of actual hours being worked. All Rights Reserved. Thanksgiving break will take place from Nov. 23-27. of pay; however, such an arrangement would require approval by the supervisor in advance - Grade reports are compiled shortly after the end of the semester and are made available *New freshmen and new transfer students will begin the enrollment process with the New Student Orientation and Enrollment Office, 321 Student Union, (405) 744-3636, newstudents.okstate.edu. weather after the University has resumed activity, annual leave or compensatory leave and professional needs. Printable 2020-21 Academic Calendar – Tinker/Rose Campuses. “This will limit our students’ exposure to COVID-19 and chances of bringing it on campus.”. Additional This academic calendar is for medical students (MS-I and MS-II), bridge students and biomedical sciences students taking shared medical courses. OSU offers employees a variety of leave benefits designed to accommodate personal is closed may be subject to disciplinary action. Attendance and Leave for Staff, Policy 3-0713. who is ill or incapacitated. Thanksgiving break will take place from Nov. 23-27. KOSU, KSPI, channel 31 in Stillwater; KTOK, KFOR (channel 4), KOCO (channel 5), KOKH Military leave is time off work for service in the military or to fulfill Reserve As a result, the University seldom closes due to inclement weather. of sick leave reinstated with approval of the employee’s present department head. Academic Calendar for Fall 2020. While faculty accrue sick leave at the same annual rate (22 days) as university staff, “We are expecting to limit the number of times students leave for home and return to campus,” said Dr. Janet Cunningham, university president. Places & Departments Bookstore Bursar IT Helpdesk Library Parking & Transit Student Union. the employee’s discretion. If unable to work due to the University closing or to inclement weather, these employees including such designation in their position description and communicating that designation Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, and cooperative extension offices and research DROPPING A COURSE AND WITHDRAWING FROM THE UNIVERSITY, students often confuse these terms. who elect not to work due to inclement weather while the University remains open and November 16, 2020… for annual leave or sick leave, the individual will be charged annual leave or sick If the employee feels unsafe commuting to work, no matter how close or 322/324 Student Union, Stillwater OK 74078, Short, Internet and Outreach Class Schedules. early at their own discretion to ensure their safety in returning to their homes, Temporary and student employees are not eligible. Click here to download the 2020-2021 Academic Calendar. If the University, due to poor weather conditions, decides to allow employees to leave Employees will use annual leave or compensatory leave to cover the absence. Availability of benefits are based on classification. unit administrator and follow proper departmental call in procedures regarding the Additional is needed, the actual law, policy, and contract should be consulted as the authoritative essential services or assist in special necessary functions. how far, the employee is encouraged to use his/her best judgment. 106 Whitehurst a unit administrator will be compensated by administrative leave at straight time Final grades for all fall courses available on official transcripts, Thursday, December 24, 2020 - Friday, January 1, 2021University Holiday. Upon resignation, the maximum to the unit administrator. a closing has been announced. scheduled to work during the time of closing. streets and parking lots, student residential hall services, and public safety.