Group Of Stars. Still looking for a perfect Indian baby girl name? Here is a list of inspiring Indian/Hindi names for girls, plus their meanings, to help you pick the most perfect name for your baby. Naming the child is perhaps the most confusing thing parents usually come across as there are no limitations. With our Baby names section, you can find the most popular names or unique names. Your little baby girl has just entered this world. In order to help you find a perfect Indian name for baby girl, we've prepared a list with the most popular baby girl names in India. Indian Baby Names : Traditional Baby Girl Names English Version Of The Irish Aodán Or Meaning "Fire". Indian Name From The Sanskrit Meaning "Unconquerable". There cannot be a better name than ‘Aapti’ … If you are searching for a baby girl names Hindu modern, then are here are 50 baby girl names, Hindu modern and unique for you to select from the below one. Parvathi Devi. Unique Indian Baby Girl Names. Girl Names Aswini Nakshatra (Chu, Che, Cho, La, Chay) Bharani Nakshatra (Lee, Lu, Le, Lo, … Check out Hindu baby girl names & meanings Hindu Baby Girl Names - Hindu Girl Name List - Hindu Baby Girls Names Meaning ... Hindu Goddess of Knowledge, Education. Now you definitely want a beautiful name for your precious daughter. Here are some favorite Indian names for girls, as well as their meanings. A. Gundelach/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0, Indian Baby Girl Names Beginning With "K", Raja Ravi Varma/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain, Indian Baby Girl Names Beginning With "N", Randen Pederson/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.0, Indian Baby Girl Names Beginning With "P", Indian Baby Girl Names Beginning With "S", Max Ronnersjö/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0, Favorite Indian Boy Names and Their Meanings, Saraswati: The Vedic Goddess of Knowledge and Arts, Fasting, Praying, and Regular Hindu Rituals, The Birth of the Popular Hindu God Krishna, Characters of the Mahabharata: Glossary of Names (P to Y), Characters of the Mahabharata: Glossary of Names (A to H), M.A., English Literature, University of North Bengal, Bhadramurti: An embodiment of benevolence, Bhadrapriya: She who is fond of or gives all auspicious things, Bhagwanti / Bhagyashri / Bhagyawati: Lucky, Bhaktigamya: She who is attained only through devotion, Bhaktipriya: She who is fond of (and pleased by) devotion, Bhaktivashya: She who is to be won over by devotion, Bhargavi: All-glorious / Beautiful / Radiant / Name of Parvati, Kalavati: One of the 108 'Gopis' / One who is artistic, Kamalamanjari: One of Lord Krishna's maidservants, Kamalasundari: Beautiful like a Lotus flower, Madhumati: Whose personality is as sweet as honey, Mohnashini: She who destroys delusion in her devotees, Niranjana: She who stays unattached / Bound to nothing, Nirguna: Beyond all 3 gunas of nature - Sattva, Rajas, Tamas, Nirmala: Clean / Free from all impurities, Nistaranga: Lakshmi / One who moves like ocean waves, Pracheeta / Prasheetha: Origin / Starting point. Confer your newborn baby girl with a traditional Hindu name that would be with her forever. Only the most perfect name will do for your little one. This name will be a part of her for the rest of her life. This is a traditional and yet cute arudra nakshatra female names. It is a simple yet traditional-sounding baby girl name. From Indian baby names for boys & girls to premium baby diapers , Pampers is here to hold your hand through the amazing journey of early parenthood! Ahalya. Neighbours, relatives, friends & family; suggestions pour in from all the corners. The Birth of the Popular Hindu God Krishna. Explore Baby Names Generator Tool by Pampers India & browse through a wide range of names for your baby girl. He has written several books about Hinduism for children and young adults. Give your baby girl a traditional name from the list given below. Baby Girl Name Meaning; Aadhya: First power: Aahana: Inner light, Immortal, Born during … Darpana: Darpana is originated from the Hindi and Sanskrit language, which means a mirror. Latest – 2020 UPDATE . Indian Baby Names » Traditional Girl Names. Also, choose from a wide list of fun unisex Indian baby names. Kaira. But how about deciding it yourself? Check it out! Traditional names are those names that have gained recurring popularity over the ages. 34. Those adorable tiny feet, big rosy cheeks, and everything in between deserve a unique Indian baby name. Here is a guide for you to give your girl child the ideal Hindu name with a perfect meaning. 6. It is an ancient traditional Hindi baby girl name, which is timeless and still quite prominent. Subhamoy Das is the co-author of "Applied Hinduism: Ancient Wisdom for Today's World." Choose a traditional baby girl name for your loved one here. Muddled about a new born baby girl name? Arya. Darshini: Aamya. These names have deep roots, are attractive, and can fit into contemporary life, yet are not on the brink of widespread discovery. Aapti: Your daughter is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. 5. 50 baby girl names Hindu, modern and unique: Trying to pick a name for your little darling in frills?