Mix to incorporate. Thanks. Decorate just before serving as your toppings will become soft over time. Set aside. Hey! Made these yesterdag, followed the recipe exactly as written and they were sooo good! Just made your biscoff rocky road recipe and your mint aero cheesecake big hit with the family your page is my fav by far ❤️ was just wondering my niece want’s a white chocolate kinder Bueno cheesecake could I just use the above recipe but use white chocolate buenos instead? Beat together your Butter and Sugar until light and fluffy. They’re always popular, and people always want more. x. I baked this recipe for my Daughters 18th during Lockdown, she doesn’t like normal cake, but loves brownies, cookies and especially Bueno, so it seemed fitting. I did think maybe I had overdone some of the chocolate on the sides, but after baking these for exactly 19 minutes, and leaving them to cool for half an hour or so they were SO GOOEY and oh my actual days. 250ml (1 Cup) Double Cream / Heavy Cream. Now she has an ice cream cheesecake . It was a real hit with family and friends. Hi Jane, I don’t have a square 9×9 tin, I do have square/rectangular glass Pyrex dishes would I be able to use these instead to bake in the oven? Hi Jane big succes! Cookie Bars are always a hit as well, but Kinder Bueno Cookie Bars?! No, as you whip the cream yourself with the icing sugar it will be fine. Add chopped Kinder Bueno bars then pour into the base and smooth out. I was wondering when you say Vanilla do you mean vanilla extract? I'd love to hear about it! Xx, Hey! As I’ve said before, the dryness of the cookie dough does not affect the bake. Could I swap the kinder Bueno bars for a hazelnut / chocolate spread like Nutella? Thank you! Hey! This whisking at the beginning is designed to break that down so it may not have been done for long enough! x, I’m struggling to find brown sugar, could I add extra granulated instead? I’m making some last minute cookie bar tomorrow for a friend’s baby shower. Tried it yesterday, LOVE! What could I do to ensure I’m not biting into pieces of sugar ?x. How could I make this into a white kinder bueno cheesecake? Copyright 2020 Kitchen Mason. Fold carefully with a spatula to keep the mousse fluffy, airy, and creamy! I usually say raw cookie dough is safe up to three months in the freezer! Also is it possible to over whisk at all? I made this today and as soon as I added the double cream in and started to whisk it looked like it was separating. I am using an electric whisk and just wondering if I am whisking it too much or too little? Can’t wait to make them I’m going to make them as normal cookies . I used to refer people to my Ferrero Rocher & Nutella No-Bake Cheesecake, because Ferrero and Kinder are actually quite similar nut wise, and flavour wise, so its easy enough to swap out the Ferrero Rocher, and put in the Kinder Bueno. So there’s a few things – is the hand whisk electric or not? Try to use a light touch so you don’t knock any air out of the cream. As someone who’s never made a cheesecake (tbh I barely bake/cook) it’s really easy. I made it yesterday but used 50% less fat Philadelphia as that’s all I could get my hands on and it was super runny from the get go. It’s not as awkward or messy as filling bun cases. , This recipe is a firm favourite in our household, so delicious! Can you tell me the best way to store it please to keep it fresh? You certainly don’t need to whisk for 5 minutes. I would use all brown sugar if you can, but you can for sure try the caster sugar! Add in the mixed together Dry Ingredients and mix until a really thick cookie dough is formed. My family and colleagues really enjoyed it. Hi Jane our cookies we’re more doughy if that’s the case shall we bake them for longer? Just wondering if the whipped cream would be runny. I’m very new to baking. Also I’ve made these before and they were so good I do them often and change the chocolates! I made a thicker base (purposely) so overall I winged a lot of the recipe. Thanks in advance. Omg I made these and they were really easy to make, I added all my chocolate even though it was a little tough to get it all in , payed off tho!!! (C) 2020 - Jane's Patisserie. . Do you think you could bake these in a foil try rather than a cake tin? The PERFECT No-Bake Kinder Bueno Cheesecake! So, I knew this recipe had to happen soon. Presenting today a cake inspired by one of my favorite childhood candy bars: Kinder Bueno Cake! Stir through the chocolate chips, chopped Kinder Buenos and Kinder Bueno chocolate. Is this likely due to under whisking after adding the double cream? Any suggestions? Dip the biscuits in the milk and place in a baking dish, alternating with layers of the chocolate-hazelnut cream, biscuits, and condensed milk mixture. Chill in the fridge for 4 hours to set. Hey Jane, the light brown sugar in this recipe. Instagram The only thing is I have made it a couple of times and it sinks when it comes out of the oven, could I be over whisking it? The cornflour is designed to be there for the texture (it makes it better) but you can substitute for 25g flour (but the texture may be different!). Many thanks in advance. I’ve just made these! Welcome to my blog! Xx. I personally, 250ml (1 Cup) Double Cream / Heavy Cream, cold, 400g (1 + 3/4 Cups) Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese, room temp. Cream cream cheese and unsalted butter with an electric mixer for 2 minutes, on medium-high speed. but which sugar did you use? I’m going to bake these this weekend and was just wondering if I only used the kinder chocolate and left out the bueno, would I need to increase the amount of kinder chocolate? Preheat your oven to 180C/160C Fan, and line four 8"/20cm cake tins with parchment paper. I’m making this for my best friends birthday this coming week. Pour your filling into the base and smooth out. The temp should be the same – timings will increase but not too much longer, maybe 4-5 minutes? (By the way I ended up getting 15 slices as I put the cheesecake in a long rectangle clear glass dish.) I’m Jane, a food writer, photographer and blogger. ❤️ Chocolate Chip or t, Ferrero Rocher & Nutella No-Bake Cheesecake, No-Bake Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cheesecake, these Kinder Chocolate Bars for reference, Top Recipes of 2019 + other bloggers' top recipes! X, Hi! It looks stunning, is filled to the brim with Kinder flavour (just like my Kinder Bueno brownies) and guess what? It should be okay for that size tin, but may take slightly less time as it will be thinner! Soft centred chocolates are better frozen before using though! Any tips? Hi, You can’t, they’re there for flavour but the mixture will naturally make them soft. I'm also partial to homewares, lifestyle posts and more! Yes it will be – the volume difference between tins can vary greatly so it will take longer to bake! I hope you enjoy your day, thanks for reading my blog! I make this for every bake sale or event. I would just normally do a straight swap but maybe also add in some xantham gum? Feel free to rewarm in the microwave briefly for gooey bars. I try to make my recipes as easy as possible to follow, but we are all human and we all make mistakes.