Watch it to get a great foundation for your brand new event planning checklist or even revamp your existing one. in the House, Dates and Accounting, organization, time management, team work and operations are just a few of the business skills that are part of events programs. Courses can be categorized into three areas: Business Skills. Good event management requires flexibility, strength of character and an ability to connect with people from all walks of life.”, Don’t miss our Open Evening coming up on Wednesday 21st August. Contact Us, Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition, Campus Canada Admission to the Event Management Certificate is currently suspended until further notice. With over 25,000 event businesses and over 530,000 people employed in events, the UK event industry isn’t just more important than you’d first think, it’s also much broader, as the types of events currently popular in the UK demonstrate: Parties, Awards, Launches, First Nights and VIP events – from Leicester to Times Square. 2 WEEK COURSE: in depth event management skills, practical site visits -fast track a Level 4 qualification with full time study. Also, before you register in a course not listed on the OL website, you must apply for a letter of permission. Main Takeaway: How to choose the right event theme, select an interesting menu, and suggestions for group activities are just some of the things you’ll get from this great resource. Collaborative event sales software that increases qualified leads and drives direct revenue. Marketing and communication – it’s never a case of if you build it they will come: delivering an audience requires marketing the promise of what the event will deliver! Main Takeaway: You can’t possibly anticipate every single thing that could go wrong with your business – nor should you! For you, it might be both! Over 70 universities in the UK offer a degree course in event management. There are plenty of dedicated event management training courses available. You may even discover a step or two that you’ve been missing this whole time! 805 TRU Way This involves research, contract and cost negotiation and building working relationships. Volunteering also brings you credibility with potential employers and allows you to see whether working in events is for you. How to Plan an Event: The Simple Getting Started Guide, 3 Steps to Creating an Event Value Proposition that Drives Attendance | Run of Show, Event Planning Checklist: The Essential Guide, Event Promotion: 6 Advanced Tactics To Promote Events with Social Media, Pulse Follow-Up Strategy: 6 Steps to Driving Post-Event Engagement | Run of Show, How To Sell Tickets FAST! So management of them means that you must immerse yourself in the event, and not just tick actions off a list. Upon completion, you may just find yourself with the knowledge, confidence and drive to finally put your career dreams into action. Event Management A course is a short, intensive academic program designed to teach working professionals new skills so they can become better employees. Information for current and future international students. Understanding that event management is a major UK industry, and knowing what types of events could be included is vital for any would-be event planner. Any large event involves complex time management, scheduling and coordination of other people’s activity – such as catering, digital and technological set up and venue preparation. People skills – with every event relying on a diverse group of people, your ability to inspire, relate to and communicate with anyone (from clients to caterers and crew) is crucial. Receive the latest updates and insights in the Events industry by signing up to our newsletter. Program Overview Humber’s Event Management graduate certificate program is one of the most comprehensive event management programs available. If you’re just starting out in event planning, this video will still be really helpful for you as this professional event planner shows you her event set up process for an actual client. Otherwise, you may find that either course credits cannot be applied to your program or you must pay a transcript reassessment fee.