Have Questions? You lose your aliveness and your joy for life. Sometimes resentment manifests itself in other emotions, reactions, and behaviors. Found worksheet you are looking for? A number of positive outcomes, such as reductions in depression, resentment, and rumination, have been associated with forgiveness. This can be risky because too much resentment will lead to relapse, or at the very least take much of the enjoyment out of recovery. It might also be appropriate to speak to a trusted friend or make an appointment to see a therapist. Letting go of resentment is not for the benefit of the other person. Cry if you can. http://christians-in-recovery.org/contact A score between 19 and 40 suggests dangerous drinking and possible physical dependence. The most common reasons for resentment include: * Attempts by others to control the life of the individual * Those individuals who follow a spiritual program in recovery will not be able to progress while they continue to hold on to resentments. By letting go of this negative emotion the individual is able to lighten their load and life becomes a lot easier. _____ 26. * Membership of a fellowship can make it easier for people to handle resentments and other negative emotions. Not you. Sometimes turning to our sponsor can provide us with some insight into how we were wrong. Her grandson wanted to know how she managed to be such a good person. Resentment is almost inevitable during recovery, but you can defeat it. Making the amends as quickly as possible is typically better. This can be therapeutic and a great way to let go of resentments. WE PLAN TO REMAIN FULLY OPERATIONAL THROUGHOUT THIS DIFFICULT TIME. The reason why she was so well liked was that she put her focus on feeding the good wolf. First and foremost, we are human. * Resentment if perceived harm is due to the actions of a superior. If we feel completely without fault, this can foster the resentment ever further. This is true because back then, you didn’t know what you know today. When a person is battling addiction, substances are often used as a means to bury feelings and trauma from the past. It is even listed in, "the big book.". Find the feelings of being not good enough or not worth loving that you are avoiding. Writing is one of the best tools we have in recovery and life when it comes to managing feelings, good, bad, or in between. 25. We might have turned to the bottle or our drug of choice in an effort to swallow the poison of resentment and hope that it dies. We may feel completely aghast at the unfair circumstances that have befallen us. Next, you examine how these resentments may have developed from events that happened to you long ago. You do not have a medical condition made worse by alcohol. In a lot of cases they will have originated almost purely in the mind of the individual who is feeling resentful. Other times, a living amends may be the better alternative. It is easier to talk about negative emotions in a support group because nobody is there to judge. You have to let them go and focus on relationships you can still repair. Obviously, depending on the strength and stature of the resentment, this will impact the method in which you make amends. The key to releasing guilt is to recognize that we all go through life doing the very best we can with the extremely limited skills and awareness that we have at the time. West Palm Beach, FL 33401. When people write things down on paper it is easier to be more objective. Nothing is a mistake if we learn from it, but if we refuse to take away anything from our experience, we are bound to repeat it. Permission to reprint and adapt this material does not mean that Christians in Recovery (CIR) is in any way affiliated with this program. The individual may blame therapists, friends in recovery, or family members for this. Be patient it takes a few moments to load. Resentment is a type of negative emotion that people experience when they feel they have been wronged in some way. This detracts from the wellness of your mind, body, and spirit – moreover, the catalysts for healing. * A recent REM song declared that, living well is the best revenge. Writing a list of resentments you suspect are present can be life-altering in of itself, especially when you include as much detail as you can stand. Christians in Recovery® _____ 28. They may also have developed out of abandonment, felt when others became angry or shied away from us while we were in the throes of addiction. You then become wiser and more aware. Cry if you can. _____ 27. When you have resentment, a major part of you closes down. Resentments In Recovery - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept. If you’re a counselor or therapist, you’re probably familiar with Therapist Aid, one of the most well-known sites providing free printable worksheets. Cart 0. Other times, we might have made it our life’s work to get back at whoever or whatever wrongs us. Just going on the offensive will mean that the other person feels under attack, and they will act accordingly. how to let go of resentment. Whether it’s something simple or a life-altering experience, we must not allow it to go unnoticed. Learn more about our online and onsite training programs. Resentment and Blame. Resentment is the soil that hatred grows in, for the loved ones of many addicts (especially children and spouses) and substance abusers it can contribute to an unhappy household. Resentments in recovery cannot be allowed to fester; the longer we wait to act, the deeper the roots of resentment take hold in our lives. that can be used with clients or for self-help. Unwilling to give up our sobriety, what do we do now? Now that we have recognized that we are developing resentment, it’s time to spring into action. As they develop this practice they find it easier to deal with negative motions such as resentment.