Or rather every emotion is on the same plane whether it’s a car advert or a pop song. but after, i see its about him letting himself down. Last update on Apr 19, 2020 by Pierpaolo Ceccherini in Radiohead, Transport, motorways and tramlines Starting and then stopping Taking off and landing The emptiest of feelings Disappointed people clinging on to bottles And when it comes it’s so so disappointing, Let down and hanging around Crushed like a bug in the ground Let down and hanging around, Shell smashed, juices flowing Wings twitch, legs are going Don’t get sentimental It always ends up drivel, One day I’m going to grow wings A chemical reaction Hysterical and useless Hysterical and, Let down again Let down again Let down again, You know, you know where you are with You know where you are with Floor collapsing Floating, bouncing back, And one day I am going to grow wings A chemical reaction Hysterical and useless Hysterical and. I especially related to the bit about the sofa and the lecturing, I got that all the time and now I find lounges cold and unwelcoming. Living in this new technology infused society. One of my favorite songs of all time. I grew up this way, I feel like I let myself down for not realising sooner that this was abuse. The inheritance let us finally buy a house. It’s about living as your families scapegoat, never being good enough to meet your parents expectations. let someone down easy phrase. The one that stands out is between NF and his father. I wish that I could say I'm proud. He sees his step towards destruction, but he has no power, grief, weakness, and repentance. You’re in a space, you are collecting all these impressions, but it all seems so vacant. also in Nate he says "find a time machine to take me back to when i was six" this show's he wants to go back in time to change his decisions in the past. The things that are completely unremarkable. var opts = { I'm sorry that I let you down. General CommentI can relate to this song. Yes hes talking about the relationship with his dad but at thd end the old man is nathan. Since admitting that it’s his own life experiences that inspire his music, what better way to get to know NF than to dissect some of his lyrics. What does let someone down easy expression mean? You don’t have control over the earth anymore. When something doesn't turn out how you wanted it to be, giving examples of animals etc. }; What if all the people who were drinking were hanging from the bottles… if the bottles were hung from the ceiling with string, and the floor caved in, and the only thing that kept everyone up was the bottles? The song is about him looking back at the things he did at the past and knows what he did was not up to the standards he wanted them to be it could be failing classes, making everyone dissapointed in you and lots more. I love it. This song is beautiful for a lot of reasons. Where things can be broken, change and come back to the start. The parents were the ones who were supposed to protect him. Let down and hanging around. He is burning from the guilt. Leave a comment or a different vision of the meaning of this song if you want. The lyrics of the song are mainly about NF’s relationship with his father and how he feels bad about disappointing him. people think at the end of the video its nathan because it says nathan but that might not be true. He has been let down a lot of times in life. When somebody let's you down. Forrest from Rochester, Mn Don't Let Me Down was not on Abbey Road, for the record. Feeling every emotion is fake. Arts and music are the basic elements that we as humans need to make something filled with value. Find the meaning of this beautiful song here below the lyrics. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. That didn't even happen it seems to like he is reflecting back on bad times after coming through them. Let you down. Maybe this power can thought that the bug don’t have value. The Avett Brothers - Down with the Shine - lyrics meaning; The Band - I Shall Be Released - lyrics meaning; The Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby - lyrics meaning; The Beach Boys - God Only Knows - lyrics meaning; The Beatles - A Day in the Life - lyrics meaning; The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby - lyrics meaning; The Beatles - Let It Be - lyrics meaning It's now known as one of the greatest pop duets of all time, but it already had a long history before that. I wish that I could shut them out. song: "Let You Down", He feels like he let his parents down. To give permission or opportunity to; allow: I let them borrow the car. They were supposed to be there. all these quotes are evidence the song let you down is about himself letting himself down. But here he realizes that his dream is just useless. document.write('
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