This blog post will show you the quickest way to spot fake Shure SM58s, December 24, 2011 A genuine 57 will give lush midrange tone with great low end response — a counterfeit will not produce similar results. How to wire a XLR plug for microphone lead - Duration: 4:02. The fake microphone will weigh noticeably less than the authentic mic. Fake Shure SM58 microphones!!! On both the SM58 and SM57, carefully unscrew the microphone in the middle. The SM57 generally does a good job at reducing background noise because its cardioid pickup pattern only receives noise from the front of the microphone. A powerful saxophone solo. The fake was very close, the counterfeiters are getting better and better even had the yellow and green wires and the indentation on the screen on top. When the grill is removed, the foamy bit on the top of the fake mic is black, on the real one it is grey. !”,, 2- Create directionality, and improving the frequency response of the SM57 3- the 50-year old secret to Shure's "pneumatic shockmount" in the SM57 … Genuine microphones will have a quality control stamp in red lettering. Look at the round metal piece that connects the windscreen to the body of the mic. The microphone bag is of a lower quality, the real one is longer 10″ the fake one only 8.5″. The part where you screw on the windscreen should be. On a fake SM58, the round metal piece is. Accessibility. On the real one, Check your package, the fake mics usually comes with fake warranty and manuals, but they are most likely missing the. The 5 steps to spotting a fake Shure SM58! On the genuine microphones, these are yellow and green colored, and on many fakes, they’ve followed this color scheme; however, if they’re a different color (eg. Terms — On the real microphone bag, the embossed SHURE logo is visible from inside the bag. You’ll see the inside of the microphone, with two wires leading between the sections. The SM57 is marketed as a microphone for recording instruments because it can handle the high sound pressure created by drums or guitar amplifiers. FixitSam 199,988 views. The SM57 is a dynamic microphone produced by Shure since 1965. You can identify this model by looking for the words “Shure“ and “SM57“ written around the sides of the mic. 7 Comments. The SM57 is a dynamic microphone produced by Shure since 1965. Well-known albums recorded using the SM57 include Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, and OK Computer by Radiohead. For every acoustic condition, the SM57 delivers the power of your playing to every fan in the house. Repair guides for the Shure SM57 microphone, a common professional low impedance cardioid dynamic microphone for live sound and studio recording. John Born (Shure) and Peterson Goodwyn (DIYRecordingEquipment) review the problems inherent in a typical moving-coil microphone, and talk about how Shure engineers improve the native frequency response and directionality of the microphone.This is the second of a 3-part series:1- How dynamic mics work [see link to this in the video above, in the title screen]2- Create directionality, and improving the frequency response of the SM573- the 50-year old secret to Shure's \"pneumatic shockmount\" in the SM57 and SM58See a transcript, additional notes and illustrations in the companion article for this video on RecordingHacks: