The bible says that the Word…, About Saints in Sinhala Saints who are having an…. So its time to read and enjoy sinhala wadan photo download. - Click on the images to display them in full size -. Here you will notice that love can reflects like friendship or the divine. If it ends in hate, it hasn't ended. And these sad poems help others to understand themselves and not feel so alone or isolated. All Rights Reserved. The Holy Bible Revised Old Version 1995 is now available in Sinhala language. Now Sinhala Bible is with you….” Your Word is a lamp to my feet ” sings the Psalmist. ලූක් 21 : 12 – 19, නොවැම්බර් 26 වන දින සුබ අස්න – ශු. And it is an overwhelming set of emotions seeking release too. ලූක් 21 : 20 – 28, නොවැම්බර් 27 වන දින සුබ අස්න – ශු. Do you know that reading and listening to inspirational quotes is an amazing experience. - Click on the images to display them in full size -. In addition to that, let’s see what are our Adara Wadan to express your love and all loving feelings to your loving one or dearests…. And adara wadan are about Love which is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit. That’s why we also thought to share some beautiful and meaningful Sinhala sad poems under Duka Hithena Adara Wadan collection. මතෙව් 4 : 18 – 22, දේව දයාවේ මංගල්‍යය ඉරු දින බ්‍රසීලය සිදුවු ප්‍රාතිහාර්ය, කතෝලික සාන්තුවර භක්තිය හෙලා දකින්නන්ට අභියෝගයක් වු “සාන්ත ජුසේ පඩිපෙල”, Buenos Airesහි සිදුවූ දිව්‍ය සත්ප්‍රසාද ප්‍රාතිහාර්යය සම්බන්ධ සත්‍ය සිදුවීමක්, අවුස්ත්‍රියාවේ සීෆල්ඩ් හි ශු. Do you love sad poems? Tens of millions of people are using the Bible App™ to make God's Word a part of their daily lives. Check out our sinhala wadan photo download collection to read meaningful and inspirational sinhala quotes. Read Sinhala Bible. If you are a person who has a sensitive heart, this is an ideal app for you. ලූක් 21 : 5 – 11, නොවැම්බර් 25 වන දින සුබ අස්න – ශු. කඩ්ඩ / Kadda Polish - Learn English in Sinhala, ආදර වදන් / Adara Wadan (Sinhala Love Quotes), Cookies help us deliver our services. As you read God’s Word, you priorities change. As mentioned above youll find more deep feelings in love than romance if you will read our beautiful nisadas. But we hope that you also will love to express your feelings by our own language, probably. Jun 16, 2017 - ශුද්ධවූ බයිබලයේ - දෛනික පොරොන්දු. Because the bible has the power to transform lives. You will see that many poems are there which talk on tragedy and loss. Hundreds of versions in 900+ different languages - the Bible that goes with you anywhere. Daily Bible/Gospel in Sinhala Daily reading and reflection on… Continue reading → The Believer in Christ is confronted with the ideology of the world that seems to separate him or her from the Creator God. ලූක් 21 : 1 – 4, නොවැම්බර් 24 වන දින සුබ අස්න – ශු. Main Categories > Love Quotes (Adara Wadan) > Hard Quotes (Sara Wadan) > Friendship Quotes (Mithuru Wadan) > Motivation Quotes > … Many people, poets and singers have defined the love in various ways. දිව්‍ය සත්ප්‍රසාද ප්‍රාතිහාර්යය. Sections of this page. These tasteful quotes and poems can say it all for you when you find yourself stuck for words and unable to put thoughts into words. Saved from Sinhala adara wadan photos sinhala sad love quotes. Sinhala wadan sinhala qoutes sinhala vadan sinhala adara wadan sinhala love qoutes sinhala funny wadan sinhala fun wadan sinhala fun qoutes sinhala wadan photo sinhala wadan app download sinhala qoutes app download sinhala motivational photo wadan app download. “You, sweetheart, are my one and only”, “You take my breath away”, “Lovingly yours” and “With you, forever won't be too long” are some of English common phrases to say romantic things. All Rights Reserved. Life Quotes. මතෙව් 25 : 31 – 46, නොවැම්බර් 23 වන දින සුබ අස්න – ශු. Because of having sinhala bible, its easy to read. Here you can find your favourite adara wadan in sinhala and download them. Do you know that reading and listening to inspirational quotes is an amazing experience. Sinhala wadan photo download more. No matter your status.. Don’t you like to have some loving, romantic or caring words to use to express your feelings to your dearests?