Pasta with tomato sauce . It’s simple and yet it can be stunning! Plus, it’s a great alternative to the classic pasta with tomato sauce. Risotto with tomato sauce is a simple first course that children actually like. Well, you’d be wrong! Pasta & rice main dishes. These easy baked arancini, or rice balls, are the perfect use for leftover risotto. Pasta with tomato sauce. Stir in the If you follow my recipe, it will be a thousand times more tasty than a tasty pasta sauce. I love it! Do you find pasta with tomato sauce rather humdrum and boring? Yesterday I made it again, but with a simple Italian twist – so I’m calling it Italian Rice. Tip in the garlic and fry for a min. The secret to … Make it with fresh tomatoes and tomato purée or with preserves – all the better if they’re homemade and preserved in glass. They’re 100% kid approved - we love them dipped in a tomato sauce. I recently made Mexican rice and have pretty much been craving it ever since. Add the onion and peppers, and cook for 3 mins or until lightly golden. The preparation was almost the same as Spanish or Mexican rice, but to give it an Italian or Sicilian spin I used olive oil, basil and a little oregano.