Thanks! Sit back and enjoy! Doesn’t it looks all ready for a family to plop down and have a picnic? love the quilt can you help, Please tell me what size you cut your strings for this quilt. Dat wordt misschien een roze blok of een blauw blok. I did finish this string quilt a few months ago: and rearranged the order of the sections. Seriously though, if you’re an experienced quilter, you don’t need a pattern for this. Love this, Mary! I believe this is also called Rocky Road to Kansas. It is the only coin you have and only you can determine how it will be spent. Thanksgiving is one of my best holidays. ). I still have to trim them to length, finish the two purple strips and then add the background fabric. In honour of my American friends celebrating their Thanksgiving-. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Then, I remembered Bonnie Hunter's free string x pattern, and a version that I liked the colors. added by sandradny 2 weeks, 2 days ago. They’re fun if you aren’t having to hurry. under, added by Linda Swanekamp 0 minutes ago. Thanks so much. Why would I call it a string quilt? Have got this in my to do list very soon. under. I found another scrappy project that needed some blue blocks made July. Shop. Many of the strips were actually leftovers for the masks I made. Share the results in your feed or stories stories and tag me, and don’t forget to scroll down on the results page to get your free tutorial, too! I’m all about creating a quilting community where you can make new friends and finish your own quilts! Read more at Quilts Etc.. With that in mind, even though it's a tad early, I thought I'd share a few of my thoughts about how to start our. I really have to agree with you about it’s harder to see the design close up. Quilt … Het hangt er oa van af of ik een nieuw blok wil maken of. I have long wished for a 12″ one but my space would be hard to manage so I’ve stuck with the 10″ and suffered if I have a quilt that is 100 x 100. A couple evenings of hand sewing and the binding was also quickly added. Thanks for the link to the instructions. They trot through from time to time, no rhyme or reason for their visits. Hooray! This quilt will be gifted….or donated. YEA!!!!! I see one of these in my quilty future, so thanks for your instructions . under. I have enjoyed making it up as I go along. under, added by Karen Ackva 0 minutes ago. I thought that I wanted to make one also. Well done and you ought to keep one quilt every now and then!! Nov 17. Just a matter of curiosity, but do you realize all these string sections are 45 degree isosceles triangles or 45 degree diamonds {which are really two of those isosceles triangles?} This is a great scrappy quilt. A speaker at our guild showed her elegant Feathered Stars. Can’t wait to get started on one in patriotic fabrics. It's been an interesting week already, but I'm happy to say that I have had time to play with my scraps! Finally I can get back to it. I just do some loops and call it good. Now I see how you get your shape. I spent part of the day today repurposing some storage... Sparkle Jane (Daughter) wanted to try out a new technique–foundation string piecing. Funny though, I never would have guessed there was a border added. The blocks are 9.5 inches unfinished. Love and prayers. Why is that? ( Log Out /  I May Have A Scrap Problem... Preparations, and a Quilt-y Need. Some were traditionally set while others were rotated 45 degrees so the points lined up with the cardinal directions. under. What you think is not important. It's been quiet here this year. Quick and Easy Rail Fence Jelly Roll Quilt: Self Sashing Disappearing Nine Patch Quil. So far they are my favorite of all your string quilts. What scrappy goodness have you been working on! YAHOO!! Free Motion Quilting, Tips Tuesday. Hi, I’m HollyAnne, and it’s my job to guide you to quilt with confidence! I mark two fabric placement lines on the squares 3 inches in from the top left corner to about 1/4 inch from the bottom right corner. But, it was worth finishing, and it is finished, and that (as we all know) is good. under. I tell you, it really makes me want to race up to the studio, search out my bright strings, and start sewing. Who am I kidding, I never keep my quilts :0 JUst love it. 0. It was worth all the time it took to remove the border quilting. The original stitching has had some stitching here and there, just a bit of outlining to batten it down, and now I am off on a frolic of my own to fill up all the blank space. I have the perfect cheat sheet for you! I love Deana Leon stories – I want to go to Venice. There's going to be a minimum of 36 rows but with so many extras I really think 40-42 rows would be better. I am very drawn to string quilts they take the stress out of trying to decide what goes with what. Narrow sashing between the blocks finished it off. One thing I have to say about quilts with a design like this… They look awesome from a distance when you can see the whole pattern. Doing all the fat fancy paisley-like leaves has been an absolute joy. is a daily quilt blog about hand quilting started in 2007. Required fields are marked *. Along with their … You may print and use these quilt instructions to make quilts for yourself, for donation, or for sale. Now I love making curvy motifs! added by QuiltNut Creations 0 minutes ago. Star blocks will finish at 16 inches (16.5 with seam allowances). It's not ... preparation for next January's tutorial series, which will be called String Therapy! Quilt can be made larger by adding either borders or an additional row of blocks horizontally and vertically. Sometimes they take awhile to make because you essentially make the fabric first with the string pieces, then assemble them. Hi everyone! I love string quilts, but when I look at this pattern I see the white squares as being prominent instead of the colorful stars. The support and encouragement to from HollyAnne and other rockstars is so helpful! I missed a few months, so hope to get back to the string quilt. At least the roses didn't fade. Can you see where the original stitching ends and mine starts?