Mmmmm fig jam sounds superb! With a wine bottle cork (or the handle of a wooden spoon), press gently in the center of each ball to create an indentation. These grain free cookies are perfect for me. Roll ball using 2 tsp dough for each. Please try again. these look so good, and clean! Can’t wait to try these cookies! I love any type of cookie with jams in them. I always was a fan of the little jam inside the cookie when I was younger and not an actual cookie fan, odd. It’s teaching time for this girl! I’m so happy to see a vegan cookie! I may have to head to Trader Joe’s just so I can pick up some of that Fig Butter! )> thanks…genuinely asking from someone who needs to gather info. When it's cold outside, nothing is more comforting than the smell of freshly baked cookies in a warm kitchen. For my first dance week ever, I had JUST found out I was pregnant (I was pregnant when I started teaching there and had no idea, which could explain why the fatigue killed me); we had a dance week when I was 37 or so weeks pregnant (and Kyle had an emergency route planned in case I went into labor booty-popping on stage); one when I was just returning from maternity leave; and now, with the release of our DVD on the horizon. The perfect size for little hands, or to enjoy with a cup a coffee. This recipe has a rich buttery taste from the almonds and a nice sweet kick from the jam – and it is literally the easiest cookie recipe I have ever made. I might have to swing by Whole Foods on my lunch break…. Welcome to The Fitnessista, a healthy lifestyle blog emphasizing quick workouts, quick recipes and adventures as a wife and mom. Using a spoon, or pastry bag, place a dollop of the Cocoa Fig Jam into the indent of the cookies. A satisfying fig jam with hints of cocoa and vanilla compliments sweet chocolate cookies – try the jam on your next cheese plate too! Those cookies look so good! Cream butter and sugar with an electric mixer on medium-high speed until fluffy. I wanted to play with my grain-free cookie recipe, and saw this jar of fig jam in the pantry. Thanks for giving me an excuse to buy more. Stir in vanilla bean paste and cool the mixture for 10 minutes. Reduce speed to medium and add the egg yolks, cream, and vanilla extract. Please check your entries and try again. We walk around and pick our eats, grab a drink (either water or a fresh juice) and then she looks up at me and says, “Macaron? Their mac and cheese is to die for :D. Those cookies look scrumptious as well! . Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I LOVE that fig jam. The destructive lifestyle of an 80s model. can’t wait to try! Transfer to a food processor and puree until smooth. Because my mom is vegan and has a sweet tooth almost as bad as mine, I always have my eye out for vegan baked good recipes that I can make and share. For yesterday’s dinner, I had an awesome picnic in mind, but the rain had another idea. Purchase →. Raw cookies?? Dance week sounds like so much fun!!! Macaron please?”, and we head over to the macarons. THUMBPRINT COOKIES with FIG JAM. Filled with a little fig jam, and boom! I love the double sweetness factor. This recipe has a rich buttery taste from the almonds and a nice sweet kick from the jam – and it is literally the easiest cookie recipe I have ever made. Success! And Livi knows what she’s doing at Whole Foods. ( Log Out /  I took my favorite thumbprint cookie recipe and gave it a savory makeover. I sort of look past a lot of Paleo stuff since becoming vegan but this kinda made my day . if i worked at a desk, i’d probably eat the same way but with smaller portions since i wouldn’t be burning so many calories Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. ( Log Out /  *Can be made in … Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Now check your email to confirm your subscription — thanks! Find Rodelle baking ingredients at your local grocer or buy online right now. Happy teaching! That’s SO my taste!! I’ve never tried one so I should probably remedy that. No-Bake Fig Jam Thumbprint Cookies. I may or may not eat it out of the jar with a spoon…. Bake, rotating sheets half way through, until cookies are set, about 10 minutes. Ingredients: 1 cup sliced almonds; 1 cup oatmeal (old fashioned, NOT quick oats) Oh my, macarons at Whole Foods?? My wonderful instructor calls these moments “unexpected solos”. The hot bar there is amazing! Let cool slightly on baking sheets, then transfer to wire rack to cool. Since I made a triple recipe of FIG JAM, I came this one to repurpose…. Fig jam thumbprints it was. It’s a pretty easy teaching day for me (at least as of right now!) hang in there and take it one step or goal at a time! Figjam? I haven’t been there in a while — I need to check to see if they have any at mine!