It is all about learning. Hi, i'm monica from Indonesia and want improve my drawing skill.... Hello Krish, Brahma time. to the point. Hey Deepa, It all starts with perspective. I come from India . It is essential to have fun when we draw and get ... Great Jose. thanks dan... Hi I'm Sahra, I'm an industrial design grad student in San Francisco. All Rights Reserved. would you please se... Hello! I want to sketch electric bikes, an... Hi, my name is Lada, I am from Ukraine and I like art and drawing and of cause I am intere... Hello James, The registration will open soon. I am a 14year old from Philippines and drawing anime is my hobby but I want to open my hor... Hi Chris, After the Designer Starter Kit, I invite you to try the Cube Mania Chall... Great Tina, Yes it is so good to draw. It is all fine, you don't have to get Facebook to get the guides. I love design and i santos to love Drawing as well! I'm from Indianapolis, IN, USA. Thank you very much for this post. elements in a design sketch bring about highly complex technical “stories,” that even pose questions or represent irrational statements. My beloved father used to tell me: "A limitless effort... Hello Percio, Thank you very much for your add on the information. I'm always unsafe while sketching. I haven’t received my designer starter pack even after signing up ☹️... Hello. :)... hi I'm a product design student .im from India and I want to improve my sketching... Well always interested in sketching, definitely want to improve my skills.... Great Listening Technique during designing. Workshops design sketching and books. Product designers draw daily as they gen-erate and refine product ideas, fine artists may spend hours in fig-ure drawing classes learning how to replicate a shape from the real world, while hobbyists use sketches for visual expression. I'm from New York and very interested in design. Talk to people: listen... Hi, Im architecture student from Brazil. I'm an industrial designer who is ... hi,my name is Solange Mah from Cameroon,am a teacher and i would love to improve on my dra... Hello Luis, That's a great reason you have to learn how to sketch. I want to improve my sketching skills to creat... Sure Jay, You can now find it in your mailbox :)... hi i still haven’t received my designer starter pack after registering my email address.... Hello, i want learning a new skill, i am a industrial designer student.... Hello, i am a industrial designer. Is it still open or wi... Hi, i'm franz, ex-writer who likes insects and drawing.... Hi, im from Portugal, and im a art student and i want to get better at sketching because i... Hey there, Do you want to reach new clients? 2. I've always loved putting pencil to... Hi Chou-Tac, that´s actually a very nice productivity hack. I'm Luisa, from Mexico. Thank you for the reference. I'm Mely Gay from the Philippines. : D... HELLO everyone, how are guys, hope doing ok. Well I ´m from Brazil, in 2017 I had a st... Hello Gergely, My pleasure, glad you enjoy the design sketching tutorial with Sketcha. You will gain so mu... Hi, I've trouble lighting and shading the pillars of a scene I've drawn. I just wanted t... You have a great project! Industrial Designer, concept designer and 3D-modeller when need ... Hi I'm Jared a hobby sketcher and very much interested in product design from the drawing ... Hello, I am Rinaldi. Thank you very much! Thanks for sharing Derek! I am a product design student and I hope that your tios and tri ks would help me to... i m very impressive because i am considering basic for sketching is 1 and 2 prospective ... Hey., How to start a daily drawing routine? My name is Velicia and I am from Indonesia. Thanks for sharing! Hi, I’m lily and want to learn sketch/ lily... Hey! Do you have this character trait to succeed (Design career)? I am Fernando Ruiz from Los Angeles. The Designer Starter Kit will you to ge... Hey John, Please thank your teacher for the recommendation! I'm pursuing my bachelors in industrial design, I'm very weak ... Hi everyone. Mobility product design | strategic | conceptualisation | visuals. If you have any link to recommend, it is welcome Harshit. Are you by chance in Ma... My pleasure Sahra ! I wrote an article on the 3 rules of making our 10 0... Hello Luisa, I am glad you enjoy the tutorials on the blog. When it comes to being the designer whos idea gets picked this is important. Visual perception and the sequential character of depiction may cause the reinterpretation of those “stories,” so the designer may discover completely new concepts within his own sketch. Love to all studen... That's very inspirational. Thank you for sharing. Sketch a picture of the side view of a car. Thank you very much for your book. I'm an interior designer from Romania and feel like hand-drawing will take me to th... Hello Laura, When you draw in other places than your desk, don't focus on perfection. ,Sketching Drawing Techniques for Product Designers