We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), 20 contemporary slang words that need to end, 16 social media slang words you should know, real meanings of trendy words you don’t understand, British phrases everyone in the world should know, hilariously weird slang words from the 1920s. Definition: Name given to trousers when tight. Synonyms for vintage include antique, classic, enduring, timeless, ageless, heritage, historic, retro, antiquated and old. Usage: “Hope there’s no intestine in these bags o’ mystery; I’m trying to cut down on intestine.” Learn the real meanings of trendy words you don’t understand. Copyright 2020 Vocabulary University ®. But vintage clothing and a commitment to recycling remain an important part of Ragstock’s DNA. To add to this fashion and Clothing word list, please email … Definition: Looking for a man who will pay for liquor. Next, here are 10 fancy words that make you sound smarter. Our vintage inspired dresses are offered with a modern twist, making them just-right options for a range of events and occasions. We recommend our users to update the browser. $$ Used, Vintage & Consignment, Women's Clothing Stores, Men's Clothing “This is not a thrift store - but a genuine re-sale shop - and Marie , the owner, only takes high quality items.” See all The Mint Fashion Exchange reviews Definition: Looking for a man who will pay for liquor. Usage: “Jess forgot all her … Definition: A satirical term for sausages, because no man but the maker knows what is in them. These vintage Macy’s parade photos will give you a sense of history. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! vintage; voloptuous; voluminous; waist-slimming; water-resistant; waterproof; wear-anywhere; whimsical; wireless; women's; yarn-dyed; zippered Usage: “Is the President in town or something? A Brief History of Vintage Clothing. Add one more ‘arf of beer to the mix and your mug suddenly runneth over; you, chum, must be arf’arf’an’arf—that is, drunk. Usage: “Charlie ordered another Guinness? Usage: “Jess forgot all her cash at home, so she’s off juggins-hunting again.” Once you’ve mastered these vintage words, don’t miss these 16 social media slang words you should know. Usage: “When my kids won’t stop talking, I give them some chips just to fill their little sauce-boxes.”. Juggins-Hunting. Synonyms for vintage. Etymology: Order an “arf-an-arf” (or “half-and-half”) in a London pub and you’ll receive a malty cocktail of half black beer, half ale. Usage: “Be sure to wear glasses if you go outside; Grandpa’s fly rink is blinding today.” Here are 20 contemporary slang words that need to end. Vintage clothing wasn’t always cool. Vintage Clothing in Simi Valley on YP.com. Usage: “I just saw this poor hipster get his gas-pipes stuck in his unicycle spokes and totally eat curb.” For more vintage words, check out these hilariously weird slang words from the 1920s. From the ‘20s Flapper dresses we all wanted to don after seeing The Great Gatsby, to the chic ‘40s and ‘50s pinup clothing, retro swimwear and vintage-inspired indie clothing, Unique Vintage Clothing offers it all. antique, old-fashioned, old-school, old-time, old-timey, old-world, oldfangled, quaint, Usage: “When the police arrived to break up the Scrabble feud it escalated into a full-on row-de-dow.” After these vintage words, find out which words you still say that make you sound old. Etymology: From Uncle Pumblechook, a character in Dickens’ Great Expectations described as “that basest of swindlers”; greedy, pompous and piggish. Established European designer labels include Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Dior, Proenza Schouler, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. All Rights Reserved. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Clothing-Collectible, Period, Vintage in Simi Valley, CA. Brocade, Burlap, Chenille, chiffon, cotton, crepe, damask, denim, fur, gabardine, gauze, gingham, knit, leather, organza, patent-leather, percale, poplin, satin, serge, silk, taffeta, tricot, tweed, velvet, wool. Alphabetical-All Subject & Themed Puzzles, Accessory, Accolade, Adjustment, Adopt, Advance, Affect, Affectation, Allure, Alteration, Antique, Apparel, Appeal, Applaud, Applique, Appraise, Apron, Array, Artificial, Artistry, Attire, Attract, Attractive, Audience, Availability, Avid, Award, Backdrop, Ballet-length, Bargain, Basic blank, Batik, Beading, Beautiful, Becoming, Bias-cut, Blend, Bodice, Bold, Boutique, Bows, Braiding, Brand, Breathable, Brocade, Bulky, Bustle, Buttons, Cachet, Camisole, Career, Casual, Catwalk, Celebrities, Cheap, Chemise, Choices, Classic, Client, Cloche, Clothing, Collection, Collector, Color, Combination, Comfortable, Commercial, Competition, Condition, Conformity, Conservation, Conservative, Construction, Consumer, Contemporary, Corset, Cosmetics, Costly, Couture, Cowl neck, Craftsmanship, Creative, Crimp, Culottes, Current, Cut, Daring, Darn, Dated, Dealer, Decolte, Decorative, Delivery, Demand, Department, Design, Designer, Desirable, Device, Devise, Devotee, Different, Dimension, Direction, Display, Distinctive, Dominate, Dramatic, Dresses, Dressing, Dressy, Duster, Dye, Ease, Easy, Ecru, Edge, Effect, Effective, Elaborate, Elegance, Embellish, Embroidery, Emphasis, Enhance, Ensemble, Enthusiastic, Eponymous, Especially, Etiquette, Evening gown, Exclusive, Expensive, Experiment, Extensions, Extraordinary, Extreme, Fabric, Fad, Fashion, Fashionable, Favored, Feature, Fiber, Financial, Finery, Fit, Flamboyant, Flattering, Flawless, Flow, Focus, Folded, Form, Formal, Foulard, Fragrance, Frequently, Fringe, Frivolous, Frock, Frog, Frumpy, Function, Furs, Futuristic, Garment, Garter, Genius, Gild, Glitter, Glossy, Goods, Gown, Grunge, Guide, Guru, Hair, Halter, Hand-made, Handbag, Handbag, Handwork, Hanger, Hat pin, Haute-couture, High heels, High-quality, High-style, Hippie, Horizontal, Hose, Hue, Identity, Illustration, Imaginative, Immediate, Impeccable, Imprint, Independent, Indicator, Indispensable, Industry, Inexpensive, Influence, Innovate, Inset, Inspection, Inspiration, Intricate, Item, Label, Lace, Lenses, Leotard, Limited, Lingerie, Lining, Long-lasting, Look, Luxurious, Luxury, Macrame, Mainstream, Make up, Mannequin, Manufacture, Matronly, Maven, Measurement, Midriff, Minaudiere, Minimalist, Mode, Model, Modern, Modest, Modification, Modish, Motif, Movement, Old-fashioned, Omnipresent, One-of-a-kind, Original, Ornamentation, Ostentatious, Outfit, Outlet, Outrageous, Oversize, Padding, Palette, Paparazzi, Parasol, Passe, Pastel, Pattern, Pedal pushers, Peignoir, Petticoat, Phenomenon, Photographer, Photography, Piece, Piping, Pleated, Plumage, Ply, Popular, Pose, Possibilities, Posture, Practical, Precise, Prediction, Preference, Pret-a-porter, Price, Print, Prize, Production, Prominent, Proportion, Provenance, Pumps, Purchase, Purse, Radical, Rag, Ready-made, Recognition, Replacement, Replicate, Represent, Requests, Resistance, Restoration, Retailer, Revealing, Review, Ribbons, Risk-taker, Rivalry, Roll, Ruffles, Runway, Sari, Sarong, Savvy, Screened, Seamstress, Sequin, Sewing, Shade, Shape, Shawl, Sheer, Shift, Showcase, Showroom, Showy, Shrinkage, Signature, Simple, Skillful, Skirt, Sleeveless, Slip, Smile, Smock, Society, Soft, Sophisticated, Spats, Special, Sportswear, Staff, Stain, Stain-resistant, Stitching, Stock, Stole, Stretching, Stride, Strut, Studio, Style, Stylish, Stylist, Substitute, Subtle, Sun-dress, Swim-wear, Swingy, Synthetic, Tailor, Tailored, Talent, Tapestry, Tassel, Tasteful, Tatting, Technique, Textile, Texture, Tiara, Tie-dye, Tiered, Tones, Touch, Trade, Traditional, Transformation, Trend, Trim, Triumph, Tuft, Tunic, Turban, Twill, Typify, Ubiquitous, Understated, Unique, Unlimited, Unsuitable, Upscale, Urban, Use, Valuable, Value, Variety, Veil, Version, Vintage, Visual, Vogue, Waistline, Wale, Walk, Wardrobe, Washable, Wearable, Wearing, Weave, Well-made, Western, Wholesale, Widely, Widespread, Worthy, Woven, Wrinkle. Etymology: A play on “row” (18th century slang for “quarrel”) or “rowdy.” Also spelled, “rowdydow.”. Usage: “These Miss America contestants are just a bunch of gigglemugs.”, These pet slang words are just as cute as the word “gigglemug.”. Usage: “This fat Pumblechook at Arby’s totally cut me off in his Hummer—then he gave me a sneer in the drive-through.” We can’t stand these slang words from 2019. We can’t stand these slang words from 2019. words you still say that make you sound old, 10 fancy words that make you sound smarter, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. Definition: A figure of speech, meaning “drunk”. He’s already arf’arf’an’arf!” Don’t miss these other British phrases everyone in the world should know. Browse James Redding Ware’s Passing English of The Victorian Era, available for free via archive.org. There’s mutton shunters on every blasted corner!” If you like vintage words, you’ll also enjoy the origins of popular modern slang words.