As a fan of the series, to see such an impressive collection of recognisable beasts, weapons and heroes brought together under one title provided a constant carrot that I simply had to chase. What is the "Console Nickname" in the System Settings meant for? Final Fantasy Explorers - Perfect for Switch!. Assigning party roles always has a tinge of aggravation--I'm a damager rolling a dragoon and had to bully my boyfriend into being my white mage--but having a complete set of players in complementary combat roles is beneficial for difficult eidolon fights. [5], There are four character slots available; the three ally slots can be filled with other human players or with monsters previously defeated in battle. Jobs unlock gradually through progression, with some like dragoon and sage appearing late in the main quest line. Everyone gets their own loot when traversing the island, making it worthwhile to pair up and score extra goods. I took to the variety with gusto, because it was like getting a chance to reroll an MMO character over and over with no penalty to my progression. Pablo, my level 47 Chocobo, pecked Ifrit to death while I got only a dozen hits in. Press J to jump to the feed. You can save preset outfits, equipment and all. I could see Square Enix doing such a thing (not that I think they will)... they should bring over FFIX while they're at it (w/ cloud saves too). Final Fantasy Explorers is an action role-playing video game featuring single-player and multiplayer modes. At its center is a Grand Crystal, an organic structure humans use to power civilization. Hashimito's original concept was for a multiplayer Final Fantasy role-playing game. What isn't similar, though, is the type and number of enemies that spawn in these locations. Alexa Ray Corriea But it's mostly about enjoying combat with fearsome monsters. I'd certainly like to see Square give the game one more shot since someone really seems to want to make it a bigger sub series. It offers a generous portion of customization, and there are … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. And the gameplay isn't about combat... Once you have a decent combo, even bosses go down in less than a minute. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. You also have to pay gil to start a quest; main quests require you to have a few hundred gil the bank to embark, while subquests can ask for as much as 10,000 gil. One of the earliest design choices was the need for players to fight classic summoned monsters, as he felt that their presence would add an air of nostalgic familiarity to the game. [14] Hashimoto's main goal was to create a game that was accessible for newcomers to the genre. I'd rather a new FF Crystal Chronicles game if anything.. At least those had fun combat. If I delete an account on my Nintendo Switch, will I still have those games? They need to really fix it up to make me want to play it over mh esp since mh gen is among the best mh on the switch and it has to compete with that. I'd rather see something in the vein of a main game like FFXVI or an MMO like FFXIV on the switch. If squeenix took the time to flesh out the gameplay loop and flesh out some of the actual gameplay systems they could have a winner on their hands. Please use a html5 video capable browser to watch videos. Final Fantasy Explorers (ファイナルファンタジー エクスプローラーズ, Fainaru Fantajī Ekusupurōrāzu) is an action role-playing video game for the Nintendo 3DS.It features character job-oriented combat against classic Final Fantasy monsters and summons. I spent a majority of my game as a dark knight, and when I got bored of swinging around Cloud's Buster Sword I switched to an axe, opening a whole new set of abilities. I dabbled in geomancing and black magic, but then I unlocked the dragoon and sold all my rods and tomes to afford a solid two-pronged lance. Put a lot of hours in to the 3DS version and it just seemed like the kind of … Some weapons or armor require up to 10 rare items to forge, and if you're the kind of player that doesn't like to repeat events, things become a chore. [8] Player characters engage in fights with classic Final Fantasy enemies and summons including Ifrit and Bahamut. I feel pretty lukewarm about a sequel.