Another detail that I love about these canapés is that it’s so easy to make them vegetarian! You don't need to wait for your next party to try them though. And cucumber canapés are oh-so-pretty! Simply leave the shrimp off. Prep Time 15 mins. Whatever the occasion I know you'll love these cucumber bites as much as we do! Vegetarian. It’s an incredibly flavorful, delicious bite. Vegetarian Christmas canapé recipes. Total Time 15 mins. Some people use the word canapé to refer to any small appetizer you can eat in one or two bites with your fingers. Serve up these vegetarian Christmas canapé recipes to your meat-free guests. 4.5 from 2 votes. I love being able to taste a lot of smaller bites of different dishes so quite often I host a pot luck canapé party (with cocktails, of course!). A good canapé will be small, attractive and above all easy to eat. Garlic-Herb Cheese Canapes With Fresh Chives And Sundried Tomatoes Melissa's … (Oh my!) Assorted Polish Canapes Canapés have picked up a lot of different definitions over the years. Bonus: Vegetarian Cucumber Canapés! For the Whipped Feta: 6 ounces good feta crumbled; 2 ounces cream cheese at room temperature; 2 … These cucumber canapés never last very long and no one minds that they're healthy too! seedless cucumbers, mango, salt, fresh cilantro, chopped celery and 6 more. Cucumber rounds are lovely and crisp and the flavour complements guac so well. Ingredients . Lobster Salad Canapes Epicurious. I made these adorable, delicious cucumber canapés for the very first party I ever catered, way back in 1996. Cucumber Canapés with Whipped Feta, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Basil. cucumber, melba rounds, medium shrimp, sour cream, italian salad dressing. Cucumber Canapés with Whipped Feta, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Basil-perfect for any holiday party! lox, mayonnaise, hard boiled eggs, roast beef, paprika, lemon wedges and 9 more. Others insist that it must be a decorative appetizer on a round, square or rectangle of toasted or fried bread. Having a good selection of vegetarian canapés at a party ensures there’s something for everyone to eat - after all, vegetarian food isn’t just just for herbivores. This Cucumber Dill Canapé recipe is one of my favorite cucumber hors d’ouevres of all time! WHY … I love entertaining over the holidays, and one of my favourite kinds of parties to organise is a canapé party. Find fritters, easy cheese straws, arancini … I eat these cucumber bites a few times a week for a quick and easy snack. Print Save Recipe Review.