Jump to Recipe. 2 cups Sunwhite Jasmine/aromatic rice, rinsed and strained 600 g lamb meat, cut into chunks 2 onions, cut into cubes 2 tomatoes, cut into cubes 10 whole cloves Shape a small piece of foil to hold the charcoal. Mandi is popular in all Arab countries, and this is the easiest method to make it. Especially a young Lamb to enhance its flavour. https://www.linsfood.com/chicken-mandi-recipe-yemeni-chicken-rice This is probably the easiest preparation you’ll see of lamb Mandi, and it gives you great results- fluffy rice cooked at the same time as tender pull apart lamb shoulder, simple, just a little bit exotic and plenty delicious! Recipe modified from www.yasalamcooking.com. A traditional, and very easy, one pot spiced rice dish lamb popular in the Gulf area of the Middle East. Yemeni Chicken Mandi, is aromatic and delicious Yemeni dish. https://recipesaresimple.com/mandi-recipe-for-yemeni-chicken-and-fragrant-rice The combination of soft and tender meat with aromatic rice along with the Arabic style Tomato Chutney will make you fall in love with it. The Traditional Mutton/ Laham Mandi Recipe is prepared by roasting the mutton. Mutton Mandi or Mandi Lahm is a traditional Arabic meat and rice dish with its origin to be believed from Yemen. NOTE: YOU NEED 1 bukhoor coal. https://recipesaresimple.com/recipe/mutton-mandi-arabian-rice Recipe to come. This Recipe is prepared with delicious … Set it in the oven. Munaty Cooking – A food blog with tasty recipes. In Saudi this would traditionally be served with Salata Hara. Great recipe for Saudi Mandi. Add some oil then quickly add the hot charcoal and close the oven door for 5 min This dish will taste like it came from a pit or grill when finished. Sometimes Mandi is prepared using chicken, but the traditional Mandi dish consists of mutton or lamb.We also add Raisins, Almonds, Cashews and Nuts fried in Butter for garnishing to give that crispy crunch and flavour.. It is made all across the Middle East.