I’m 20 and my mom past away 02 months ago as this made my cry MAA miss and really its very difficult for me to survive now. Thanks for this! You’ll miss her when you’ve had a bad day and you know that her embrace is the only one that can save you. We were lucky. I have a friend who lost her mom. Move forward and make your today a better tomorrow. I often cry just at the sight of her photo because I miss her that much. They live on through us. The feeling of hurt will never fully go away, but that’s ok. She’s worth that and much more. Let them live on through you in the love you share in the world. The recipe part is so apt. tools. You’ll miss her when something great happens and she is the first person you want to call but you know if you tried, it wouldn’t be her voice on the other end. I guess I’ll have to live with it. I will always love you, Mom. I feel m left alone in this big bad world. I ask myself “What would my mom do?” and I strive to use the same dignity and grace that she always did. Through the things they left behind and the memories they have made. I said my goodbyes then I left. To know she can walk and talk freely now, makes my heart happy. I feel like it’s hard to breathe. Losing a mother is one of the most devastating things in the world. It is 01.40 in the morning, I’m 56 years of age, my mum died 29th August 2016 and I feel like a child desperate for her mum, even though she died 4 years ago, I just want to hug her. She passed away on September 24, 2018. Just lost both my parents last year and I’m 18, I feel you I dont know how I’ve made it this long. Sounds like you all had some amazing mothers. Her love is still felt. I still cant recover from the shock that she died in front of me due to massive heart attack followed by cardiac arrest and I couldnt do anything to save her. When her mom passed away Jenna’s world was crushed, but she found treasures she left behind that told a story of a mother's undying love for her children. I thought I have a lot of time ahead to learn all that then why waste time now. I have those exact same feeling about my mom who died just over a month ago.. Being an only child and being so close has made things much more difficult. stuck here to live. You’ll miss her when you no longer get to talk to her five times a day. I think I used that money to buy pop and chips, but I don’t really know. She had various medical issues, and was told by doctors to never have children, so she had 7. You’ll miss her when you see older women who were lucky enough to live their life that long and you’ll wonder why you mom wasn’t able to. This totally explains why those in longer relationships may feel less emotionally shook by being away from the one they love, as opposed to the panic you've likely felt when a new partner is out of reach for the first time. I miss her so much some days that it pains my heart. You’ll miss her on the holidays and you’ll miss her on her birthday when you realize that another year has passed. No more anguish. After all, distance does make the heart grow fonder. I was there for her wake, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go inside the church for her funeral. So I know time is what it takes to feel remotely better. I have more moments (not days) that I can find comfort in that possibility. It's totally normal to miss your partner, but it's nice to know that there's a scientific reason behind why it feels so icky. You’ll always miss your mom but there are moments in life when you just miss her a little more than usual. My mom died 22 years ago, when I was 21. You’ll miss her when you need her advice. I was going to see my father after a fight with my brother, I was so angry. Thanks for posting this. Thank you for writing this.. She is free. Or that my little girl will never know the amazing woman that was my mother. Its almost impossible to live without her. It is hitting me the most because of Dr. Pava saving my life with a shunt he put in me. I miss our times together but I know she’s with me everyday, as she leaves me signs. There are so many things that remind me of my mom. View all posts by JustJennaRose. I moved from our home in CA a year after his death because of no relatives there. I hate to live with this fact that she is no more. Her birthday was actually pretty recent, only a few days ago. I have struggled a lot with the notion of the “afterlife” and “heaven,” and wondering what/how my mom and my brother and my daughter’s father (all passed away within a few years of each other) are doing? I’m not the only one with a broken heart——losing those you love is painful, and yes, the memories can be good and bad, but the void cannot be filled, remember how much love there was and still is, it will help…….Terri Logan. Try to remember you're not alone — thousands of people have to deal with distance in their relationships at some point or another.