Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A. The small yet enthusiastic team consists of snorkeling experts who are licensed scuba divers as well as freedivers and have more than 10 years of experience in traveling to the world’s best snorkeling and diving destinations. Make it a truly colourful Christmas meal at home with novel takeaways and more! It is only accessible by speedboat from the Niyama Maldives Resort. The Cargo Hold Restaurant built in a replica of the “Phantom” South Africa’s legendary ghost ship in the famous uShaka Aquarium in Durban. This “underwater dining adventure” is right in the heart of Nashville. Sign up now at SGD8! We have received your request. I drive up to Bensenville from Chicago and it's well worth the drive to hand pick my corals and fish Mario Chicago - IL Corals arrived safely and all polyps opened up the first day. Sign Up Now. Moreover, we give you some tips on how to use your GoPro underwater! We noticed you have Javascript disabled. You are about to remove this item from your basket. Hotel Michael, Equarius Hotel, Beach Villas, Ocean Suites and Crockfords Tower are available for booking. Their specialty is the Maldivian lobster and caviar that they serve in a stunning luxury environment. We would like to help you on your underwater journey with snorkel gear guides to find the best equipment, and with snorkeling destination reviews to make your where-to-travel decisions easier. Located within the Opry Mills Mall, the Aquarium Restaurant offers expansive underwater views of its 200,000-gallon aquarium. Inclusive of GST. Wherever she goes, she takes her mask, fins and underwater camera with her. Aquarium, Cleaning One of the World’s Largest Aquariums, Insider Tips to Maximise Your Time at Universal Studios Singapore, Animals Sporting Unusual Colours at S.E.A. Therefore, they contacted Mike Murphy who has already had experience in some huge underwater projects. Location The Crown Company, who owns The Rangali Island was always dreaming about a breathtaking attraction. The Marine Room She is hoping to inspire people to protect our oceans by sharing her underwater stories. One in Nashville, Tenesse, one in Denver Colorado, and two in Texas, Houston and Kemah. ocean@rwsentosa.com / dining@rwsentosa.com. If it comes to majestic solutions, Dubai knows how to amaze the people. Kids can enjoy camps and different shows like mermaid party or rainforest tours while adults visit interesting exhibitions. Those who enjoy capturing the beauty of the oceans can read our waterproof camera recommendations as well as snorkeling photography tips. What do the architects if they are in a landlocked country but would like to enjoy the stunning sea life every day? If you are looking for a unique wedding or birthday party location, you are right here! You have unlocked the door to a world of privileged access and rewards at Resorts World Sentosa. Not only by the sight of giant mantas swimming just feet from you, but by the secret ingredient in their culinary creations – sustainability. The Crown Company, who owns The Rangali Island was always dreaming about a breathtaking attraction. Our sister site, Curbed Chicago, unearthed renderings of … The underwater restaurants are open for banquets and meetings as well. When around, do not miss out on having a snack or a fancy cocktail in the Atrium Bar that can be found directly under the huge AquaDom aquarium. If you need more information, have questions or feedback, feel free to get in touch with us! 20 of Chicago's Most Underrated Restaurants, 2018 Edition Sometimes the tastiest foods are hidden in plain sight by Jeffy Mai @jmai Updated Feb 28, 2018, 2:30pm CST We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The Sea Underwater Restaurant became famous for the world first undersea wine cellar. The Anantara Undersea Restaurant locates on the ocean floor in a stunning environment. There are several underwater restaurants in the world that are not submerged but the unique design, special decoration and huge aquarium-like style make you feel like being under the ocean surrounded with colorful fish and sea creatures. From the delightful appetizers to the sumptuous main courses, each dish in the mod-Asian menu features produce and proteins which are harvested using methods that respect the environment. Equarius Hotel, West B1M Carpark, Operating Hours Although this is not a real underwater restaurant, but you will definitely have the feeling of being under the sea. There are actually four Aquarium Restaurants in the US and they all feature giant aquarium walls. 5.8 is yet another underwater restaurant that calls the Maldives home. The Maldives resorts offer amazing snorkeling and diving which is the best way of discovering the Indian Ocean, but don’t worry if you are afraid of these activities. As you may have guessed, the name comes from the diners being located 5.8 meters under the water's surface. Home » Blog » Underwater restaurants – Fine dining with undersea view. The restaurant is open for lunch (two sittings: 12.00, 14.00) and dinner (one sitting: 18.00). By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookies policy. Since 1992, Underwater People has been entertaining thousands of fans in the United States and overseas, through their performances at clubs, festivals and countless special events. Tip: do you want not only to dine but also sleep under the sea? Dinner: 6pm (1st Seating); 8.30pm (2nd Seating), Contact  Find her photos on @anett.szaszi Instagram too! For the full site experience, please. An email with the instructions to change your password will be sent to you shortly. The entrance looks like an oyster shell referring to the meaning of Al Mahara. Underwater restaurants – Fine dining with undersea view, Aquarium underwater restaurants around the world. Hurawalhi’s iconic fine dining restaurant serves a combination of gracious location and inventive dishes for lunch and dinner. Exclusive updates from Resorts World Sentosa. 5.8 UNDERSEA RESTAURANT, MALDIVES 5.8 Undersea Restaurant This massive installation contains 1 million liters of saltwater and home to 110 different sea species. You can also experience the undersea world when dining at one of the magical underwater restaurants of The Maldives. Monday - Tuesday, Friday – Sunday Tip: we think you would enjoy reading about the UFO floating house and Seahorse underwater villas! The Al Mahara seafood restaurant can be found on the ground floor of the Burj Al Arab Hotel and their specialties include poached tsarskaya oysters and sea salt-crusted sea bass, Alaskan king crab, Wagyu beef with potato gnocchi or dark brown sugar shortbread for dessert. The Subsix underwater restaurant is also open for events. This extraordinary dining spot was recently submerged, each tiny detail was designed with special underwater style. You find such underwater restaurants in Dubai, in the United States, in South Africa and surprisingly also in Germany, here is a list exactly where! We promote responsible snorkeling: leave the smallest impact on marine life. Watch fish, sharks and rays swimming in the floor-to-ceiling aquarium while enjoying your meal. See the Manta Resort Zanzibar underwater room! For assistance, please email us at rwsinvites@rwsentosa.com. This adults-only restaurant offers stunning views of the clear waters with a multitude of fish that swim by throughout your meal. Since then , she is traveling all over the world to discover our waters. (Closed on Wednesday and Thursday, except eve of and on Public Holidays) Copyright © Resorts World at Sentosa Pte. Worldwide. The very first underwater restaurant in the world and still one of the most famous! Easybreath type masks are extremely popular nowadays, authorities and also manufacturers started to investigate if using full face snorkel mask is dangerous or not? The Indian Ocean’s rich marine life will entertain you with fish and turtles cruising around while enjoying European cuisine and world-class wines. The claim to fame at Sea Restaurant in the Maldives is the first ever underwater wine cellar; along with a wine guru to help pair the exceptional wines with the gourmet food that is offered here.