Courtesy of Elk Grove Television. READ: Elk Grove Family Remembers Joel Broussard After Life Cut Short In I-5 Crash. Weiner and her husband run Entertainment Management Group, which books Elk Grove's summer concert series and purchases insurance brokered through Johnson's private insurance company. Mayor-elect Singh-Allen says current mayor Steve Ly … Michelle Kile, Justin Brown, and most recently announced, Brian Pastor, will make their run against Ly in the November 2020 mayoral election. “One of the recent pictures on his profile showed several high caliber guns,” Singh-Allen said. “There’s no evidence to support anything. As it stands today, there are three candidates running for Elk Grove mayor against incumbent Mayor Steve Ly, who is seeking a third term. It’s the most recent accusation surrounding the Elk Grove Mayor. On August 12 the Elk Grove City Council will take up the topic of possibly censuring Ly Elk Grove .- Well respected community activist Michelle Kile, the first woman to announce her candidacy for Elk Grove Mayor has now decided to step aside and endorse Bobbie Singh Allen. Twenty years later, Darren and his family have been an instrumental part of Elk Grove’s development. Bobbie Singh-Allen will be the first Sikh-American to serve as mayor for the city of Elk Grove. Get our news app: Download the updated CBS Sacramento News app for iOS and Android. In early returns, Elk Grove School District Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen is in the lead in the Elk Grove mayoral race. ", "They're just regurgitating the stuff they talked about before," he said. 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"But a few weeks ago when that flyer hit everybody's doors, it just infuriated me that these outside people that don't care about this town are trying to take it over and change things not for the better, but just for their own purposes -- maybe making more money or something. He pointed to his and the current board's experience in navigating economic downturns after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and the 2008 recession. They don't care.". Johnson said he also running again because of the economic effects related to the coronavirus pandemic. Johnson said the criticisms in the ads are "nothing new. "Now it's more important than ever before, at least in the 65-year history of this village, that we have strong experienced leadership to get through this time," Johnson said. The most serious of which is how his administration treats women. Representatives for Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen said the person who sent the message may be from Minnesota, adding another layer to this already complex situation. Brian Pastor is the candidate for Mayor of Elk Grove, California 2020 (mayor candidate elk grove) Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen is running to be Elk Grove’s next Mayor against incumbent Steve Ly. ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. The most recent mail piece takes aim at Johnson and his political consultant, Kitty Vanderweel Weiner, who chaired the Committee to Oppose the Retroactive Term Limits Referendum that was bankrolled by Johnson. Her concern for her safety grew when she noticed the profile’s pictures. Michelle Kile Michelle Kile is […] School trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen took a sizable lead in the race for Elk Grove mayor late Tuesday evening, after a contentious campaign to replace incumbent Steve Ly. “The message was extremely offensive calling me a racist and ended saying that he wished I die a slow death,” Singh-Allen said. Darren is proud of his deep roots in Elk Grove, attracted by its close proximity to family, strong schools, and high quality of life, Darren and his wife Denise chose to live in Elk Grove in 2000 to raise their three children; Lauren, Conner and Carson. He believes the ads are a sign there will be challengers to him and the slate of three incumbent trustees who also announced reelection bids. Elk Grove mayoral candidate Bobbie Singh-Allen says she feels humbled by the election results showing her in the lead over the incumbent mayor Steve … Bobbie Singh-Allen on Nov. 9 declared victory in the race to be Elk Grove’s next mayor. ELK GROVE (CBS13) — A local mayors race turns violent after one of the candidates was threatened on social media. It hurts everyone,” Ly said. But I'll tell you this: When this crap started hitting again, it made my decision very simple," Johnson said Tuesday night from the village board dais, holding up an anonymous glossy mail piece that arrived in mailboxes late last month. The Elk Grove Police Department is aware of the threat. The detectives are looking into it but no arrests have been made. ELK GROVE, Calif. — Though the local election results have taken nearly a week to be announced, candidate Bobbie Singh-Allen will be the next mayor of Elk Grove … After Johnson's reelection announcement during the village board meeting Tuesday night, similar proclamations were made by Trustees Pat Feichter (on the board since 1996), Chris Prochno (since 1997) and Jeff Franke (since 2007). Her declaration came shortly after current Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly congratulated her as the winner. And he touted other parts of his record, including low taxes, infrastructure projects, burgeoning business park and the popular summer concert series. Singh-Allen claimed Ly is using one specific community to intimidate her. In early returns, Elk Grove School District Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen is in the lead in the Elk Grove mayoral race. Elk Grove School Board Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen is leading the city's mayoral race with 46% of votes, according to Sacramento County. Singh-Allen is a second-generation Punjabi-Sikh who previously held office as an Elk Grove … This village has too much going for it to allow this kind of stuff to continue on.". "This village is too important. “I do not condone this. Michelle Kile Michelle Kile is […] Elk Grove Unified Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen appears to be taking the lead over incumbent Mayor Steve Ly. "I was 50/50 (about running again)," Franke said. The local race has turned ugly, forcing police to get involved after Mrs. Singh-Allen says she received an offensive private message on social media. Elk Grove Village Mayor Craig Johnson, pointing to a recent anonymous mailer that takes aim at him, announces his reelection bid from the village board dais Tuesday night. Prompted in large part by a new round of negative campaign-style mailers that take aim at him and his political allies, Elk Grove Village Mayor Craig Johnson announced this week he is running for reelection next spring. Singh-Allen is leading by nearly … She’s blaming her political opponent Mayor Steve Ly for the message.