Amul has some good competitors where Most of these ice creams entered regionally but then held on to the regional market share. Amul has a diversified product portfolio and has been able to cater to the needs of all the segments from kids to old alike. The ongoing Ad campaign created by Ogilvy & Mather is supported by a strong digital initiative ( www . Similarly, in FMCG, direct competition is equally important as indirect competition. , Vadilal, Havmore, Dinshaws, Arun Ice cream, , London dairy and others. It transformed India from a milk-deficient nation into the world’s largest milk producer, achieved not merely by mass production, but by production by the masses; the process has been called the white revolution. Great article , thank you very much !! There are two major competitive advantages of Amul over other brands. Marketing mix – Refer this article for the marketing mix of Amul. The Amul girl- a cartoon figure, is used by the company to promote their brand. This is because Amul is not only present in Ice cream, but also in Milk, Butter, Cheese and other such products. Like we always open the supplement of Hindustan Times, Brunch from the last page expecting the fixed format short & interesting interview of a celebrity. Amul milk, Amul Paneer and Amul Dahi consumption is on the rise. Online Lead Generation – Valued Marketing Aspect. this types of content regularly. ❖    MARKETING STARTEGIES USED BY NIVEA:  NIVEA,  a personal care brand owned by German based giant, Beiersdorf Global AG deals in skin care products. A native brand success story example-Amul. With the rise in the Indian economy, transportation cost, storage cost, labor cost etc have piled up but still, Amul provides quality products at a fair and affordable price in comparison to its competitors, thus emerging as the most preferred brand. AMUL has just been ranked as the No. The model was found to be so amazing that Dr. Verghese Kurien was asked to replicate this model all over the country under Operation Flood in the 1970’s as this model had the. Price in the marketing mix of AMUL – AMUL has a strategy of low cost pricing. in the year 2014. They do a great job in selecting a trending topic and make an ad about it. Thus, in the marketing strategy of Amul, distribution is another strength of the brand. Introduction For example – During winters, ice cream and cold milk products will not sell, whereas butter and cheese will sell equally well. The utterly butterly ‘Amul girl’ is an icon of the middle class India right from 1967. They plan to take forward the ‘idiot’ idea that empowers a person to come out and speak openly about the problems they come face-to-face in life, on road. Later, however, she is seen saying “Rules may be rules. Logo Collection of  English Newspaper brands for your Inspiration.English Newspapers are continuously expanding its boundaries. Amul is considered to be pioneer in the Dairy industry in India. Almost all of their print advertisements come in the top corner of the third page in the main newspaper. Amul has a very very strong product portfolio.Amul product portfolio is comprised mainly of Dairy products. Its product portfolio is comprised mainly of Dairy products. Amul product portfolio is comprised mainly of Dairy products. Will keep them coming :). Besides this, the company has exclusive Amul stores which sell all products of Amul brand. which have helped the brand grow. However, the competition in Butter and Cheese and other dairy products is far lesser. Many of these ice cream products are niche or geographic targets centric. The Amul advertising campaign story began in 1966 when Sylvester daCunha, the then managing director of the advertising agency was entrusted to design an ad campaign for Amul Butter. Huge outdoor print Advertisement was still to see the billboards. SWOT analysis – Refer this article for the SWOT analysis of Amul. In its 360 degree camp aign, CEAT goes out to engage the customer covering the gamut of media options like digital to on-ground promotion. The brand has proved that it is not just a product but a movement that represents the economic freedom of farmers. Before taking a deep dive in the Why, What and How of the marketing strategy of Amul, let’s take a look at few other important factors that contribute in formulation of a marketing strategy. The Amul girl is a hand-drawn cartoon of a young, chubby Indian girl dressed in a polka dotted frock with blue hair and a half pony tied up.