Also known as curly-leaf spinach, savoy spinach is botanically classified as Spinacia oleracea. Some people consider the flat-leafed varieties of spinach as easier to clean, but we have not found spinach cleaning to be difficult in the case of any varieties. In this case, we have left the chenopod family entirely, and we have shifted over into a different family of foods known as the Basellaceae family. 2016 Jan;51(1):39-48. Semi-savoy varieties include Indian Summer, Tyee, and Melody. Despite its English name, water spinach is not really spinach, nor is it botanically related to it. Neoxanthin and violaxanthin are two anti-inflammatory epoxyxanthophylls that are found in plentiful amounts in the leaves of spinach. Bondonno CP, Yang X, Croft KD, et al. Li T, Lu X, Sun Y, et al. Fun Trivia: Spinach gained a whole new level of popularity when Catherine de’ Medici rose to power in France in 1533. The origin of spinach lies in an Asian country – ancient Persia which today is Iran as well as several other bordering countries. Within the United States, the average adult consumed 1.7 pounds of spinach in 2014. 2012 Oct;32(1):1-19. It produces large yields in early summer, but has limited bolt resistance. When young, it has an erect, vertical growth and must be harvested when it reaches 3 inches to 15 cm in length. This type of spinach belongs to a flowering plant in the fig-marigold family (Aizoaceae). For the ideal growth of red cardinal, you don’t need a big garden as it can easily grow in a small garden. Check out our super spinach recipes for ways to use it in soups, stews or casseroles, salads and sandwiches, or even whizzed into smoothies. This plant is trail-like, which means that it first spreads as a thick carpet above the ground and then as it grows, it climbs through other vegetations and hangs in a downward position. You can eat both the leaves and stems. For instance, it is also known as Botany Bay spinach, sea spinach, Cook’s cabbage, and kokihi. For example, the English name of Malabar spinach is Vietnamese spinach. Spinach is also our Number 2 source of vitamin E; our Number 3 source of calcium, potassium, and vitamin A; our Number 5 source of manganese; and our Number 8 source of copper. (The science names here are Chenopodiaceae and Amaranthaceae.) Several recent studies in this area have shown thylakoid-rich extracts from spinach to delay stomach emptying, decrease levels of hunger-related hormones like ghrelin, and increase levels of satiety-related hormones like glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1). Growing Lettuce As the name implies, red cardinal spinach has a red hue in it with red veins in its leaves and red stems like beet leaves. 2016 Sep 9;60:32010. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. It is believed that the edible greens may have originated from Spinacia Tetranda – a wild edible plant that is found in Anatolia today. Chang SK, Prasad KN, and Amin I. Carotenoids retention in leafy vegetables based on cooking methods. Cooks often use savoy spinach in place of collards, chard, and kale as it equally offers tasty flavors. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. True spinach (Spinacea oleracia) grows best in the cooler temperatures of spring and fall, although early and late varieties can extend the season into summer and winter. New Zealand Spinach  (Tetragonia tetragonioides) and In its ideal natural environment of muddy, moist soil on the banks of waterways, water spinach grows aggressively and abundantly. Trading between the Middle East and Asia is believed to have been responsible for the migration of spinach to several Asian countries, and today there are few places in the world where spinach is not found as a cultivated food. To bring out more flavor of savoy spinach, it is best to cook it up with different kinds of cheeses, chilies, nuts, and eggs. For example, bacteria in our saliva and in our lower intestine can convert nitrate (NO. Food Microbiol. Some of the flat-leafed varieties of spinach are quite famous for their spade-shaped leaves. The grains amaranth and quinoa are also members of this same food family that contains spinach and Swiss chard. Like savoy spinach, semi-savoy spinach has the same crisp texture and flavor. True spinach (Spinacea oleracia) grows best in the cooler temperatures of spring and fall, although early and late varieties can extend the season into summer and winter. The ideal time period to grow Indian summer is again the cooler seasons of fall and spring. Das SG and Savage GP. Bring water back to boil and boil for 1 minute. Factors influencing the microbial safety of fresh produce: a review. Our comprehensive article about oxalates will provide you with practical and detailed information about these organic acids, food, and health. So instead of harvesting it in warmer climatic areas, it is ideal to grow in cooler regions. Spinach recipes (56). Semi-savoy varieties fall somewhere in the middle of this curly versus flat spectrum. Like all other types of semi-soy spinach, Indian summer is an easy-to-grow vegetable, yielding dark green and crisp leaves of about 10 to 12 inches long. From mainstream cartoons to famous recipes, spinach has successfully branded its self as a healthy food item that provides not only strength but loads of nutrients as well, impacting an individual’s overall health for the better. If for some reason, you are unable to plant Tyee during the colder months, you must know that its seeds can easily be planted in warmer months of late spring as well. Born and brought up in the city of Florence, the queen loved this edible flowering plant to the extent that she preferred to have it in every meal. Consumption of thylakoid-rich spinach extract reduces hunger, increases satiety and reduces cravings for palatable food in overweight women. Each of these varieties is further categorized into many other types that grow best in varying temperature conditions and seasons. Stir Fried Water Spinach with Fermented Tofu. In addition to being flavorsome, flat-leaf spinach promises to offer a wide range of health benefits such as promoting weight loss, eye health, maintaining healthy bones, lowering hypertension, relaxing body muscles, preventing heart diseases, boosting the immune system and lots more.