Thanks for listening. I gave him my address and told him I hoped he would. I occasionally do things with a good friend I have had for years, but she is married and has her own life to live. I’m not quite as orphaned as you but I identify with you as I never had children. I’m scared too. I see the need for the clarity but I am struggling to reach. Everyone knew we were inseparable, now I am left out like a piece of garbage. God Bless, Sticky I’m in the process of selling our dream home. I hope and pray it is. Meanwhile the world goes on. I lost my first husband of 13 years in 2013 and remarried in Aug 2015, only to lose him after only 7 months of marriage. Whatever floats your boat. today i am more sad than usual but happy to be doing this. I have been lost without him. Hi Caroline, I read your text and identified with your feelings of being around other people. I understand what you mean about being loved so dearly by your husband and how hard it is to live without that love. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. Our kids do not live near me, they want me to move near one of them. I have children but they do not feel the pain I feel – their whole life is ahead of them. That is OK. Do nothing until you are SURE that you feel comfortable with what will happen, even if that takes several months or longer. For every verse you may find in the Bible saying there is no marriage in heaven, you will find one saying you will be reunited with your loved ones. I lost my husband suddenly 2 years ago and still can’t seem to move on. Dear Mary, People keep telling me how well I am doing – it doesn’t feel that way at all. Hello April, I have spent my life pleasing other people. I was an only child, my Mom passed three mos before my who husband suddenly became terminally ill. There is a Father in Heaven who comforts. Anyone can start a Meetup Group on their site. Hallucinations (or however we choose to define these experiences) have a wide range of “explanations”. But, I feel, numb . It seems I do not count because I have no children, or any support who would be by my side in this terrible moment. Remind yourself though that you WILL be okay. I hate being alone but I have been so busy selling houses and now here with my daughter she seems so into herself. Like your sweethearts, he was very special. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in Oct. 2016 and died Dec. 13th. Thanks everyone for listening and sharing our mutual grief!! I am truly lost, I cry constantly and hate the nights. I’ve had 5 total hip transplants – docs really screwed me up, bone spurs in left shoulder, right knee tendons messed up from displaced hip implants, so I am unemployable. Valerie, boy, do I know what your saying! He acted like I have a mental illness! I have two boys but they are too busy raising their familys. He did not abuse her physically, but was put downish and inconsiderate. I’ll be thinking of you, and praying that you have strength, and that we both get beyond the pain and smile rather than cry when we think of our beloveds. I have tried to go out and do things but I have panic attacks and have to get back home right away. Take care Helen and here is a big hug. And thank you ladies for your stores. Neglect a garden and it will die. Your loves are watching over you. Ladies, all of us feel the same way. I don’t even care anymore that I don’t care. My heart hurts for you. Doing an impossible (or so we thought) task, making the hard decisions that we always used to either discuss and discuss with our spouses, or just let them do it their way (or not! This life is fleeting compared to eternity. He was on high oxygen the entire 11 days and finally tapered down. I know this sounds almost silly in how simplistic this is. Take care of yourself! . I could just be a renter — but I always want to have big dogs, so that’s an issue. He went to work that morning, just like any other day, but never came home again. Sure, I have friends and family that love me…”it is NOT the same” I love all the great qualities that I shared in a relationship and truly want it again. The person that got you . I am trying to keep faith that there will be joy in my life again. She shares… Read More »Getting Through the Day When You’re a Grieving Widow. I think my biggest issue besides missing him is being afraid of being alone and what I will do if I get sick or hurt,etc. I leave outside lights on and the TV going if I go anywhere at night,and take ladies with me. He died at 54, I’m now 60. The past was wonderful but now everyday I face the unknown and I face it all alone. I have no one who can understand what I’m going through. There is no time limit. My heart is always lifted and comforted when I hear from women who are starting over again after their husbands died. )and I decided to STOP. My Mom hung on for about 6 weeks but my sweet husband only lasted 13 days. There is no one to inherit anything so everything I own will need to be “handled” (sold, donated, given to charity(ies). Of course- the older we get – the more loss we experience. He made me feel safe and loved. My three try to help when they can but they’re all busy young adults with their own families. It’s been 2.5 years since my husband passed away from cancer. Solemate is the key word he will be still will you, he will give you the strength to carrying on. Before the holidays started had the thought I’d like to skip them by jumping in bed and covering my head, Christmas is only six days away, wondering how I’ll get through it without crying at the drop of a hat?