That saves you detergent and water. Most of the IFB washing machines (both front and top loading) come with 3D wash system. Along with that, it will also sanitize the clothes and eliminate any detergent residue. This feature allows you to add or remove laundry items by pausing the washer in the middle of an ongoing wash cycle. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Machine. The water movement ensures that the fibre of the clothes doesn’t get caught in the drum or drum holes. This technology consists of an aqua filter that breaks down the bicarbonates in hard water into tiny crystals. In that case, you have to wait for the long washing process to finish. Also, due to the prolonged use of hard water, the white layers of residue begin to accumulate in the drum and the supply pipe. This will prevent any changes in wash cycle even kids access the control panel. Latest IFB washing machines come with voltage fluctuation protection. The machine does all the work automatically. You should definitely buy a fully automatic washing machine if your budget allows. The product comes with a Child Lock function that you can use to disable the control panel of the washer. So without much delay let’s look into its features in detail. When it comes to rinsing stage, this feature will ensure deep penetration of fresh water to remove all the detergent traces, thereby providing clean finish. This technology ensures that the clothes are evenly soaked and the detergent penetrates deep into the fabric. IFB is a premium world-class washing machine brand. IFB Industries — Fully automatic front loading, washing machine make:ifb, model : senorita aqua sx 6.6kg 1000 rpm, sl.No. Suppose your child had sports at school. The modern IFB washing machine comes with a memory utility that saves all custom washing settings. Their front loaders are the least power consuming and save a lot of water as well. Besides, You don’t need to worry about damage to your clothes either. One of the main features of a good washing machine is that it will wash away the sticky stains from your laundry items but will not treat the clothes harshly. When the power returns, it resumes where it had paused. Firstly, it is tough to dissolve the detergent in hard water. Unlike some of the other washing machines around its price range that put away durability to focus on power, this one comes with a very sturdy design. In this situation, Laundry Add comes in handy. This Crescent Moon-shaped drum is designed in such a way that it protects your laundry items from being rubbed against drum wall. Latest IFB washing machines are equipped with memory feature which will save the wash settings. Magazine has a reliability survey for washing machines and found that Neff, Zanussi, Bosch, Miele and Siemens came out on top when it came to reliability. IFB washing machines come with active foam control system which detects any excess foam formation and adds more water to dilute it and pump the diluted foam out. 3D wash system means the washing machine will have 3 nozzles (4 nozzles in case of 4D wash system) for spraying water into the drum while it is rotating in 360 degrees. The product comes with 14 different types of wash programs that are designed depending on the variety of stains and fabrics. This is an ideal washing machine from IFB that is Fully automatic Washing Machine tailor-made for the Indian households. Besides, the clothes also go through a pre-wash, which takes care of the dirtiest ones before the main wash. That allows the washer to focus on the toughest spots and therefore get rid of every stained area. That ensures that your laundry items don’t rub against the drum wall during washing and protects your favourite garments from being damaged. The delay feature lets you customize the wash cycle for 30 minutes to 24 hours. Excessive detergent or using inappropriate detergent can lead to too much foam in a wash cycle. There are basically two types of washing machines, fully automatic and semi-automatic. To maintain the life of washing machine, it is important to maintain it in good condition. Many people are hesitant about full automatic vs semi-automatic washing machine. And with actual wash cycle, you will get cleaner finish. So your clothes are not damaged in any way. Our list starts with Senator Aqua SX. However, they do produce exceptional ones in other categories as well. This feature is helpful if you live in a locality where you xperiences lot of power cuts. This feature is designed to create several air bubbles during the wash so that they can penetrate the detergent into the cloth fibers and remove the stubborn dirt. In most parts of India, power cuts and voltage fluctuations are pretty normal. The washing machine does this by using a unique feature aptly called Aqua Energie. Crescent Moon Drum is one of the notable features of this product. As a result, your laundry becomes clean from the inside. Besides, the dynamic movement of the drum helps to perform this task more efficiently. If you’re looking for a high quality fully automatic washing machine, then you can choose IFB. It has an excellent washing system that includes 3D washing, foam control system and aqua energie. So, all the detergent you added will be used for washing clothes without any unnecessary wastage. Our IFB washing machine review remains incomplete if we do not talk about child lock.