Ubud was put on the map when as the spot where author Elizabeth Gilbert chose to end her Eat, Pray, Love journey. When's the last time you boated through a volcanic crater? Around the globe (and miles away from the stresses of your day-to-day life), these idyllic and serene locations are the perfect antidote for what ails you. This island, surrounded by the Andaman Sea, is known for its pristine white sand beaches, tranquil gem-toned waters, and cloudless blue skies. More than three-quarters of adults in the U.S. say they frequently experience symptoms of stress, and what better way to combat it than to travel to a beautiful, peaceful destination? This Study Says So, Japan Is Encouraging Remote Working From Its National Parks, Maldives Resort Seeks ‘Barefoot Bookseller’ for Its Island Bookshop, The 50 Best Places To Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020, Best Nude Beaches Around the World to Go Au Naturel, 7 of the Prettiest Villages in the Cotswolds, 7 Fascinating Facts About the Welsh Language, Olé! Lsantek/Getty Images, Credit: There's a gorgeous rooftop pool, while the villas' outdoor showers offer unimpeded views of the plains and waterholes, with the chance to spot giraffes and elephants roaming free. Cape Elizabeth, home to historic lighthouse Cape Elizabeth Lights (also known as Two Lights), is favored by those looking for a calm spot along the state's rocky coast . 14. Etihad Airways' Airbus A380 'First Apartment' features an armchair and a separate six-foot 10-inch bed. Courtesy of Saruni, Credit: It’s unsurprising that the town ranks … It’s not recommended for swimming, however, due to the strong undertow. Whitsunday Island is home to one of the world’s most beautiful secluded beaches, Whitehaven. Three-mile beach, officially known as Papohaku, sits at the island’s western end, is especially ideal. If you go north to Hill Inlet, you’ll see an mesmerizing swirl of white and blue, created by shifting sands and water. That scenery is incredibly inspiring while providing a sense of tranquility, perhaps in part because of its famous healing energy vortexes. Zach Watson Nov. 3, 2020. ... Whitsunday Island is home to one of the world’s most beautiful secluded beaches, Whitehaven. The coast of Maine in summer is a place of pure relaxation, with flags ruffling lightly in the breeze and the Atlantic swell slumping onto sandy beaches and rugged cliffs. This white sand beach is ideal for lounging in the sun, or for experienced surfers to catch some waves. Ridiculously … One of the largest of the Ionian Islands, its rugged but serene beaches are gorgeous enough to make anyone scrolling through your Instagram swoon with envy. 8. Intimate, community-minded, and affordable, hostels have exploded in popularity and really come a long way. The 100 Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Places in the World in Pictures (part 1) From majestic waterfalls , and lost cities, to mysterious landmarks and natural wonders, here is a collection of pictures which is worth to be looked on. Lose yourself among the limestone formations that make up China's Stone Forest and find greater peace in the process. ", © 2020 Galvanized Media. Offers may be subject to change without notice. This placid, island-filled 27-mile lake, located in the Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, offers stunning views of the lush vegetation the Scottish Highlands are known for. Travel + Leisure is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation Travel + Leisure Group All Rights Reserved, registered in the United States and other countries. Best of all, the walkways are well concealed, meaning each villa feels like a private bubble. Lose yourself in the gorgeous vineyards and captivating views of the Alps while you’re in this famous French region. When the sun is out on the riverside, it's hard to find anywhere more serene in this wonderful country. You can’t go wrong with any of these top relaxing options. Outside of the searing hot summer season, ideally in April, is the best time to visit, when tours take in the best wineries, with the option of eating and drinking al fresco without sweltering. Tais Policanti/Getty Images, Credit: The cafés that line the water all serve bia hoi, a fresh, light local beer that's brewed daily. There’s a busy pub street, but also quaint resorts to relax in. Zermatt may be most famous for its snow sports, but it offers a wonderful place to relax during the warmer months of the year with its car-free streets providing a carefree, laid-back feel while the Matterhorn offers a spectacular backdrop. ... this relaxing spa is world-renowned for its supposed healing powers. And, as they say, laughter is some of the best medicine – head to the nearby nature reserve of Monkey Forest Park and you can laugh along with the mischievous long-tailed macaques. By subscribing I agree to the terms Oct 23, 2019 Getty Images. Master the universe with these essential time-saving tips. Adults-only luxury resort Nayara Springs is home to a cluster of private luxury villas with views across lush rainforest to the smoldering peak of Arenal. There are countless resorts and luxury spas that aim to take advantage of that while bringing the relaxation factor even further after a day out hiking. Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. But it’s not all wine here. Travel + Leisure is part of the Travel + Leisure Group. Dermody. This white sand beach on Kauai's north shore is perfect for experienced surfers who find themselves at peace on the water, or anyone apt to lose themselves in the music of waves crashing on the shore. It is one of the holiest places in the Japan, and people often go there to revere its beautiful architecture, natural scenery, and historical significance. This Tibetan Buddhist monastery, founded in the 1400s, has been meticulously maintained over the years, offering beautiful views both inside and out, perfect for the contemplative traveler. With the world on pause and sheltered in place, now is the time to dream. The world is beautiful. It is also the link to the world wonder, Angkor Wat temple. Stanley Park covers 1,001 acres, making it larger than New York's Central Park. Courtesy Nelson Mouellic/Tourism Vancouver. Stroll scenic trails, and even visit a magnificent Caribbean-like beach complete with soft white sands and clear turquoise waters. Before her career in digital media, where she previously held roles such as Editor of Food&Wine Ireland, Sarah worked in the hospitality industry in Dublin and New York. A slow stroll here will leave even the most tightly wound visitor feeling calmer and more centered. Nordfjord, Norway. Sitting in the shade, glass in hand, watching the world go by, is every bit as relaxing as an afternoon on the town's long stretch of sand. 2. Seree Tansrisawat/Shutterstock, Credit: In the shadow of Armenia's Mount Ararat, this monastery, originally built in 643 A.D., is, without a doubt, one of the most peaceful places on earth. Join us on a 12-month journey to see them all, 10 hotels where you can commune with nature, 10 of the most photogenic volcanoes from Fuji to Etna. The pure white, silica sand and emerald waters make this place look almost too good to be true for travelers looking for some R&R. ... To get you inspired, here are some of the world's most beautiful beaches from South Beach to Sri Lanka. A Berber settlement named after the Sultan of the Jinns, an unmissable hulking white rock serves as a shrine for pilgrims from across Morocco looking to cure ailments and make offerings to Allah. And it’s quite possibly the perfect, relaxing vacation for lovers of the great outdoors. The Seychelles. Because getting to your destination shouldn't be so stressful. Standing 3,212 feet tall, Angel Falls is the tallest uninterrupted waterfall in the world. To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, click here to sign up for our FREE daily newsletter! 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