifs” are relentless. Does any christian religion believe in husbands and wives still being married after both are dead and reunited in heaven, I`m so sorry to say this to you and I`m sorry if you get upset but a, The pain will subside as time passes. I am also a Christian because she led me to Christ. I have longed to be with him again, even considering taking my own life on occasion. Note that the “soul” doesn't exist and when a person dies, the chemical reactions in their body stop working. My name is Matthew, and I am 29. After few days my anniversary is there, missing him to much. I had a dream about her last night. 55 in my pool when it was opened in May 2013 after he passed in April 2013. Now it’s 13 days pass but still I can’t believe my husband … I lost my soul mate, my best friend, m my cancer support. Will husbands and wives be reunited in heaven? Europe was behind, America ahead. I tried to tell her that, because she mourned him deeply. I’m utterly lost without him. I m totally broken.I love him a lot.dnt know what happen to my husband…what he is thinking …is he missing me somewhere…lot of questions but dnt know the answer…, My husband is just 34 and I m 32…is possible that he will contact me…or how to know that he is with me or not…, I just lossed my 29 year old husband to an overdose and he was my soulmate I’m 27 and I’m seven months pregnant with his son which now that he is gone I will call Robert Jr. and we lost a daughter last November at 21weeks an named her Angel so I lost my daughter an husband in less than a year and I’m so shattered and broken I can’t believe it’s real I need his spirit to visit me to tell me it’s ok I’m here I’m sorry an we WILL meet again to be at peace! We were beyond married. 6 inches of intestine removed but he died of sepsis on 17th sep. 4:14-18 would be nonexistent. Thank you for your message. I can only wonder what ever made me say that. I miss my mom & sister very much & wish I had them to help me with the overwhelming grief that I can not get over I met my husband when I was 15 years old he was 18 and from the day we met we were together every day up until that god awful day I woke up & realized he wasn’t with me any longer my whole world shaterd Oct.5 2017 I don’t know how to go on without him I’m so lost & scared to death I haven’t stop crying since he left my side but when I think I can’t handle all this pain any longer & start thinking of ways to beable to go be with my baby I hear him telling that I have to stay here for our kids & grandsons he show’s me in different Way’s he loves & misses me but I’m yet to see him I dream of him but I can’t see his face until the other night I cried myself to sleep yet again but he let me see him that night I guess he knew I really needed him that night . “I haven't had one sign, visit, or sense of presence, not once since my husband died, and I'm beginning to think that's not normal. . . Tonight I had a vivid beautiful dream about my beautiful partner. Can a christian still commit sin and still go to heaven? I now know what and where I’m doing when I transpire to her dimension…I read a book by Kathleen Matthews and she talked about the love soulmates have for each other and how it continues in the afterlife… I really liked her descriptions but haven’t been able to find another writer that is comparable… if you know of any others than you yourself please give me your suggestions. Logically I understand I must be strong for our kids who needed him more than ever, but my heart does not understand it and doesnt want to hear it. I can see him clearly in my mind’s eye and it brings a smile to my face, and warmth to my heart. Will husband wife be reunited in heaven sure hope so? Do husbsand and wife meet gain after their derath? I feel blessed. Islam do i meet my deceased lover after i die. The Bible in fact says very little about life in heaven after death. That’s not fair. I wish I could describe her smile. Then, it flew away only to return a short while later. Want to know why he left us I lost my husband a month back. My soul mate, love of my life committed suicide. We had discussed way before his death. Please paste the youtube video url in the field below: Can you help us by answering one of these related questions? The most important thing to remember is that you have a right to be happy. He was the love of my life. I will regret it for the rest of my life. Where does the bible say drunk people won t make it to heaven? His death was sudden and I beg him to come to me either in dreams or meditation. Thank you, how can I allow this for myself. The reason I know it was a gift from Heaven is that for our entire time together here on this Earth, I would always bring her flowers every week on my way home. THIS YEAR IT HAPPENED AGAIN BUT IT WAS GONE IN ONE DAY WHICH MADE ME MORE DEPRESSED. thanks alot, My husband passed away 5 months ago we were married for 48 years i have know him since i was 9, i have had many signs like these every day, we always said death would not part us, last week my phone rang there was just a lot of static on the line and a distant voice in the background i put the phone down after 3 minutes and dialed 1471 to see the number that called me, it was my husbands mobile that was on the table, and your right if i talk to anyone they look at me as if im crazy, i talk to him everyday, i know he is still with me. Stay strong in your faith and keep your self in the Lord. till I reached there in 2 hours he not allowed me to see my husband face and he burn his body without my knowledge. Dottie was telling me I had a gift. He was only 30 years old. Our loved ones communicate through God’s grace! Read what people have s ... Bible husband and wife reunited in heaven. But I guess that was appropriate because this time it wasn’t anyone around to let me know there was a Ladybug on me so it had to land on my face so I would know first hand!! Again, only one losing their wife/soulmate in this case, of thirty two years, would know. Open to Hope is an online community offering inspirational stories of loss, hope and recovery. I always told him I didn’t know what I would do without him and it is so true. My soulmate was a singer/ musician and song writter. Please come back for your daughter and your pagla. My wife of 20 years passed away on February 12th at 4;50 pm. In other words, you would feel nothing and wouldn’t even have any consciousness to realise that. I dont find a reason to live or a way to die. i am a Catholic and supposedly when we die we get reunited with our loved ones. Other people’s loved ones and spirits that have guiding messages for me are the ones I hear from the most. The night my husband died I dreamed I was sittin next to him in bed and he told me he was fine.He was mad I called the ambulance. I am not suicidal but this loneliness for this one person will not go away. and even today I keep looking for signs, you know what I mean when you know a person is the one well she was mine, my better half, my soul mate. I await her next visit in another surprising form. These are just two examples of how he has communicated with me. Perhaps we can say that the communion we will have with everyone then and there will be as blessed, or more blessed, than even the best moments in earthly marriage. I am afraid to really talk to my family and friends about this, since I am still so shocked and stunned, and so devastated I fear they will think I have lost it. All of a sudden, names of songs appeared, and a song was trying to play. till I reached there in 2 hours he not allowed me to see my husband face and he burn his body without my knowledge. Will my late husband know me in heaven as his wife? We were standing in the driveway saying our good-byes, and a butterfly was flitting around us. It’s growing at a rate of about 6 inches a day. I find meditation opens the gateway of communication. Dancing with your husband again when you both are dead, Society & Culture > Religion & Spirituality. I have tears in my eyes reading this. But after his death sadly i have not even had a single dream or saw him. Lips that were too weak to speak trembled with silent but eloquently expressed wonderment and fear. It’s really hard I do see him in my dreams this other day he was playing with my tummy talking to our baby, for once in my life I am not scared of death, I would do anything to bring him baq again. How can i take my husbands to newzealand? Thought I’d share today’s experience. I prayed to God for his return, and told him that I would do anything to have him back. <3. I would try and keep my composure until they were on their way; then I would put the garage door down and cry.