Please be sure you have read through the Wine Making Tips already posted. Cloudy / Hazy Wine Hazes can be due to protein matter, pectin, starch or metallic contamination. Your still homemade wine tastes fizzy (residual carbon dioxide gas)? Making sure that your fermentation containers are not placed directly on the floor may also help. If it is the first time, you are in a panic. If so, let Daniel Pambianchi's TECHNIQUES IN HOME WINEMAKING help you solve this problem and get you on your way to making award-winning wines at home. The majority of most common problems will already be addressed. We all experience wine making problems from time to time. Problems When Making Homemade Wine and Solutions Bland Wine A bland wine may be lacking in tannins or acid. You’ve given the yeast a chance to start, and yet you still see nothing. A teaspoon of lemon juice or strong black tea may improve the wine. A floating thermometer can be placed right in the wine and you can lift it out when you want to check the temperature. Wine Making Problems Let Us Help You Solve Them. You can also use a thermometer to monitor the fermentation. So you're a wine maker. Maybe you've just received some of our wine making equipment or one of our wine making kits, maybe you're making wine with your own wine ingredients; fruit concentrates or grapes.This time however, there seems to be a problem.