Let me know if you ever need anything.”, 47. “ By staying on our website you agree to our use of cookies . Category :messages for proud people, – “I feel you act dominated by pride, although I try very hard to put aside that feeling. You will not get any good that way, I feel very sad because one day life will treat you so badly that you will regret, but it … “Don’t forget to kick butt today! You are such a joy to me, and I look forward to growing old with you. Not only are you my colleague, but you are my mentor and friend. Your Mischievous Pranks Would Irritate The Hell Out Of Me. Love you so much!”, 43. Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you during this difficult time.”, 46. “Hey, kiddo. Love you and can’t wait to see you soon.”, 22. Here are a few ideas. Category :messages for proud people, – “Every time you full of pride you cause much suffering to the people who love you and especially to yourself. For more tips on writing and connecting with loved ones, check out Cake’s resources on. “I thought of our [inside joke] the other day at work and tried to explain it to everyone. I'm so proud of you, [insert cute nickname here]. Linked In. Thank God and enjoy what you have while it lasts. Even if you can’t run to the aid of a sick loved one, sending genuine get well wishes will likely be appreciated just as much if not even more. When it comes to letting your partner or spouse feel seen and appreciated, it often comes down to the little things. You deserve it!”, 8. “Hey, bum. Acting that way all they do is stay completely alone. In the meantime, I’ll be praying for you! “I can’t wait to see you over the holidays this year! I miss the fact that I couldn’t see you roll your eyes when you read this. Mark my words. “ I hope you’re catching up on some shows and movies. Category :messages for proud people, – “You have so arrogant and cloudy eyes. You have achieved so much, and I know that you’re only going to be achieving even more. “You’re amazing, smart, funny, kind, and so much more. Love you and can’t wait to see you soon.” 22. Thank you for existing. Thanks for everything.”, 51. Sending a short, caring message can easily make their day. “Drive safe! Below, we’ve outlined some message ideas for your friends, family members, your partner or spouse, a sick loved one, as well as sympathy messages to include with flowers or a card. I appreciate all you do so much.”. “ We were in the good ol’ days. 1) You have persevered through hardship and heartache with nothing but that beautiful smile on your face. My work can suffer, I don’t care. “ You can now use Cake to create, store, and share all your end-of-life documents. Stay safe while still coming together to support one another and honor your loved one. This is the portion of the card where you can share a special message. “Hey, I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you — hope you feel better soon! I’ll be thinking of you and praying for you. Love you so much!”, 18. Cookies policy, click the link for more information.plugin cookies, Christmas greetings | Love messages | Birthday greetings, – “The world turns and gives us many surprises. “You’re cute. Miss you tons!”, 3. I have a pretty small face in general, so I prefer having my homemade ones so they fit better. “Miss you! I want you to open your heart and let only good feelings flow. The person you loved so much was is not longer by your side because you did not value her feelings. I miss you, and wanted to let you know I think about you all the time.”, 49. “You know that thing about “You won’t know they’re the good ol’ days till they’re gone”? “My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. I hope you get well soon, I love you!”, 35. Thank you for being there for me. More often than not, the recipient of your message really needed to hear it and will be pleasantly surprised to hear from you. I love you, and hope we can catch up soon.”, 5. ‘Thinking of You’ Messages for a Friend Friends may come and go. “ Love you.”, 19. Kidding. Here are some you might use. Flowers and accompanying messages can be plenty happy, too. Category :messages for proud people, – “You preferred fill your heart with pride than with love. “, – “Do not fight for the love of someone simply because you are full of pride is the worst that can happen. You may still care deeply about a friend from your past, but you hardly ever see him or her. Your recent professional advances have only made me prouder to call you a friend. I’m letting you know I’m thinking of you and love you (yada, yada) and I hope things aren’t too crazy right now. “ Hope the traffic by you isn’t too bad today. I’ve been thinking of you. You have such beautiful strength, and I know you’ll use it wisely.”, 54. “Even though it is not a surprise to see you succeed, we are impressed and proud of you. 38. Category :messages for proud people, Image courtesy of “stockimages” / FreeDigitalPhotos.net. I’m so proud of you. Your loved one will understand that you can’t drop everything to be with them, and it’s the thought behind your message that counts. Sending notes along with flowers or a card may not have to be a sad occasion, such as condolences, a death anniversary, or a funeral. I know you’ll emerge that much stronger and braver. Living that way makes you very unhappy. “I miss your face. I never say this as much as I should, but I hope you know that I am proud of you. I really hope all is well. Yeah. Hope you have a great day!”, 50.