It's a cesspool. His words – ‘That’s saved me enough to pay for all the beers I’ve brought you’. You can have a go yourself at the always-entertaining open mic night at The Belvedere, which allows for songs, comedy and spoken word. From the street of flags to the Purbeck Hills, this is one Instagrammable little town. The only place in Auckland that would really count as dangerous is the seaward end of Queen Street and the seafront area, after about 10 o’clock at night, when there are drunk people inclined to get into fights. Plenty of outdoor activities - waterfront, boating, kayaking, beaches, several parks including Great Esker Park on the Back River. My family live in Weymouth, and it’s always lovely to visit. There are also many legacies from the 2012 Olympic Games. 5. ... One of the 'characters' of Weymouth between the First and Second World Wars was 'Surgeram' Shorey, a burly man with the red cheeked countenance of a D... more details. Weymouth is a proud city. Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door, The White Horse and The Cerne Abbas Giant are all well worth a visit. The house there can be very close together at times, as they were typically old cottages. The town is well connected with several road links. The blight laws are a joke, and a never enforced (e.g. It has a bad reputation among the South Shore, but the community is great. there's a boarded up gas station that's been there for years w/a rotting, falling over fence and the town's done nothing to see the property improved upon). Annual ranking of the best places to live in the U.S. by MONEY Magazine. Get on a bus and head to the Isle of Portland. Road A354 and the railway line connect it to London and Waterloo. Parts of Weymouth are right on the water. It’s even better for girls at 86.6 years – almost four years longer than the national average. I recommend you don’t move here. But here are eight reasons why you should stay on and enjoy the Jurassic Coast. See the top 100 best places to live, plus an online-only database with statistics for more than 1,800 U.S. towns. However, you might walk away with quite a bit, which will need to be eaten on the day if you want to enjoy it as it’s freshest. The daily lifestyle email from You never see anyone that doesn’t help out here everyone’s doing something to better the town more than themselves. The mall is moderately close too. Very peaceful and not cluttered with all the traffic of being in the city. Depending upon the localized area in which you live, these issues with limited sidewalks, few bike lanes, and generally poor driving can either be minor or major parts of your overall living experience. A lot of Olympics price speculation, so wait a bit till Weymouth is back to being Weymouth. On average boys born in the county can expect to live to 82.9 years. It is close to Boston yet far enough away that you are not bothered by a city life. Trump moves step closer to conceding election but admits it will be 'extremely hard', Girl, 7, 'killed by stranger while scooting towards mother in park', Chris Whitty slaps down Boris's suggestion areas might go down a tier, Woman smashes up Aldi alcohol aisle smashing 500 bottles in five minutes. It is unique in that there is a huge sense of community and development. In addition, with the safety, a random stranger tried to get my Mom to get in his car when she was on a walk. Weymouth is a nice suburb of Boston. A friend of mine came down for a visit, and ended up buying a beautiful 6′ mirror made from driftwood for only £60. As the local darts team’s motto says – keeping Portland weird. Close to Boston. Well connected? It’s warm and friendly enough for the sun-seekers to park in the harbour, and is a wonderful place to come if you want to enjoy a holiday at a reasonable price. The bus routes don't make the most sense a bit of the time. Location is perfect, right near the beach as well as Boston. Weymouth is well connected with good road links from the A354 and buses and a railway station that connects with London Waterloo. Isle of Portland - Where hope goes to die However, it does have some minor issues surrounding safety and walkability. There are three commuter rail stops in town that make public transportation to Boston fast and easy. Public schools aren’t that good. We are also close to Cape Cod which is a beautiful getaway for locals as well as tourists. It's not huge, but the care of sidewalks and stuff is not the best. Weymouth is generally nice and quiet. Weymouth is a suburb of Boston with a population of 56,384.