Connecting everything together is simple. I've been using my new UN49KS8000 TV since Christmas with nothing attached to the inputs but a PS4. The TV was very expensive last year... and now it appears Samsung wants me to buy a $1,200 sound bar and more for speakers (the Radiant 360 R3 for 1 speaker was $200) to do what I need. Hmmm. I have a samsung Ms-650 soundbar connected to a Samsung QF6 QLED via the ARC HDMI Ports. With audio converter and cables bought it was time to go home and connect TV to speakers. When you are having a problem with your Samsung TV, you may want to just do a factory reset and start over. I have a 2017 Samsung television and Apple TV is the only device plugged in to it (HDMI 1). Samsung q7f keeps changing to tv speaker from hdmi arc. Hello I have QN65Q90TAFXZA. Your TV might be running in store demo or shop mode, where after every 30 minutes TV's picture and sound settings returns back to factory default settings. If your TV allows you to pair Bluetooth devices, it’s time to disconnect them. When I set up the TV to use optical audio output, it works correctly. Setting up the Smart Remote works properly to control the Denon receiver as well. Best answer by Airgetlam 28 January 2019, 03:55. The process is slightly different depending on what model of TV you have. Audio converter gets power from USB port and TV has some ports near Toslink socket. Navigate to the Bluetooth audio device list on your TV and select the speaker to pair with. Your TV also has several self diagnosis tools built-in that can help you solve any problems you are experiencing with signal, network, picture, or sound. The good news is, this is possible, but may not be necessary. That's odd. ... "Turning on my computer changes the TV to my HDMI... pretty frustrating when the … I set the sound on the QF6 to use the soundbar but if I pause a show (from one of the built in apps like Netflix or Vudu) for a minute or so, when I restart playback it will revert to the tv speakers. I am trying to have TV sound in the living room where the TV is, but also the same sound in the dining room and kitchen. 2019, 2018 and 2017 Smart TVs ( R , N, and M models) : Home > Settings > Sound > Sound Output > Bluetooth Speaker List 1 year ago 28 January 2019. It is connected to my Denon AVR-X3700H using an optical cable. When I press a button on the Apple TV remote, it wakes both Apple TV and the Samsung, but the Samsung turns on to the default “TV” source which displays “No Signal” since I … Configuring Samsung TV. If there is an issue related to sudden change in Picture or Sound settings.You need to check the usage mode of your Samsung TV. 1 reply; 1142 views A Apertsovsky41 0 replies Everytime i shut off the tv it goes back to the tv speaker icon. Speakers Drones ... Samsung TV owners are fed up with automatic HDMI switching. If the TV speakers work fine, there’s a problem with your external speaker and vice versa. Try using a different speaker to see if this fixes your audio issue. Step 3 – Disconnect Any Other Devices. However, after adding a new Nintendo Switch, the "input source" message keeps popping up randomly when I'm using the PS4. I works fine.