If the lights remain on with the switch off (Highly doubtful) you have something messed up. I know I have a motion detector and a hidden camera on my living room ceiling. I could find no instructions when I was hooking up mine so I experimented. Thanks for posting this. give you added protection for a master bedroom closet, gun or jewelry A warm human intruder creates an easily-detected infrared image for the sensor to identify as an intruder, and signals an alarm condition. The other 2 wires, green and yellow (or graydog111,Thank you! So, on one side there is s light sensor and the other side there is not. and window contacts. laundry or utility room is often a good location, and a pet door can be This site is supported through affiliate marketing. Connect all 3 white wires (from house, from sensor and from light) together. Question These sensors combine two types of detection technology: infrared, like a standard PIR, and microwave. Standard PIR's don't work very well in non-climate-controlled areas like garages, warehouses, sheds, etc. I’m connecting a 4-wire cable to an outdoor sensor for a security light. Take a bright flashlight, laser etc and shine it directly on the face of the photo-eye for a short time and the lights should go out. Wiring for a pet alley means Route motion wiring at 6-8 feet high, or Locate motion detectors so that they divide or break up the house into Now even more service for engineers with the award-winning digital product catalogue from STEINEL More. 2 years ago, Did you get your sensor to work? Sorry I cannot help. Turn the light switch off first to make sure the lights do in fact turn off to isolate the problem to the wiring at the photocell or the photocell itself. Never work on energized wires. is to use a pet alley. You can use 2 runs of 2-conductor wire, or you can choose any 4 wires from a larger multi-conductor cable, like a Cat-5/6 or 12-conductor cable. eyesore. For instance, some manufacturers more. The Red Wire connects to the Black wire of the lamp holders which house the flood lights. Noting worse then chasing a problem when the problem is a bad from stock part that one assumes is or should be ok. As with all alarm system wiring, both solid and stranded types are acceptable. Connect sensor's black wire to black wire coming from house. Here is my wiring diagram ( third photo) and instructions: CAUTION: BLACK WIRE IS 120 VOLTS, SO TURN OFF SWITCH OR CIRCUIT BREAKER. Regardless of how you create a pet alley, always walk test the area during installation of the detector. After drywall My motion detector light stopped working. next level with its Spy motion detector. WLS Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Steinel Twilight Switch NightMatic I would buy the same again if I needed another dusk-to-dawn sensor. The idea is with screws and plastic anchors. Lee Russell is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, amazonsupply.com, or myhabit.com. be restricted to a laundry room or other non-motion protected area. Very, very helpful! Drapery Sales 1969 to 1987. Photo-eyes are pretty reliable and durable, still most likely cause is that its defective. safe, computer room, etc. There are ways around this inconvenience, but one of the easiest Steinel Sensor . All wiring is done after identifying and turning the circuit off. I ordered new Patriot double LED motion detector light assembly. i bought a dusk to dawn flood light a few years ago and out of the box it stayed on all the time so i set it back and used another. 2 years ago. Whether inside or outdoors, whether for security reasons or to switch the light on in plenty of time for welcome visitors – intelligent motion detectors and the latest sensor technology have been STEINEL's core competencies for over 30 years.