First install a screw approximately 5 feet above ground level. Congratulations – you have fixed your LiftMaster Keypad if it still doesn’t work then it may be that you have burnt out your circuit board in the keypad. These convenient keypads offer easy access to your garage without needing a key or remote control. If you have just purchased a Liftmaster keypad either for your home or your business, here are the six easy steps in setting it up so you can start using it: Ensure the opener is plugged in. Your LiftMaster keypad can be used to activate different devices such as wired-in receivers, garage door openers, commercial door openers, and gate operators. The screw should be installed so that the head is slightly away from the finish surface (1/8 inch). Explore wireless keypad entry systems from LiftMaster. Hang the remote keypad on that screw and slide it downward to lock. This is fairly unusual but not to worry, a new universal keypad can be bought for around $50.00 and is easy to install. Installing the keypad is very easy.