So if you’re lucky enough to be in Japan or a city with Izakaya venues be sure to check them out. Their rich oceanic flavour reminds me of being on the beach in the Hebrides when I was little. Serve them as a canapé or snack before a dinner party. Continue reading “Smoked hummus”, Soft, pillowy and slightly sweet, steamed buns are a joy to eat. Thin spinach omelette (tamago), folded then sliced. If you’re not serving the canapés immediately save the dipping sauce until right before you serve, cover the canapés and keep them in the fridge. It looks a bit gross but bear with me on this one. Wash and eat raw or lightly boil for a minute or two. Maybe stir in some shredded nori seaweed or furikake at the last minute. I am still of the opinion that such a faith would be advantageous to all who believed. Continue reading “Simple spiced cauliflower fritters”, This is my version of a canapé I had in a restaurant ages ago. When it comes to texture, is there anything better than deep frying? Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Healthy . Thank you Italy for taking us, once again, to the next level. This flavour-packed canapé recipe for anchovy and canellini bean crostini by Lupins restaurant is dead easy to make at home. Perfect as a starter, served with barbeque food or just as a light bite at any time of the day, one slice is never enough. Continue reading “Beetroot, walnut and goats’ cheese arancini”, A good sausage roll should bring a smile to one’s face and have a very moreish quality: one should never be enough! Continue reading “Christmas stuffing sausage rolls”, This modest offering ranks as one of my favourite meat-free dishes: packed with flavour and made in moments, it is very much one of my go-to snacks. Christmas and New Year are approaching fast - the holiday season. Continue reading “Smoked mackerel pastry rolls”, Shatteringly crisp smoky batter with beautifully soft courgettes within, this is a seriously tasty snack. The Pietro brothers' Tomato and fennel purée recipe makes a delicate vegetable canapé which showcases two of Italy's most beloved vegetables, and can be a fantastic vegetarian offering if the gelatine is substituted for a meat-free alternative. I then wok-fried some mustard seeds and threw in the noodle-nut mixture when the seeds started to pop. Put the white flesh into the freezer for about 40 minutes. I love scallops. I stirred quickly, chucked in some curry leaves, a teaspoon of curry power, a sprinkle of salt and a grind of black pepper then stirred it quickly to mix it all up. Prepared in advance and it’s very easy to assemble during drink o’clock. The atmosphere was also really fun – relaxed and friendly, I made several new friends from Europe and Japan. They were dead easy. Calgary in Alberta has since grown to a much larger size than the original! And some cherry sherbet. Dips make perfect, easy party food to serve with crudités and warm pittas 25 mins . Here is my weekend cure: a classic gin martini with a twist of lemon. I particularly like the colour contrast of these two. I also made my own Bombay mix to go with it. ”[My mum] made hundreds at a time and we lived off them in many forms for days: cold as part of a spread with chrain (a spicy beetroot and horseradish relish) on the side; hot with chips and salad; or straight from the fridge, popped into the mouth like sweets.” – Emma Spritzer, ''Fruit adds a pleasingly sweet note to the filling of these sausage rolls. Continue reading “Brie scones with bacon jam”, I love scotch eggs but I don’t make them often enough. Skewers are easy. Chop the ingredients (tofu and spring onions above), thread onto wooden skewers, brush with oil and maybe some salt, pepper or a sauce/glaze of your choice. 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They are also very easy and as customisable as you want. The affogato (which means ‘drowned’) combines ice cream drenched in an espresso, in this case served perfectly in a martini glass. Inspired by a combination of Japanese makizushi rolls and a traditional British snack I made a triple-decker cucumber sandwich using the seaweed butter and a smear of wasabi, then cut it into small squares to serve with some martinis. What could be easier than olives and cheese-stuffed peppers that you picked up at the shops on the way home? Continue reading “Bean burgers & “falafelesques””, Crispy, with a hint of spices and bursting with flavour, these pancake rolls/spring rolls are easy to make. I usually like them served as simple as they come. Category: Savoury nibbles & canapés Bean burgers & “falafelesques” A rustic recipe, but no less tasty for its homeliness I think, the mixture, using butterbeans as the key protein, is great whether shaped as burgers or into balls as a homage to falafels. emilia jane photography has uploaded 6493 photos to Flickr. Who knows. Here are some mussels in a garlic-cream sauce with chunky hunks of bread. These are simple, but highly effective little savoury bites: light choux pastry, flavoured subtly with cheese and mustard, and filled with a simple fresh white crab meat sauce.