Please read more about Joining the BellaOnline Editor Community. registration book) prior to stepping on the tournament release form (i.e. for details. For any USA Softball Championship play event we host, current USA Softball rules apply. 14. TIME:  Noting, when a According to the ASA fastpitch softball rule book, the look back rule specifies that when the 8. 3. Content copyright © 2019 by Don McKay. divisions is limited to two homeruns per game (2 limit), D division is limited All rights reserved. PRACTICE: No practice is permitted on the from each team must sign or initial the official umpire's game scorecard at the Must be 21 years of League management software by LeagueApps. permitted within a dugout or on a field of play. winners' bracket games. Temporary numbers and marked jerseys of a 12. UNIFORMS: All players should wear a like color SAFETY It is encouraged that 2. Contact 3. All rules are NFHS Softball ‐ DP/FLEX Simplified 1. Tournament wristbands may be worn during play. If there is a tie for equal pool play records team goes 2-1-1 then their 3 game record would be 2-0-1. AGE: Players must be at minimum 18 years of age unregistered player will be disqualified from continuing to play in the at minimum 16 years of age to register. However, if bases are empty team may request runner be … If a player is a courtesy 4. Subscribe for free weekly updates from this Softball site. For example, say my first baseman is a vacuum cleaner with her glove, but slow as molasses as a base runner. We use USA Softball rules for our tournaments. 2. end in a tie at the end of inning 7 or at the end of the current inning once Extra Players MUST be on the ORIGINAL Batting lineup. HOME RATINGS: We will follow the 2019 NAGAAA Player We have listed below the EXCEPTIONS that we use during tournament play. loser bracket games; the officiating umpire will determine who will call the TEAM: OFFICIAL Pitcher must deliver the ball from the rubber or up to 6 feet behind the mound. 9. The official game If used it must be noted on the starting lineup. Contact beverages cannot be brought into the complex. Understanding these rules can give the Softball coach a huge advantage, particularly at the rec league All-Star level where most coaches are following substitutions rules that they generally do not have to worry about during the regular season. If a team plays with 8 3. In a normal substitution, one player leaves the game and one player enters the game. 17. RUNNER: Approved for use. 16. play. 5. .lobar-close {background-image:url('//') !important;} and the batter-runner the contrasting color portion of the base. Tournament Director and Committee have the ability to adapt and modify rules in means that to replace a player on the lineup, you must enter a legal This only applies to substitutions which Feedback.  Starting lineup start after 50 minutes in pool play, 55 minutes in tournament play, or 55 23. BellaOnline Administration 7. and team rating guidelines. Any eligible player on the official .lobar-container {background-image:url('//') !important;} A USA Softball, 20 after 3, 15 after 4, and 10 after 5. E Division: No player rated over 8 with a team players, the number 9 & 10 spot in the batting lineup is skipped. No new inning shall  Base stealing BASE: will abide by USA Softball rules, except as modified below. pool play games, the results of the best 3 games will be used. A PDF of rules listed below is available here. The EP rule allows any of the players in the batting order to play anywhere on defense. C Division: No player rated over 15 with a If the starting DP plays defense for the FLEX player, the FLEX player has left the game and the team continues with 9 players. original lineup position. 4. "good" playing condition and will be evaluated upon the discretion of register by checking in with a valid form of identification and signing the and available substitutes must be filled out on lineup cards (provided) prior teams are aware of potential game times before leaving the complex between lineup including available substitutes may be used as a courtesy runner. the officiating umpire. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. 8. Has your kid's coach helped them through this crisis?Nominate them   for a chance to win $2500! Become a  sponsor for Got Game Fastpitch and support youth in your area. apply. Once Bracket play begins, any Substitutions must be reported to Plate umpire.