This enables the customer to buy slabs with matching grain and color ( flitch-matched/ book-matched). Whether you need dimensional lumber for a piece of custom furniture, an end grain slice for a coffee table, or a live edge slab for a conference table we have what you need for your next woodworking project. Originating out of Louisville, KY before moving operations to Southern, IN. x 8 ft. live edge 2 in. Arizona is filled with Exotic Hardwoods. The tree doesn’t succumb to seasonal changes and is a common species throughout much of the southern United States. We have many different types of logs, and timber. N. Indian Rosewood. We mill and kiln dry our live edge at our shop in Kirkfield, Ontario. The rich textures and colors of inexpensive live edge wood for sale on eBay means that your choices are vast. Whether it be a fireplace mantle, dinning room table, boardroom table, coffee table or wall mount these slabs are ready to be transformed. This page allows you to unclick heights, widths, and shapes that you are not interested in. x 12 in. Our live-edge slabs are sawn as flitches – Meaning slabs ( boards) from a single log are cut and stored together. South Florida’s Largest Supplier of Exotic, Natural, Live Edge Wood Slabs used for furniture with rustic, spalted and antique properties. Our live edge slabs are perfect for making one-of-a-kind tables, bar tops, desks, benches, shelving, mantles, headboards, wall art and m Live Edge Wood Slabs For Sale Interesting and unique shaped wood slabs all from local Ontario trees that get damaged in storms, or that need to be cut for safety reasons. The search function on the catalog will eliminate the products that do not fit your needs and help narrow your final purchase. We love wood, so finding that perfect slab for each client is important to us. All slabs are sanded to a fine smooth finish. If you have a tree that has fallen or needs to come down for natural reasons – please contact us so we can determine if it can be salvaged. Most often they are “yard trees” that, without the normal forest competition, tend to have thick stocky trunks. Whether you’re looking for clean and modern or raw and rugged, we’ve got you covered. We have whole logs, burls, live edge wood slabs, flitch sets, rounds, oyster cuts, and hardwood lumber. Bark House® invests over 50% of its income directly back into our local Appalachian economy. Your appointment will ensure we are capable to do this while you are here. All slabs have a live edge. N. Italian Cypress. Also called natural edge slabs, these can be used as kitchen countertops, shelving, bars, tabletops, and more. x 8 ft. live edge white oak slabs provide the rustic natural look that so many desire. Live edge pieces are typically used for dining room and conference tables, desks, counter tops, shelving, mantles, coffee bars and tables. To buy live edge wood slabs and mantles, please call our sales department at (828) 765-9010 or send an email to Contact Us to Purchase Live Edge Wood Slabs 204″ Red Oak Live Edge Slab Mantel [RDOK-MAN-12-0010] $8,434.00 Length = 204" (17') Do you have a way to get the pallet(s) off of the truck? We have been proudly satisfying customers across the nation with superior Live Edge wood products for more than 13 years. Live edge wood is great for those who enjoy the rustic feel and want to own a distinct piece of furniture. We only accept the older and most gnarled or figured wood as they best tell the story of the tree’s struggles to survive. Rescuing logs and repurposing them for function and beauty is one of our favorite areas of work. Live edge slab furniture is one of our most popular requests and we’re happy to offer one of the largest selections of Arizona sourced and cut slabs in the Valley. The widths of slabs vary between 1’ to more than 6’. Our slabs come from varying species of trees; Ash, Black Locust, White Birch, Cherry, Soft Maple, White Oak, Eastern Red Cedar, Red Oak, White Pine, Hard Maple, Sweet Gum, Hickory, Black Walnut, and more. Live Edge Hardwoods is a producer of custom wood furniture in Duvall, WA. to 16 in. Recycling is great for the environment, and great for businesses that encourage sustainable living practices.