Because we respect your right to privacy, you can choose not to allow some types of cookies. Agia Sofia, Mykonos, 84600 Cycladic architecture is famous for its uniqueness and charm, providing the islands with minimal aesthetics but with a daring style. Athens – Greece And more? Easily accessible with regular 40 minute flights from Athens, as well as via sea, with regular ferry boat routs from the ports of Piraeus and Rafina. For the same reason, houses would almost always have a small window on the northern side to keep the interior temperature chilly in summer, due to the fresh northern breezes (called meltemia) that blow over the Cyclades islands in July and August. They produce beautiful contrasts here and there and along with the off-white color of the cubic houses, have become the distinguishing color palette of the Cyclades. They play an important role in the scenery and they connect all houses, like dots on a map…. Surprisingly it was a Greek prime minister, Ioannis Metaxas, who ordered (1936) to paint the Cyclades islands in white and blue colors to symbolize the white wave foams of the Aegean Sea and the blue of the Greek sky. Therefore they were either left to ruin or got restored. Plaka, Milos. Important factors that affected Cyclades architecture were the environment, climate, water shortage, and landscape. Cycladic islands seem to be designed by the hand of the same artist, sitting in harmony with their natural site reputation that goes well beyond the borders of Greece. Click on the different category headings to find out more and change our default settings. One Door - Four Senses Satisfaction of Sight and Hearing, Taste and Smell. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. In each island, Cyclades architecture is nicely combined with local history and culture. Cyclades architecture: what makes it so special. The walls were 60-80 cm thick to retain the desirable temperature: heat in winter and chillness in summer. Down town Adamas Milos Greece The island of Milos Cycladic terrace. Another characteristic example is the caves of Santorini island (Thera), that were literary carved in the hills and in prolongation of each house, keeping a stable temperature throughout the entire year. Paros frugal character, aesthetics and charm make the perfect destination full of interesting places to visit. Greeka team and its community members will be delighted to help you! Blog > Cyclades > Cyclades architecture: what makes it so special? +30 213 03 13 910 14h front desk reception. The popular craftsmen of Paros with respect to the environment came up with solutions, with artistry and wisdom, to make every day’s life easier, creating at the same time constructions of exceptional aesthetic result, which seem to be an extension of the Parian nature. Welcome! Characteristic features of the local architecture are also the famous windmills and the usually blue-domed churches and chapels, many of which —along with some medieval monasteries— are declared as historical monuments. Their aesthetics wasn’t the main purpose for their construction though, since the former inhabitants of the islands were looking for ways to get protected from the strong winter winds and the intense solar exposure during the summers. Their name derives directly from the greek word ‘’kyklos’’ which translates for Circle. Due to the Venetian conquest in Medieval times, there are many impressive tower residences in the islands of Naxos and Andros. The Cyclades have also some samples of Bronze age period: Akrotiri Minoan site in Santorini island but also Classical period architecture: Milos Ancient Theatre, Delos island, Portara of Naxos, Temple of Demeter in Naxos and more. The numerous cobbled streets with the whitewashed facades and the different sized houses shining under the Aegean sun, compose unique images. One of the best examples of the Venetian influence in Cycladic architecture is the Kastro of Naxos island. The Cycladic churches also form a special chapter in local architecture. Nice windmills are seen on the hills of Mykonos, Ios, and Paros. Uncountable settlements of incredible beauty and architectural interest are based on the simplicity and the purity of constructive forms which are spread in every island from the smallest to the largest. The dominant white and blue colors of the Cycladic architecture are a symbol of Greece as they represent the colors of the Greek flag. Explore our travel services & make the most out of your GREECE holidays! The sense of freedom from their verandas (balconies) is incomparable and the best way to release your stress and relax. Mykonos or Santorini? Read also in our blog: Cyclades architecture: what makes it so special? You can see some samples of the Cycladic architecture in the following Cycladic villages: Chora of Amorgos, Chora of Anafi, Antiparos Chora, Chora of Folegandros, Chora of Ios, Chorio in Kimolos, Chora of Koufonisia, Chora of Mykonos, Naoussa in Paros, Oia in Santorini, Kastro in Sifnos and more villages. Commonly they have white walls and blue or white domes. It is considered one of the loved destinations for holidays in Greece, filled with natural beauties, beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters, traditional villages and extraordinary landscapes. They are characterized by a scenery variety of steep mountains, vineyards, churches and picturesque white painted villages on top of impressively high cliffs. The numerous cobbled streets with the whitewashed facades and the different sized houses shining under the Aegean sun, compose unique images. Houses were surrounded by strong castle walls, while villages were built in high altitude away from the sea so that they could timely spot pirate invasions. When you visit any website, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Naoussa, Parikia and Lefkes are typical traditional villages to witness Cycladic architecture. The Cycladic churches also form a special chapter in local architecture. M Mykonos Villas are a 4 homes-away-from-home complex that combines contemporary amenities and exclusive VIP services with the traditional minimalist Cycladic architecture. Please send us a request and we will rapidly answer you with a free quote! Plasticity. One of the best examples of the Venetian influence in Cycladic architecture is the Kastro of Naxos island. traditional cycladic architecture in the village of Emborio, Santorini, Greece - Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stock Sales: 800-685-3602 Sell One of the main reasons why Santorini stands out among other islands is its remarkable traditional architecture.