calculate the molality of the following aqueous solution : 2.50 M Nacl solution (density of solution=1.08 g/ml? MDL number MFCD00003477. The average density of the 11% sodium chloride solution was measured in two ways. Lv 7. The molecular weight of sodium chloride is approximately 58.5 grams per mole, so 58.5 grams of sodium chloride equals 1 mole. Roger the Mole. Favorite Answer. Sodium chloride solution 5 M CAS Number 7647-14-5. Beilstein/REAXYS Number 3534976 . Answer Save. Thus, the molar volume of Na + is smaller than of H + since the molar volume of Cl-is the same in both solutions. The mass of 1 millilitre of normal saline is 1.0046 gram at 22 °C. 8 years ago. The solution is 9 grams of sodium chloride (NaCl) dissolved in water, to a total volume of 1000 ml (weight per unit volume(w/v)). Densities of aqueous solutions of sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium bromide, lithium chloride, and calcium chloride from 0.05 to 5.0 mol kg-1 and 0.1013 to 40 MPa at 298.15 K Molecular Weight 58.44 . In solid-liquid solutions, density increases with increasing in the concentration of solution. Total weight of solution = 1000 mL x 1.08 g/mL = 1080 g (2.50 mol/L) x (1.000 L) x (58.4430 g NaCl/mol) = 146 g NaCl . (H 2 SO 4 =98) Solution: density of solution=1,2 g/mL. 1 Answer. Hence all the volumetric property data had to be converted to a com­ mon system of units before they could be evaluated. Example: Density of H 2 SO 4 solution, having percent by mass 49 %, is 1,2 g/mL. The system of units used was bars,°C, g/cm3, and molality for the pressure, tempera­ ture, density, and composition, respectively. First by using a graduated cylinder, and the results were 1.058 ± 0.008693 g/mL. Find molar concentration of this solution. Then, these results were analyzed using the Grubb’s test, F-test, and t- test using Excel. This is, because the density of a NaCl solution increases more than is given by replacement of 1 H + (1 g/mol) by 1 Na + (23 g/mol). Take a hypothetical sample of 1.000 L of the solution. Linear Formula NaCl . Relevance. sodium chloride solutions are reported in the literature in every unit imaginable, from densities in ft3/lb-mol to pressure in amagats. Percent by mass= 49 %. Also at I = 0, the volume of CaCl 2 is only slightly larger than of NaCl, and thus, Ca 2+ must have even smaller volume than Na +. PubChem Substance ID … The second density was obtained using a volumetric pipette, which was 1.059 ± 0.03049 g/mL.