After following its scent her parents find the mysterious food and begin to eat it, her parents insist she should try some but Chihiro again resists and begins to explore the area. Chihiro Ogino (荻野 千尋 Ogino Chihiro), referred throughout most of the film by her nickname Sen (千 lit. Frightened, she attempted to get to her parents only to find they were turned into pigs. this time Haku is no longer cold to Chihiro, and brings her to her parents. This may or may not be referring to Chihiro's eventual death and transformation into a spirit. In Spirited Away, why was No-Face obsessed with Sen/Chihiro? Japanese name After her parents decide to venture into the tunnel Chihiro is very resistant and does not decide to go with them until she decides to follow them out of fear of the statue in front of their car. Haku then says that thats how Yubaba controls people, by taking away their name so they can never go home. After meeting with Haku she feels much better and while returning to the bathhouse she sees Haku is really a dragon when she sees him flying away. escape, and she forms true friendships with several of the bathhouse Indeed, in the film, Miyazaki and his Studio Ghibli offer stunning animation of magical places and creatures. It's a fantastic coming-of-age blend of fantasy and adventure, with just enough peril to make it on the edgier side for kids and tweens without sliding it into more scary Princess Mononoke territory. She doesn’t allow scary circumstances to dim her optimism and trust. Haku then gave her her old clothes and her goodbye card, which says goodbye Chihiro causing Chihiro to remember her real name. Human Awards aside, I can’t praise Spirited Away highly enough; it will be my favourite for many years to come. While on the bridge she once again sees the strange masked spirit, and runs from it leading her to Haku. After going through the tunnel they find what they believe to be an abandoned theme park, where her father smells something delicious. I can barely stand one!" family to a new town and she doesn’t want to go. After revealing his name he told Chihiro that he has known her since she was very young, and told her to go to Kamajī in the boiler room to get a job so she could stay in the bathhouse for the time being. SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. theme park, Chihiro’s instincts tell her it’s not a good idea. Sources. inhabitants. This girl also made Miyazaki continue working after promising retirement from filmmaking after, One of the main character of Chihiro is similar to the one of the main characters of Belle from. One sign of this maturity Happily, Zeniba is a good witch. Gender Soon she would be brought before Yubaba. It translates into "and." Regardless, the fate of Chihiro and Haku's relationship remains unknown and is up to audience interpretation. Chihiro first appears as she and her parents are moving to a new town, annoyed by them moving Chihiro complains to her parents until her father takes a wrong turn down a path, thinking it was the way to their house. After the boy tells her to run away she does, and multiple spirits began to appear near her. Her parents want Chihiro then meets with the foreman, but the foreman refuses to give her the token, but the strange spirit goes behind the foreman and gets it for her, leaving the foreman to believe she stole it, but before he can cause her Yubaba reports to the foreman that they have an intruder. Although Kamajī turned down her offer to work for him, when Lin entered the boiler room Kamajī saved her by saying Chihiro was his granddaughter and that Lin needs to bring her to Yubaba so she could work at the bathhouse. It's Chihiro. She helps Haku, Boh, and several needy spirits, even