We ship throughout the lower 48, product is packaged individually shrink wrapped and can be resold throughout the US. Farmers Markets: Winter Schedule (Nov–April) EZ Rocking Ranch produces We offer custom orders, whole, half or split quarters. SLC, Utah, Downtown Farmers Market, every other Saturday 8–1 pm Much like the patterns Check website for next delivery date. We also offer convenient combination packages and gift baskets. We process our meat at the only USDA-certified slaughter house in Utah County and we deliver our meat right to your home. Website www.thunderbasinbeef.com. No hormones or antiobotics. (307) 682-2968. During the winter months they are fed with hay, stored alfalfa, sainfoin and grasses we grow for them. All our meat is antibiotic free and carefully cut by our skilled butcher. You may call 307-887-6638 (or text) or email brokenspokeyaks@gmail.com for further information. Our all natural beef graze on pastureland or forage crops on our ranch and farm. (888) 927-7892 or (307) 742-4429. The beef are slaughtered at Steving Meats in Kersey, Colorado, a locally owned, USDA inspected small slaughter house. In between deliveries our beef can be shipped UPS for a nominal fee. Dirty Spur Cattle Company raises pure bred Texas Longhorns. 307-534-2289, cindyr@meadowmaidfoods.com, www.meadowmaidfoods.com. We also sell eggs locally in multiple markets throughout Sheridan, WY. and antelope have done so for millennia. alternative to the feed-lot beef sold in most supermarkets today. Please give us a call. We do offer CSA deliveries once a month in Loveland, CO at this time (2020). We ship our meat anywhere in the continental US via UPS. We raise our own hay from these fields also. Touchstone Angus has been producing all natural grass fed angus beef for over 12 years in Colorado and Wyoming. Touchstone Grass Fed beef is sold in whole, halves and quarters (half of a half). Please see our website above or contact us for pricing, market schedules, and other details. The beef is available M.D., PO Box 904/946 County Road 110, Cheyenne, Email: farm@laufamilyfarm.com. Website: www.pmbison.com. 719-343-0070 (Matt)719-343-3111 (Tanya)prairieopalranch@gmail.comwww.prairieopalranch.comhttps://www.facebook.com/PrairieOpalRanch/All of our cattle are raised, grazed and finished on native grass pasture. That Ship| Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Idaho Our beef is melt-in-your-mouth tender thanks to the unique Longhorn breed. We guarantee our beef to meet your needs and expectations and invite you to contact us with any questions. The following farms and ranches have certified Broken Spoke Yaks, All of our vegetable varieties are open pollinated or heirloom. Animal welfare and good husbandry practices prioritized. and in harmony with nature. Thunderbasin Land & Livestock is We offer only healthy, safe, and delicious lean beef that | California | Canada | Colorado Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee Saturday, March 28, 2020, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, February: Exploring the Mind Body Connection with NET, with Marisa Tolsma of Bumblebee Apothecary, June Chapter Meeting: Informed Consent, Vaccine Requirements & Colorado Law, March Chapter Meeting: Making Your Garden Produce More Nutritious, February Chapter Meeting: Taking the Mystery Out of the GAPS Diet. We use no herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, or any of that nonsense. Wisconsin Grass-fed Beef Cooperative. Saturday summer markets at the Agriculture building near the fairgrounds: 2020 dates and times to be announced. At Bowers Farm we raise angus and angus cross steers. NO Grain. Hecht Creek Ranch, Matt Sigel, 72 Hecht Creek Road, Laramie WY 82070. Website: www.EZrocking-Ranch.com. When it snows they are given all natural grass hay, the majority of it having been harvested from our pastures. Where & When: Our beef is raised on Wyoming's high plains northeast of Cheyenne and is ready for sale & delivery each October. (307) 455-3571. The meat has been dry aged for 10 days then flash frozen in cryovac packaging. Please check us out. We also have Artisan sausages made from our meats by Lost River Meats in Mackay, Idaho. USDA Inspected and ApprovedWhat exactly makes our beef healthier to eat?Almost all the beef you buy in supermarkets and groceries comes from cattle handlers that may start out by grass-feeding their cattle, but then switch to corn or grain feed to fatten up their herd for the yield. Shop No antibiotics, hormones or pour-on insecticides, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, providing you with all the health benefits documented from grass fed beef.