Once the binding cords are removed, you can pull the sides off of the mattress. Use your hands to sweep the fluffy insides into a trash bag or cardboard box. Sewing needle and upholstery thread Judging from the sag you have you could have gotten a warranty replacement for the mattress. Another repurposing option is to take the metal found in your box springs and repurpose it for some decorative purpose. As a result, box springs are a great consumer item to recycle. Step 3: Remove the Top and Bottom Layers. Gather the cotton and foam lining and pile it into a box to be recycled or composted. Pull out any staples that hold the frame together; boards are sometimes used to support the mattress. 10 years ago LOL Yes I am, either way. Should You Rent a Dumpster or Take Trash to the Dump Yourself? We are thinking of cutting a brand new Casper into two twins. That makes me mad. The fellow who took them said they were for his twin girls which is great if it's true. I flipped the mattress over and anchor-pinned the sides on to hold it in place. Measure and Cut Panels for the Mattress Illegal dumping is a widespread problem that is not limited to one area, or even one…, After the Flooding – What’s Next? Pull the thread away from the piping to free the piping from the mattress fabric. Straighten it all the way around and begin sewing up the slit.Sew Ends The process is fast and 100% trouble-free, unlike the other options we’ve outlined in this article. In my case this made the bottom section slightly narrower than the mattress section on top of it. on Introduction. Yuck!!! " You might get lucky, and your city will pick up your old box springs for you. Your email address will not be published. They had a bunch of old used mattresses behind the homeless shelter. Once the binding cords are removed, you can pull the sides off of the mattress. I allowed the slit to wrap around the long sides about 3". Staple gun Staple in place and trim excess. As you pull, watch out for staples binding the outside fabric. Boxes and/or bags to hold mattress parts. The bottom line is that even if you do receive a “yes,” you’ll want to probe deeper and find out if you need to take any additional steps. The primary purpose of a box spring is to absorb body weight and provide firm support for the mattress. By taking a few simple steps and using some basic tools, you can effectively take your box spring apart to prepare for such a move. Catlinsdad: Totally agree with you. Step 3: Pull the Top Layer of Fabric Off the Mattress… Not only does this benefit the environment, but it also conserves valuable resources. Depending on the shape and size of the piece you want to cut, you may need to draw multiple lines. Schedule No Contact pickup for $5 OFF. Knowing that will help you identify the tools required and amount of labor needed. Book Box Springs Disposal Today! Hand saw Most box springs have plastic pieces stapled onto the corners for added protection. Nice modification! As with the mattress use shorter pieces of thread to lessen the tangling and knot often. On one short side hem a slit that will create the opening to get the cover on and off. I couldn't believe my luck! Then I went back with a zigzag around the edge. If this isn't possible nail a crosspiece along the back edge.Close ends LoadUp offers nationwide junk removal services in 47 states across the country. In any case,  back to the original post I commented on, destroying a reusable product is wasteful. Peel the covering back. Peel away the fabric lining the edges of the box spring until the wood frame is completely exposed. I wanted a contrasting color for the sides so I sewed strips of brown fabric together to form one long wrap-around piece. Off to the sewing machine. You will now be able to see into the box springs. I tied the folded down wire with cotton rope to give it more support.Cut wood If I went around saying "Bite Me," that would be a serious attitude problem. A little bit safer. Saw for cutting the box spring frame. Now that you’ve broken down the mattress, it’s time to start cutting the box spring. If it is possible cut the wood leaving a supporting crosspiece to form the back line of the new edge (see photo). All I know is that I cannot afford bedding for a cal-king mattress and I figured a twin is workable size than a cal-king. You can use a box spring disposal bag to fulfill this requirement. Pull the fabric away from the wood frame with your utility knife. My mom was forever hacking long before anyone knew what hacking was. Remember if you have items that need to be disposed of at the landfill call us at Dumpster Rental Inc! Pull the fabric away from the wood frame with your utility knife. Your mattress might also have an added layer of foam cushioning for extra support. California, Connecticut and Rhode Island all require that mattresses be recycled and at least 20 other states have mattress recycling facilities. hand clamps (the ones that look like industrial clothes pins) Step 2 Cut the dust cloth on the box spring straight across this marked line, using a razor knife or box cutter. Find out here if we are offer full-service junk removal in your area! Snip the staples away until the top layer is completely free. If you don't wish to reuse the materials, cut away or rip the fabric and internal layers to make the process faster. Take a long ruler or straight edge and line it up with the point you measured on the mattress. If your mattress needs to be tossed or you need more information, learn how to dispose of your mattress in different ways with our comprehensive mattress disposal guide.