I blame ubi's higher ups collectively for chasing off all the creatives that gave birth to the lore and story of the franchise with their endless greed and pumping out game after game with no regard to consistency. Kronos' Punishment modifies Call to Arms, and creates a clone of you to stealth-attack your enemies before vanishing. Maybe Odyssey should've chosen that too, but again, I commend Quebec for at least trying. But the way it ended up, Protag went through 3 episodes of bullshit to learn that power bad, don't lead. The idea that the simulation was half memories was a nice twist. At the beginning he says “you don’t need to use your spear here” Well, say that to all the fucking Isu guards I was forced to kill. people shitting on Ubi Quebec in specific need to realize that this is the byproduct of Ubi's extremely sloppy, directionless handling of the franchise ever since AC3. Seconds after the destruction of the mythical city, we're back in the main map (Atlantis' lobby) to get some answers from Aletheia, which is cool I guess, it's a wrap up, then thrown back into present day for a fight that lasts 6 hits, small cutscene ensue... After which we're teleported back on Kephallonia and this is it. Legacy of the First blade started well but it went downhill fast because of the badly written and forced romance, the uninteresting narratives and the fact the whole thing was an insurance for our character's legacy in disguise. Create an Assassin mace, for example, and you'll be able to spread the damage from your stealth attacks to any nearby enemies, which makes Rush Assassinations incredibly deadly against close-knit groups. This completes the quest "Rightfully Yours" by getting all the armor pieces of Dikastes's Armor set all over in Atlantis. What happened to this series? Individually, Judgment of Atlantis is the strongest part of that package, so it goes out on a high note. The Fate of Atlantis – Episode 3: Judgment of Atlantis is the third and final of three downloadable content packs in The Fate of Atlantis DLC for Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. Discovering ancient, powerful artifacts and raiding temples with (not so reckless) abandon seem the best path to achieving Isu enlightenment. “Be my hand in laying and enforcing judgment in Atlantis,” Poseidon beseeches you. Or the geology was so different back then that it just is? As a whole package, The Fate of Atlantis is a nicely sized DLC package that could stand alone as a spin-off. AC Odyssey - All Dikastes Armor Set Parts - Judgment of Atlantis - Episode 3 Assassins Creed Odyssey - All Dikastes Armor Sets Part Locations - Atlantis Trial - Episode 3 shows where to find all Dikastes Armor Sets, All Polemarchs Locations, and Dikastes Armor Showcase at Atlantis Destiny, Episode 3 - Trial of Atlantis Timeline: 1. The DLC also sees the player finally utilizing their Isu genetics to their advantage. The new armor we unlock is also simply a retexture of the default Mercenary set. The thing that bugs me the most is that this all seems pointless. Atlantis started strong too, Elysium was a great first step, albeit a confusing story, but the whole "simulation" idea, the fact we just ported from one world to the next while being mixed in some kind of weird Greek Gods operas slowly threw the whole thing downhill too. As a human-Isu hybrid, you're seen as a living attempt to achieve that balance – and so you've been appointed Dikastes, a ruler-judge who answers only to Atlantis' leader, Poseidon. It wraps up the storyline well, and does a good job of connecting to the overall Assassin’s Creed story. And I find this just so very funny because I actually gave episode 2 good marks for writing in a vacuum but a fail in the actual MD/Sci-fi bits. Heroes can improve upon three existing skills by locating Keeper’s Insight tablets across Atlantis. We get two unique armor sets with the first two episodes but the last one is a reskin? They can not only launch powerful area-of-effect beam attacks, but also fire beams directly at your hero. The pacing and content suffered a lot because of it and as such none of the episode lived up to my expectations imo. Fortunately, this DLC also comes with an impressive set of new abilities that your hero can use to his or her advantage. The cooldown only lasts a minute, so anyone and everyone playing Judgment of Atlantis should seek out this armor. The final act of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is here. That ending was garbage. Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Guides and features hub, Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Unique raiding crew companions guide, Blankos Block Party private beta impressions — Mint condition. In Judgment of Atlantis, your hero is immersed in the legendary city, which lives up to the hype that Odyssey has been generating for it. Nothing seems different. At the end of the game, Protag is exactly the same as they were going in. The Fate of Atlantis – Episode 3: Judgment of Atlantis ), you can even miss these revelations if you don't make the right choice during a quest btw... And we went through all of this to get some lecture about the duty of the Keeper, we simply accept our role, destroy the city and move on. Underground? Between Layla and Aletheia's rushed and frankly comedic exposition phase to get into the simulation as well as the immediate crowbarring of your role as "vigilante rent boy/girl", the writing quality enters a whole new low for the franchise. This will play out by confronting some of the power-hungry leaders of Atlantis and unmasking a myriad of corrupt schemes. Between a dagger, spear, or mace, heroes can only forge these powerful legendary weapons after they locate the adamant ingots required to make them. Are you looking forward to the final chapter in Odyssey? I feel like if the abilities actually showed you using the staff instead of the spear of Leonidas, or you got on upgraded Staff with more perks, or ANYTHING to show the staff itself having more power and being a better tool for Protag, then this would have worked. Another new addition on top of abilities and baddies is new gear and weaponry to be had. Like you can just explain that killing your friend and an important part of a serious mission was an accident and everyone should buy into it. Glad to see that Elysium/hades actually existed which confirms the greecian peoples beliefs. I mean, can you really expect consistency when there's multiple studios working on multiple AC games at the same time? I just finished the episode a few minutes ago. By finding Keeper's Insight tablets, you can enhance three of your existing skills to become something completely different. AnvilNext 2.0 Make your decision wisely, however, because you can only create each weapon once. There's a lot to unpack here. Do I have to collect all the 3 weapons and get the final Dikastes armor before the ending? As previously reported,  the final episode of the Fate of Atlantis DLC drops tomorrow, July 16. She's cocky, arrogant, and irrational and now it's gotten her best friend dead and she can't even admit to herself she's gone too far. These ingots are peppered across the city and will require some determination to acquire. Origins simply chose the "try hardest to ignore its existance" angle. The new armor we unlock is also simply a retexture of the default Mercenary set. A really big meh. You'll need to solve ethical dilemmas and settle disputes between citizens, as well as investigate forbidden research – and as if that weren't enough, someone's gone and set a werewolf loose in the streets. Acquiring it won’t prove easy, however, as you must take out some pretty tough targets. For their credit, they actually brought Juno back after the insult of completely removing her from the games despite her return being set up across several games. So all of this has been pointless! They've been able to push new armor meshes once a month for an entire year but couldn't deliver the same for the big finale. Next gen AC will have a new protagonist. Once you start with the Atlantis DLC at Level 52, you need to locate and unlock these Legendary items. Action-adventure It's a pretty great game in terms of mechanics and whatnot.But the story... main quest is okay, some side quests great, first DLC feels forced, and the second DLC feels pointless. Prepare for a tough boss fights surrounded with a lot of enemies during this endeavour. Between their teleportation, high damage resistance and magic abilities, Commanders will be a handful to players. These new abilities are a major gamechanger in your quest for enlightenment and judgment. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a major home run from Ubisoft. Ubisoft Québec “Oh darn!” *steals it back. All Rights Reserved. Whether it’s a powerful mace, slick dagger, or distance-closing spear, the new Atlantis weapons are well worth the hunt. The Isu Commander armor variant should have been the template instead given its signifiance with Origins. There are waterways that go through the city’s outer rings like spokes of a wheel. I’m probably not playing the DLC so I don’t mind spoilers - mind sharing what she’s up to and why you hate her? a legendary armor set in Judgement of Atlantis, have a familiar look but a must have for its overall attributes. Thankfully for players, new enemies aren’t the only addition this expansion offers.