While most armies receive a large amount of time on the GW website's front, and snag a bunch of fancy new printed books, models, and such... this update came not with a bang, but rather a wimper. Elites These traits exist all over the place, and are usually a trap – they’re fine, but what you want from a warlord trait is to open up new capabilities, not a defensive boost (unless it’s an exceptional one like a 3++ on Custodes Bikes). Logan on Sled (extra Warlord trait) (Aura of Majestry) Primaris Chaplain on Bike (warlord) (Master of Sanctity) (Rites of war) (Canticle of Hate, Exhortation of Rage) (Wulfen Stone) Njal Stormcaller (Murderous Hurricane, Tempest Wrath, Instincts Awoken) Troops. It was one of those moments of such mixed feelings when the Sisters of Battle received their new codex throughout the entire 40k community. ... And now they can thanks to Artisan of War. The fact that you can buy two additional Warlord Traits and two additional Relics for a command point each feels almost automatic. 5x Incursors 105 . Warlord Trait - posted in + SPACE MARINES +: So prompted by a post in the News and Rumors. John: Absolutely! 10x Vanguard Veterans (10x lightning claws, 10x storm shields) 280 . 5x Infiltrators. 5x Bladeguard Veterans 175 Unless specified otherwise, this must be a character model. You can’t beat Rites of War! This ability is a warlord trait that lets you apply one of the listed Special-issue Wargear Relics on a character that may already have a Relic! 5x intercessors (auto bolt rifles) 100 . I went for Warded as Chapter Tactic and Warlord Trait - Rites of War. 5x Intercessors (auto bolt rifles) 100 . That could lead to some silly combos – or at least one very blinged-out Warlord. Character Model. In Codex Space Marines; the 6 Generic Traits, you have three auras; -1 LD, Immune to Shock, and conditional rend. When generating Warlord Traits for a Warlord with the Space Marines Faction, you can either roll on one of the Warlord Traits tables in Warhammer 40, 000: The Rules or roll on the table below. I’ve got the Ordo Chronus working on it…). Champion of Humanity: Get an extra attack and +1 to hit and wound rolls against characters. A Master of Sanctity on Primaris Bike clocks in at 140, which is still great value with all of the extra Warlord Traits and relics you can buy. 10x Vanguard Veterans (10x lightning claws, 10x storm shields) 280 . Primaris Captain - Burning Blade, Relic Shield Primaris Chaplain Primaris Lieutenant - Volkite Pistol 4 x 5 Assault Intercessors (2 with plasma pistols) 6 Bladeguard Veterans Redemptor Dreadnought Judicar Bladeguard Ancient Edit - 6 Eradicators 2 x 3 Outriders Warhammer 40K: Blood Angels – New Rules For The Sons of Sanguinius. Warlord Traits, in 8th Edition while weaker than the 6th-7th Equivalent, being able to choose, has made the generic characters less generic. Rites of War To use a newfangled vernacular, a Rite of War is 30k’s version of a 40k formation (we’ll ignore the space-time conundrums for now. If your Warlord is a character model, then he has one Warlord Trait. 5x Infiltrators. Lieutenant in Reiver armor (Rites of war, vox espiritum) 75 . 5x Infiltrators. 5x Incursors.