Getting a Phone Back from Parents Apologize to your parents sincerely. now i dont know what to do anymore but watch youtube or sleep all day. Ugh. The reason of this "punishment" is quite strange and just wrong! Give yourself time to cool off. There must be a reason u are being grounded. I'm losing my friends because I don't have many classes with them and I used to be able to talk to them and go out with them. Home > Family & Friends > Phone taken away forever. This article has been viewed 562,479 times. my parents always yell at me calls me really bad names and takes my i pad and i pod away and canceled my phone should they do that because its wrong. - I have to give her the phone as soon as I get back from school, I dealt with the no games because I had my beloved music and youtube and I had an iPad but the no after school that hit me hard, of course, I would find it or not give it to her as long as possible. I’m trying to get into a high school and I have had problems with mental health. someone help me im slowly getting depressed. i have to wait AT LEAST. Those kids think they're so sneaky, don't they? I cant watch youtube/listen to music on youtube (which are my favorite things to do on my phone) OR EVEN LOOK SOMETHING UP THAT IS TO STUPID AND EMBARRASING TO ASK. You are a legal child and your parents have wide discretion to take the phone, your computer, TV or practically anything else. So, sometimes I act out because I get so frustrated at all of his overbearing control over my life and they don't listen to how I feel or even care unless I get into trouble. Because taking away others’ belongings (e.g. she took away my apps in the first place bc she found out i downloaded instagram (i'm not allowed to use social media...) and it was like that for months!! DO NOT FUCKING DO THIS. Yeah, they don't let me use it for more than 30 minutes a day, and the 30 minutes has to be all at one time and then she takes it away when im done. Those things are privileges and I'm guessing you can earn them back. Advice and tips for parents and kids on Wicca and witchcraft, and what parents should do if their child says they want to be a witch. My parents (especially my mom) have decided two years ago to take our phones away for weekdays and give it to us on the weekends,it was annoying at first but then i got used to it fast forward to these few last months i got grounded for like 3 times at least for no major reason i couldnt go out or have my phone now when they stopped school for the spread of coronavirus in my city i asked her to … If your mother walked to me and took away my phone saying some weird excuse, e.g. I kind of understand my mom, but she is over reacting on March 31, 2020: I had a bad test day and got a B, which lowered my overall grade (algebra) to an 85. I just love that my parents are so strict that they have complete control over MY phone because they say that it's theirs because they pay for it (which I get but still) it makes me so mad that I can't text my friends without being told that they're a bad influence and I can't text any guys (even if they're just friends) without my dad saying that I'm a whore. next, she proceeds to remove the SIM card from my iphone and take the phone. This article has been viewed 562,479 times. Discuss a phone curfew. Know how much data you can use and how to avoid going over your data limit. I NEED MY PHONE, My dad took my phone AND computer away for AT LEAST a month, but he's STILL disabling my internet! If you are using your device in an inappropriate way, or you are not listening to your parents' specific instructions/limits/rules/regulations, then they have the right to take it away or ground you from it. When she did take away my phone, I just hung out with friends and never tried checking in. Second of all, know that you are not alone. This article will break down three different ways to get a baby that is accustomed to breastfeeding to finally take a bottle. Like hello im fine as long as im NOT watching porn. then one day I was on my iPad and she took it asked me the password, of course, being the good gullible kid I told her expecting her to check what I was on and what I was doing but she CHANGED THE PASSWORD and gave it back and told me not to ask the password from her because she will give it in due time. this gave me a mini heart attack and I cried myself to sleep. So, do cell phones, video games, facebook, etc. I don't think you even need a phone at that age! The same day, my sister was getting a new charger, so i asked my mom if i can get my own but she said that my sister and I are going to share. Make sure that you are in a private location such as the car or your home. Makes me so upset because i can't even text my friends without knowing my parents are going to look through my messages. They think that they simply cannot exist without their cellular devices. To learn different ways you can convince your parents to give you your phone back, read on! Parents need to be aware of the dangers and make sure they communicate and talk with their kids about the technology they use. There is no guarantee that you will get your phone returned within a day. I got attitude with my mom because I didn't want to go to my doctors appointment. In order for the loss of cell phone privileges to work, your child must lose privileges for all electronics. To create this article, 136 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. I got my phone taken away about 2 weeks ago just for acting up. I'm not allowed to facetime my friends without having a parent in the room and I can't have headphones in so they can always hear every word so I have no privacy.