The drop down search bar consists of the top 100 most populated U.S. cities. The first Baltimore orioles are reaching Texas, and by month's end, a few are reaching the central states. See real-time analysis maps of intensities of actual nocturnal bird migration, as detected by the US weather surveillance radar network between local sunset to sunrise. eBird data from 2014-2018. The main balk of the Baltimore oriole population moves through Southwest Michgian in mid-May. Oriole Migration 2020. Thank you for reading! Meanwhile, the top out-of-state cities looking to move to Chicago were St. Louis and Kansas City. The next GBBC is February 14-17, 2020. baltimore oriole migration map 2020; baltimore oriole migration map 2020. The top out-of-metro area Akron renters were looking to move was the Detroit metro, while Virginia Beach residents were looking for new homes in Birmingham, and Oklahoma City renters were most interested in the Dallas Fort Worth area. It has a winter range for the Baltimore Oriole, but the Baltimore Oriole does not exist between late September and mid-March. Floridians love their state and their searches really reflected that. Zumper’s first ever migration report uses search data to analyze patterns and trends across the U.S. to see where renters are most interested in moving to and where renters are most interested in leaving. This map depicts the seasonally-averaged estimated relative abundance, defined as the expected count on an eBird Traveling Count starting at the optimal time of day with the optimal search duration and distance that maximizes detection of that species in a region, averaged across the post-breeding migration season. Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. Philadelphia Neighborhood Guide: Chestnut Hill, San Francisco Neighborhood Guide: Haight Ashbury. *Inbound and outbound searches for each city had a minimum threshold of searches required to make it onto the top 20 lists to ensure that the cities represented were statistically significant. While most searches tend to happen within a city’s metro area, we looked at the cities with the most inbound searches coming from out-of-metro* to show which areas had the most interest from renters around the nation. Zumper is the easiest way to search for apartments for rent. This map is false. The Baltimore Oriole is sometimes confused with the Orchard oriole, as they do share some of the same territory and they are similar in color.. Baltimore Orioles are a vivid black and orange color. This map lets you track bird migration in real time With Euro Bird Portal’s LIVE viewer, you can look at weekly animated maps showing where birds have been sighted in real time. Which Cities are People Searching to Move Out of? Of the dozen Texas cities covered in this migration report, some top recurring out-of-state cities Texans looking to move to were Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Albuquerque. Apply for the listings you want and post your rental properties. Migration Map: Where are the orioles. We looked at the cities with the most outbound searches that were out-of-metro* to find the areas that people were most interested in leaving so far this year. In terms of migration direction, these are the definitions of inbound and outbound searches: Outbound searches: Where people located in the filtered city are looking to move, Inbound searches: Where are people looking to move to the filtered city. Which Cities are People Interested in Moving to? The most amount of out-of-metro inbound searches to Reno came from cities in both southern and northern California, in particular Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles metros. 2020. eBird Status and Trends, Data Version: 2018; Released: 2020. The peak of oriole migration, for Bullock's and Baltimore orioles both, occurs from mid-April through mid-May. Photos Wanted! 6,000 Endangered Steppe Eagles find refuge within refuse dumps. It seems if Bay Area residents were to move out of California, they would be the most interested in living in or around other large, metropolitan areas. Looking at both inbound and outbound searches for the Southern California cities on the map, Phoenix and Las Vegas were the top recurring out-of-state cities. The rest of this top 20 list had 3 additional Texan cities and 3 California cities so it seems those two states have been attracting the most interest from out-of-metro renters overall. If the weather is favorable, it will take an oriole about 2-3 weeks to complete his migration north to reach my mid-Michigan window again by May. Any city that had less than the required amount was filtered out of the top 20 lists. NOTE: The map has been updated in July with June 2020 search volumes but the language below reflects analyses from January – May 2020 only. Thank you for reading! Zumper is built by passionate people in San Francisco. While in their tropical winter habitats, Baltimore and Bullock’s Orioles feed on nectar from numerous flowering trees, which explains their attraction to nectar feeders upon their spring-time return to North America.