She lost her parents when she was young, so Kurokage raised her along with the other Gessen girls. Upon hearing about this, Yumi takes this as her chance to challenge Hanzō National Academy so that she may have the opportunity to fight and defeat Asuka and have at Hanzō next. Beginning Age She has great proficiency with ice as demonstrated by her ability to form constructs with ease and highly efficient freezing capabilities. Get the details on MyAnimeList, the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Yumi is hesitant to agree at first but Sayuri says who ever destroys the most towers will open the path to becoming Kagura. Yumi and Yozakura start their training session which eventually ends with the two of them clashing Secret Ninja Arts and Yumi coming out as the victor. Manga Icy Blue In response to Ryouna's constant begging, Yumi prepares handmade shaved ice to calm her down. In the end, they ultimately lose. Haruka replies with saying there are many kinds of power. Yozakura says guts and that one must be strong and stubborn. His training as a good ninja and half his life as a rogue ninja. Yumi ponders on what exactly Justice is and is asked by Hibari if she's seen the Mr. Bunny candy she lost. Yumi asks if Murakumo knows anything that can help her. She asks Yumi what she should do, but Yumi is uncertain herself. She and Yozakura speak about how peaceful things have been and how shinobi should strive to protect such peace. H Homura does not disagree, however she also states that Asuka has changed her as well and that they are best friends. Tokujōnin[1] Good Shinobi Whilst putting herself down, Minori gives her a pat on the head followed by her whole team to raise her spirits, much to her surprise. Yumi explains that originally this was all so that she could fight Hanzō, however that matters little to her now because now she only wishes to fight Asuka. Yumi seeks advice from Ryōna on how to become a resplendent bride. What is your favorite color? Minori says they received a letter addressed to them and reads it to find out that it's an invitation to the Grand Opening of the Midwinter Summer Festival at Wonderful Spa-Resort, but it doesn't say who it's from. Yumi is convinced that evil overtakes good and that Homura has changed Asuka. Name During the course of the match, Yumi takes notice of how Miyabi is simply charging in by her lonesome, much to her and everyone else in Gessen's confusion. Yumi fails to see the need for such frivolity. For the current year they are required to participate in pairs, and Yumi believes the two main criteria: performance in PBS and cuteness. Together they all trained with the desire to become strong so that they could create Kurokage's dream world. Yumi asks Yomi what she believes righteousness to be. If so, why not use the Add Character form to submit a new profile. Everyone begins to make amends for the previous insults and all seems well until Homura points out that none of them have heard Yumi's true feelings. This flusters Homura and she quickly says Yumi can do whatever she wants and that she no longer cares. During a match against Crimson Squad, Homura says that she can never forgive Yumi, and Yumi has no idea why. When Asuka says that they are rivals. As Yumi comes over and asks what she should do, Haruka whispers in her ear. Voice Actors At the funeral, no one would tell her the reason why her parents were dead, only that they were very admirable shinobi which she could care less about, as all that praise would not bring her parents back. Trying to find out more about an anime or manga character? Homura feels as though Yumi is mocking them, but in reality she is genuinely curious since her grandfather was also a rogue ninja. With Ryōna and Ryōbi still missing, Miyabi asks Yumi and Asuka for help in finding them. Yumi Hara Their power comes from the the worlds righteous indignation, it's yearning for justice at any cost. Yumi is clearly displeased by the fact they didn't train with her and Yozakura but says otherwise when Shiki asks. Yumi asks if she would kill them, to which Asuka states there is no need since they can learn a lot from each other. Yumi tries to mitigate Asuka's concerns, but to no avail. Yumi states that Yomi is mistaken which causes Yomi to say it's easy for her to say that since she's never needed money as much a many other's have. Homura appears during this and challenges Yumi which results in her resolving to defeat both her and Asuka to show Kurokage that his soul can rest in peace. Yumi and the others are training with one another. 2004 Trivia. She feels as though they are trying to drag them to their place this time. She is greeted by Asuka, who had been waiting for her. After managing to repel the group of enemy shinobi. Her attacks in this state are more powerful than normal and her freezing ability is greatened further. Strangely without fear, Yumi accepted his proposal. Upon hearing his claims that he will let them off the island if he sees they have even a remote possibility of standing against Shin, Yumi encourages the other to fight. Unnamed Mother (Deceased)Unnamed Father (Deceased)Unnamed UncleKurokage (Maternal Grandfather, Deceased)Yume (Maternal Grandmother, Presumed Deceased)Fubuki (Foster Sister) Yumi's theme. Shiki wins the game and Yumi unwillingly says she won't argue because she has lost, but hopes nothing bad happens when they get there. Yumi disagrees, stating that Miyabi will see the power of good ninja. She is usually seen wearing the school uniform, consisting of a white dress shirt, a light gray blazer, a green ribbon and a dark gray pleated skirt. Miyabi refuses, since as long as she stands there is still pride to Hebijo. Afterwards, Yumi asks Yū if they could go home together again, which Yū simply answers "yes.". His words cause Yumi to change her mind about fighting the Hanzō girls later and decides on taking them down immediately so she can get her hands on him. Yumi says that power can make the world righteous, so perhaps righteousness comes from power. Does your favorite character seem to be missing? A total of 77 titles were released in 2004. After the fourth-round preliminaries Yumi and the others finally learn that Shiki has been scouted by International Shinobi School, leading to Yumi asking if she plans to leave Gessen Academy. However, Sayuri overpowers them all. Yumi quickly tells Renka that she's not trying to act cute and questions if she's never thought of bride-hood herself. However, Hanzō dismisses her proposal and states that she is far too weak to beat him, but if she can defeat his granddaughter, Asuka, then he will entertain her challenge. Upon Murakumo pointing out Miyabi's anxiety, Yumi comments that she would have preferred to compete against them all at their best, to which Miyabi replies that they are always at their best. Purple. Before she can be pressed any further, Ayame appears and challenges them to a match outside of the tournament. In order to get it done they all decide that combining their power in one big fight would be more beneficial. Despite their efforts, Meiun still doesn't feel as they have a chance against Shin, causing Yumi to doubt whether or not their best is even good enough.