For other versions of Ubuntu Desktop including torrents, the network installer, a list of local mirrors, and past releases see our alternative downloads. Hope this fixes the issue with Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 and Ubuntu 17.10. Alternative 1: If the above solution did not work for you, try removing everything from config using the command below. The icon will change its appearance and text label to look like you’d expect it to, and LibreOffice Writer will be launched. So, for the sake of being thorough, ensure you’re application launches and runs correctly when you start it manually. Now you can use this pretty looking and custom made icon theme on your Linux desktop environment. Open Files (Nautilus file browser) and navigate to Other Locations -> Computer -> usr -> share -> applications. The desktop icon will take on its true appearance, and the application will be launched. A prototype GNOME Shell extension has been built that fills the gap nicely, showing app shortcuts, folders and files appear on the desktop as normal (albeit with a few organisational limitations). The “Exec” entry is the path to the binary executable. Method 1. There are many available GTK and icon themes which you can easily apply and transform your daily driver desktop to a different look without losing performance and productivity. Our entry needs to be “false”. There are two ways through which you can change size of icons in your Ubuntu Linux desktop. From here, go to the directory usr -> share -> applications. The shortcut files... 2. For the past few releases, it has been difficult to add files on the desktop screen in Ubuntu’s default GNOME desktop. There is no need of putting files on the desktop when you can easily search for it in the menu. Note that in Ubuntu 19.10, the desktop icon settings are under the Extensions settings, so click the “Extensions” entry in the left-hand pane. RELATED: How to Install Software Using Git on Linux. Search more than 600,000 icons for Web & Desktop here. To make this possible you’ll need to use GNOME Tweaks to change a setting. The Ubuntu desktop offers powerful customization options in terms of desktop icons, the appearance of the applications, cursor and, the desktop view. Download these best icons for Ubuntu 19.10 Desktop. Click the “Show icons” slider button to allow desktop icons. The first method is pretty straight-forward. Then you should unzip them to a directory, which is available on the Internet. The free images are pixel perfect to fit your design and available in both png and vector. If this doesn’t works: Right click on the Desktop and select “Open terminal here.” By pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1 and log in Now run the command “DISPLAY=:0 ccsm &” … Create desktop shortcut launcher manually After a circular icon theme with lashings of color? MATE. The Unity desktop—the interface you'll see when you first start your Ubuntu-powered computer—contains three parts: Main Desktop: The main part of your screen with your wallpaper and the icons you want such as app shortcuts, folders, and random files Two Clicks Away. Often (like in this case) functionality that was available in earlier versions, but that they purposefully decided to remove. After that, select the “Icon size” tab, and choose “Tiny.” This option will significantly shrink the size of icons on the desktop. first of all… drag & drop!! For example , here we are creating a shortcut for Eclipse then we clicked on the Browser and selected the … To use this method you will need compizconfig-settings-manager to be installed on Ubuntu. We can see there is an icon called “ip_gc_icon.png” in the application directory, and we’ll use that. The new icons will appear in the appearance preferences. It’s the type of thing that gives them the impression that getting anywhere with Linux is going to be a long hard slog. To install run the command “sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager” If CCSM is already installed, follow the steps given below: Open a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T. There drag and drop any application shortcut to the desktop. 2 ; Ubuntu – How to screen record to GIF. Handpicked 10 best icons themes for Ubuntu; including Ubuntu flat icons, flat remix icons and paper icon theme. gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.desktop trash-icon-visible false. 4 ; Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop – How to change launcher icon order Your choice of font. The icon will look different in Ubuntu 19.10. Launch Files, and click on “Other locations” in the left-hand pane. Desktop Folder is a program that you can install in Gnome Shell to restore desktop icons. Other Packages Related to gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons If I right-click on the desktop icon (firefox.desktop) there is no “Allow Launching” menu choice. The shortcut files of most installed applications are there. Numix. 2. Search more than 600,000 icons for Web & Desktop here. Obviously, we want our entry to be “Application”. First, open Gnome Tweaks (if not available, install it via Ubuntu Software) and navigate to Desktop tab and enable ‘Show icons’ on desktop. Icons, flat remix icons and files on the bright side a system corruption, look for “. It is is a text file with the appropriate details listed in it may contain affiliate,! Disco not having desktop icons should be reported against files ( Ubuntu bug nautilus ) because files is still 3.26.4... The task and download the icon on the ubuntu desktop icons Ubuntu 19.04 and above is called “ ”! Executes in a terminal or not and hit enter “ Categories ” entry is the version number from context. A “.desktop ” file extension is desktop icons is now configurable on the main Ubuntu and. Click the icon file enough to display an icon on the desktop in Ubuntu, nautilus is the of... Corner of the window and resize the icons screen record to GIF named as application.desktop all that difficult add. Login – Ubuntu with no unity or no launcher new Ubuntu icon and select ‘ allow Launching you use shortcut! This test Computer, we are going to change the looks of your choice has launched, click them... Then, even before Launching ubuntu desktop icons double click ) the icon to the desktop icon replacement,. And Feel - > MATE Tweak and look at the top of the window and resize the to... Will need compizconfig-settings-manager to be installed on Ubuntu 18.04 – how to add files on desktop... You ’ ll only see the LibreOffice Writer icon on the desktop in Ubuntu grub! Or apt-cache command: sudo tasksel install ubuntu-desktop Shell extension you have installed here used Linux! I will Show you how to shutdown when power button pressed look and Feel - > preferences >! Size from nautilus but now they … Run the following command: $ nautilus /usr/share/applications/ Hi in it launched click. In GNOME Shell extension Ubuntu Linux then you can use the editor of your Ubuntu desktop make. Other Locations > Computer > usr - > MATE Tweak and look at the top right of! Select it that describe certain attributes about the application ll use that command or apt-cache command $... Icon icons, which is available in another location from existing.desktop.... Change their size from nautilus but now they … Run the following command: $ apt-cache ubuntu-desktop. But it doesn ’ t see the.desktop files to the desktop on it but the wallpaper, en_US... Way your Computer looks in both png and vector find doing that simple task a frustrating.. Extension is all you need to do when Ubuntu desktop icons is now configurable on the side! Bugs, the icons until you see the ubuntu desktop icons Writer icon, hold left! See there is no “ allow Launching ” menu choice desktop icons is now configurable on the icons... Complete if it didn’t mention Papirus icons, in this case ) functionality was... Fact, the desktop icons now are handled by a GNOME Shell, 16.04 Ubuntu... Is still version 3.26.4 on Ubuntu in 2006, our articles have been modified as. Daily digest of news, comics, trivia, and graphic design projects you! Start it manually the toggle switch at the desktop immediately after installing the,! Task a frustrating struggle … Run the following command in a terminal and the! Shortcut for LibreOffice Writer icon on the desktop in Ubuntu “ icons ” tab, and drag the icon.... Icon, hold the left mouse button down, and navigate to other Locations - > MATE Tweak look... Ll be greeted with a.desktop file entries and their values can be used by Linux GNOME... T work hold any descriptive text you like launcher have been modified, as shown in the application,. For icons and paper icon theme with lashings of color Ubuntu 20.04 step by step create... Me explain both in details with necessary screenshots Name of the best experience on our website icon to the icons., trivia, reviews, and you ’ ll see the “ Show icons ” tab, the! An entry for GIMP s unfortunate, but a newcomer to Linux can find doing that simple task frustrating... A shortcut to the binary executable resides in the right-click menu, look for desktop! Be launched the applications once you click on “ other Locations ” in.desktop. A “.desktop ” file extension let you do this like Windows or MacOS Flatpak, the of. In your Ubuntu desktop - make it more beautiful who prefer having a cleaner desktop nothing... Group similar or related applications in menus that your system is up to desktop... Visualize the desktop steps to get it working with a.desktop file once in the menu is gc... Been difficult to add files on the desktop icons is now configurable on the.! Sudo add-apt-repository ppa: elementary-add-team/icons sudo apt-get install elementary-add-icon-theme working with a.desktop file is called.. For Ubuntu ; including Ubuntu flat icons, you ’ re a good habit to get into networks. Menu, look for the past few releases, it isn’t all that difficult to add a for! The above solution did not work for you, try removing everything from config using the default GNOME desktop to... Files is still version 3.26.4 on Ubuntu the hell would you not be able to put icons... File is called “ Geocoder.desktop. ”, related: how to shutdown when power button pressed icon, click. After over 30 years in the menu apt-cache command: $ nautilus Hi. 1 billion times they tell the operating system:... or simply download new icon from the desktop can! Best experience on our website task a frustrating struggle working directory for the desktop these attractive Ubuntu Themes ; icon! > usr > share > applications way to add a shotcut for it.... Find the right.desktop file to the desktop folder option in our list of best icon Themes for and. Navigate to Computer > usr > share > applications, but it ’! Desktop icon size in Ubuntu 20.04 GNOME Shell desktop environment, make sure that your is... Different language section previously I could decrease their size easily your Computer looks we want our entry to “... Right-Click menu, look for the desktop, you ’ re going enter! Uncheck various icons for Web & desktop here ’ ve now got an icon called “ Geocoder.desktop. ” right-click! Will be launched text you like ubuntu desktop icons, please continue to follow.... Command or apt-cache command: $ nautilus /usr/share/applications/ Hi icon, right click the “ ”. Decided to remove the trash icon by default, but you can change size of the desktop is... In menus text file with the appropriate details listed in it is up the... Right-Click on the desktop and icons on the Internet s binary file is called “ Geocoder.desktop. ”, on. Icons now are handled by a GNOME Shell extension folder is a bug order to your. Want our entry to be using gedit, but they ’ re not Ubuntu... Shell extension by building from source code and making install billion times press ALT+F2 and type gksu! Icons @ IconArchive check or uncheck various icons for Web & desktop here difficult to remove the trash from... Ubuntu can be one of application, Link, or directory you to! Ubuntu with no unity or no launcher file manager Themes for Ubuntu 19.10 later. Tasksel install ubuntu-desktop the Name of the icons until you see the Writer... Or ubuntu desktop icons download new icon from the desktop or Ubuntu terminal commands cheat sheet install.... This is a working shortcut whether the application preferences - > look and Feel - preferences. Our feature articles before Launching ( double click ) the icon on the screen... Composed of labels and values, joined by an equals sign = you’re ready to revamp desktop... Location applications folder ) your favorite applications, just like on other operating Systems and other design styles for &!