Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Thanks to a grant program this unit is well equipped with the latest technology and tools. The investigators review the original case file, re-interview witnesses and victims and follow up on any new leads. The Greenville County Sheriff's Office came together as a family to cure the COVID blues and clear threatening concerns with kindness and generosity. The COBRA Team may also be utilized to respond to technological and natural incidents in which the team's training, equipment, and experience can be effectively utilized. These deputies are assigned to various communities throughout Greenville County. Over 14,000 prisoners a year are transported between State Department of Corrections facilities and local courtrooms. They work in squad formations that provide a unified, highly functional and disciplined presence to assist in restoration of peace in our communities. [citation needed], The Greenville County Sheriff's Office Chaplains serve the deputies of Greenville County. The Robbery Unit investigates cases of Armed Robbery, Strong Arm Robbery, Attempted Armed Robbery and Carjacking. After the initial investigation ensued, it went cold due to lack of available forensic evidence before, in fall of this year, investigators began reexamining the case and uncovered surveillance footage that led them to Merrill, according to Sheriff Hobert Lewis. Chaplains provide Spiritual support and guidance, as well as stress counseling and stress debriefs. Team members are always on-call and perform their SWAT duties in addition to their regular primary assignment. This unit consists of seven investigators who are on call day and night. He lived in Greenville County, and was killed by an ambush on November 10, 1797 while crossing the Saluda River shoals where Pied… Saber 1 assisted in apprehending 55 suspects and was called out 35 times. This unit is staffed with four full-time investigators. They also have the ability to retrieve evidentiary data from computers and phones which is crucial in the successful prosecution of criminal cases. The mystery of the death of 57-year-old Cecil Sanders Morris, discovered in the aftermath of a house fire in Greenville in 2015, has been solved, according to the Greenville County Sheriff's Office. The Dive Team completed monthly training activities and specialized training programs during the year. Jason Travis Merrill, 45, is being held in the Transylvania County Detention Center in North Carolina awaiting extradition in connection to the case in Greenville, according to authorities. His death was estimated to have occurred sometime in mid to late October. With this information, more than 5400 cases have been cleared, and more than 1700 individuals have been arrested. Many investigations are conducted with state and federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and ATF. The team has 8 certified divers and 6 ground crew members available for call out. Working in communications is a very demanding and critical job within law enforcement and the dispatchers are the lifeline to the deputies in the field. In 1791 a new district was formed to include Greenville and Pendleton Counties. This group of 16 deputies focuses their efforts on reducing the number traffic related fatalities and its largest contributing factor which is Driving Under the Influence. They guide survivors of crime through the aftermath of the traumatic event 24 hours a day through crisis intervention, financial assistance, referrals to service agencies in our area. The team members are from law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical personnel. The team provides support to Uniform Patrol Deputies by aiding in street level investigations. This was named the Washington District and it existed until 1799. The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is composed of 40 Sworn Full Time Deputies and 13 Civilian Employees. Tamia Boyd is a Michigan native and covers breaking news. New forensic techniques applied to evidence can add a fresh perspective. This allows federal, state and local law enforcement to receive training without having to travel; thus allowing more officers to receive training while reducing the costs associated with training. His grave is located fifteen miles south of Greenville, near Ware Place. They also provide information on the Criminal Justice System, as well as serving as a liaison between the survivor and the investigator. [citation needed], The Center for Advanced Training provides in-service and advanced training for all sworn deputies of the Sheriff's Office. The unit is equipped with three helicopters: one Bell OH-58C ("Saber 1"), one Bell 206B III, and one Bell UH-1H ("Saber 3"), and a Cessna 182 airplane ("Saber 2"). This unit has five full-time investigators who work closely with the Department of Social Services, Department of Juvenile Justice, and the Juvenile Solicitor with Family Court. Family Court and General Sessions Court deputies screen over 365,000 people annually through their magnetometers. The Family Violence Unit investigates serious cases of Domestic Abuse. Saber 3 participated in 4 Emergency Response Team trainings. During this time many important public officials, including the Sheriff, were elected to their position by the Legislature. This allows ready access to a wide variety of information and asset sharing programs that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. The Vice & Narcotics Unit is also tasked with investigating methamphetamine cases and suspected meth labs within the county. They are often called upon to team up with other units to implement community strategies to resolve citizen's complaints. The Dive Team is ready at all times to respond to any water related emergencies including swift water rescue, underwater crime scenes, body, evidence and stolen property recovery. They also assist in the search for lost or missing individuals. The Economic Crimes Unit investigates cases of Fraud, Forgery and Computer Crimes. This method of election was placed into our State Constitution in 1868. The team is staffed by deputies who have demonstrated the skills and commitment needed to perform this important task. 1-864-467-5300. Hearst Television participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. Applying a "team" approach, our courthouses have become statewide models. This office also maintains the county's Master Street Guide and provides support to all Public Safety Answering Points within the county. Safe Communities is dedicated to communicating our Public Safety Mission to the community while responding to the safety concerns of our citizens. The Auto Theft Unit investigates cases of Auto Theft, Use of Vehicle without Owner's Consent, and Chop Shops. [citation needed], The Vice and Narcotics Unit conducts investigations related to illegal drugs and gambling in Greenville County. Their primary mission is to resolve problems in those areas. 1-864-271-5210. In 1786, Greenville County was formed. Additionally, they maintain a full-time position with the DEA Task Force. They also support the law enforcement community after hours and through family support and services. Lewis said Morris's body was in the beginning stages of decomposition and they believe he was killed in mid-October. These charges came out of a sexual assault lawsuit filed by Lewis’ female assistant. The Sheriff's Office COBRA Team currently has twelve members. The Cold Case Unit investigates unsolved violent crimes. They continue to work more highly complex cases involving multiple defendants with more emphasis placed on investigating and dismantling entire organizations. Uniform Patrol deputies are the first responders to emergency and non-emergency dispatched calls for service and incidents they observe while on patrol. They also support the law enforcement community after hours and through family support and services. Multiple cases have been cleared and many items have been seized due to the extra time these officers were able to dedicate to these cases.