None other than my favorite doc of all time, Song Hwa. He casually asks what degree belt she is in two different martial arts and Darth Vader Daddy says first degree. Doctor Jang runs after him and as she almost catches up, Song-Hwa is the one that stops him. Ik-Jun then gets a call to go look at a patient in hospital so Jun-Wan decides to surprise Ik-Sun. He replies jokingly that it is because he loves the lord. The way the scene was filmed makes me think they are from someone else, and she pushes him to confess in error. Drama Geek: I left one couple out because I’ll talk about them in the next section. Episode berakhir, Song-hwa menghadiri janji temu dokter sebab dia mendapati benjolan besar. Or not, since these people are so epic they don’t need to be in a relationship to complete them. Confident in his knowledge he sneaks up on her when he gets home, and she kicks the crap out of his face in self-defense. Being extra suspicious because of having two little kids with injuries. Postingan Terbaru. Dia tiba di rumah sakit, rekannya ada disana dengan pesta kejutan sementara itu salah satu pasien Ik-jun berubah pikiran memutuskan tidak menjalani operasi. It doesn’t go well though as she kicks him in the face. Mereka mengerti mereka harus memastikan anak tersebut tidak menangis sebab bisa menyempitkan pembuluh darah otaknya. It is such an amazing progression of emotions. Dia ditarik menuju berbagai arah dia meminta Dokter Myong dengan Dokter Jang dan juga si kembar. They experience love, heartache, fear, and joy because at the end of … Continue reading "Hospital Playlist: Episode 5" Song Hwa notices roses on her desk and puts two and two together. As he buys lunch for Seok-Min and Sun-Bin, he tells them about his money and that he is about to lease a flat. Dia menuju untuk bertemu temannya untuk latihan lain saat kita melihat masa lalu dari pasien berbeda menjadi lebih baik. Drama Geek: I yelled out a cheer then laughed for like ten minutes. I’m sure this storyline will bring tears and smiles as we go on a new trial with our doctor besties. As daily life at the hospital continues, the show takes a step back from the patients and focuses on the relationships between our doctors and their hospital staff. They’re at a standstill after that. Dokter Jang mengejarnya dan ketika dia hampir menyusul, Song-hwa yang menghentikannya. All the characters and prospective romantic pairings are great people and I would be happy if any of them pan out. And then we are floored along with the dad when Song Hwa steals the show with that water jug! Dokter tidak senang dengan itu alhasil dia pun menyarankan biopsi. I am also kind of shipping Mom and Chairman as a couple. She enters the room and he sees that it is the celebrity he dated, Go A-Ra while Seok-Hyeong gets a call from his father’s mistress asking to meet in the hospital garden. Selama operasi, Jun-wan berbicara terhadap rekannya dan Dr. Do mengenai profesor Cheon Myeong-tae yang baru namun juga keras pada pasien sementara Song-hwa membahas pasien muda menderita penyakit Moymoya dengan Chi-hong dan Seok-min. Dokter Jang mengejarnya dan ketika dia hampir menyusul, Song-hwa yang menghentikannya. As they practice, their phones go off and Doctor Yang has to leave, then Darth Vader Daddy. In the last episode, Kyeowool asked Jeongwon for a date suggesting to have a get-together without anyone, wearing plain clothes, not doctor gown. The Director is supposed to play with his granddaughter soon and he needs to know how to play. His poor face! The way the scene was filmed makes me think they are from someone else, and she pushes him to confess in error. Dia meninggalkan kantornya, Jeong-won berhadapan Gyeo-wol memintanya mengajaknya makan malam. Resident Jang is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in the drama because of scenes like this. Jeong-Won later congratulates Jang then asks her to join him during surgery. Ik-jun mengatkaan saudara perempuannya tinggal bersamanya saat ini. They then all play a game of mafia, ending with Rosa getting annoyed with Jong-Su. They’ve really managed to make a hospital drama very uplifting, fun and highly entertaining. The Chairman says that it’s not him, but adds that it would be better if they suspected him, and claims to be the “mafia” after all. By the way, Jeongwon actually meets his mother, Jeong Rosa. By the way, Junwan takes charge of a child who has an inherent rare disease but he can’t save the child and asked the parents to donate the child’s heart, making a promise that this will not happen again for others like their child. Episode 8 starts with a scene where Songhwa treats Ikjun’s hand and wipe his face as he can’t use his hands because his hands were burned when he tries to grab a tea cattle with his bare hands. Telzeytalks: I know why you are questioning the roses. Ibu Seok-hyeon tiba dan menyelinap menuju ruangan suaminya, dimana dia melemparkan seember air menuju selirnya. Young-Hye later leaves and rings her son, telling him that she had a lot of fun and wants to hang with them again. His mom and the Director bicker like an old married couple and it’s adorable. 02/06/2020 10/04/2020 by Veronique Englebert. It’ll be interesting to see if any of them pan out. They have great chemistry and that kick to the face had me dying with laughter. Romance is in the air this week as many of our ships attempt to set sail. The exasperation from Daddy Long Legs is palpable when they do not play correctly.