When you cream the butter and sugar together, you’re creating millions of tiny air pockets in the butter. . if the cake recipe (regardless of whether is is made from scratch or a box mix) calls for oil and you would like to substitute butter, I would recommend melting the butter so you have a liquid fat. Set that bowl to one side. I must have tested dozens of batches before I finally created the perfect chocolate chip cookie with oil. If you ever revisit this… Lighten up, no need to take what is obviously a light hearted message and joke and get all aggressive. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Refined oils typically have a higher smoke point to make them more versatile in the kitchen. Solid Butter to Canola Oil Conversion: 75% (1 cup butter = 3/4 cups oil) Sometimes you might be out of olive oil and need a good substitution Knowing what can and can not be substituted is an important skill to have on the fly whether you are a professional cook or an amateur cook. Make a well in the centre of the flour mixture then pour in the oil, egg yolks and water in that order. This includes baking. 1 tablespoon baking powder Your post is offensive, condescending, and rude. Let us know if you test the butter-for-oil substitution and how it turns out! Butter is approximately 80% fat and 16-17% water. Some fats, including olive oil, butter, and even lard or bacon fat, add a distinctive flavor in some recipes. Bake in a slow oven, 160C (320 degrees Fahrenheit) for 55-60 minutes. Peanut and almond butter can easily be spread onto toast or crackers. But I think it has to be a reason why most scratch ‘yellow/butter cakes’ are not as moist as box cakes. Not all fats are created equal…especially when it comes to baking, it makes a difference which fat you use and when you use it in the recipe. Because the smoke points are similar with both olive oil and vegetable oil, olive oil makes an excellent alternative. 1 1/2 cups 330g (11.64 ounces) sugar Over the last few years, a ketogenic diet has become mainstream with more and more people ditching the carbs and... Oil and Vinegar: Opposites Attract I can’t believe that person got so technical! I’m not covering the health aspects, but rather what you need to know for successful recipes. I have tried a few recipes using the 1 for 1 substitution of butter in place of oil and increased other moisture with water or small amt of applesauce, but the brownies/cake turned out dry and firm around the edges. Until you actually test the ratios that Heather provided [increase the butter by 1.25% and decrease the liquid by 16-17%], there is no way to predict what the final results will be in the cake or brownies. In any cake, the fat serves a few distinct purposes. While they’ve tasted ok so far, comments have been that they may be too sweet and NOT moist. First, butter makes a cake slightly moister, because it contains some water along with its fat. Can Cake Batter be Mixed Ahead and Baked Later? Thanks, Thank you for the most helpful info. I found however, (and I tested twice on each) that the melted butter gave a dryer crumb. Sesame oil is a very distinctive and flavorful oil. It can also provide richness and density in recipes, but it sets up very firmly and isn’t as easy to find in stores. Higher quality oils have better flavor profiles and will cost more. Try substituting one-fourth or half the butter with oil. Culinary Science, Recipes, and Cooking Tips. This is in reply to JBOY: It is not necessary to be so unpleasant and belligerent. I’m not going to debate or judge in terms of which oil is healthier, more socially responsible, etc. The NEXT question becomes: What form should the butter be in when substituting butter for oil? Substitute olive oil for butter in many recipes, including baking. With 15 years of experience working in restaurants, resorts, and a fully Red Seal Certified chef, The Culinary Cook shares tips, tricks, and recipes for everyone to enjoy. Arguably, the best and most obvious replacement for vegetable oil is butter. It might seem impossible, but you really can substitute oil for butter in almost any type of recipe. when I want something to spread, or for making certain recipes even more special. Before substituting oil for butter in a cake, cookie, or pie recipe, it's important to understand what each does and does not contribute to the outcome.