Jared Polis’ tweak to an executive order that gives the Colorado attorney general the authority to investigate the death of Elijah McClain … Gov. A debate is raging inside Young Life as the Colorado-based ministry faces backlash over LGBTQ policy, Colorado grocery workers worry as Thanksgiving shoppers crowd stores, Denver Health retaliated against those who spoke out about systemic racism and COVID-19, whistleblower complaint alleges, Guest commentary: A concerned public needs more information on reasons for COVID restrictions. Access all of our premium content, get unlimited digital access and more! Colleton County Fire-Rescue started carrying ketamine in late 2018 and administered it eight times that year. The second highest usage was in Charleston County. Roughly a month after McClain’s death, James Britt, Jr. was injected with ketamine by Charleston County EMS outside Mount Pleasant’s Snee Farm community. In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the agency said it then used ketamine 10 times in 2019 and 18 times so far in 2020. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This is the Body Worn Camera footage from the August 24, 2019 contact with “That’s pretty dangerous.”. Back in Charleston County, the law firm representing the family of James Britt, Jr. says that he is greatly missed by his wife and son, calling his death “tragic and avoidable.”, “Jamie had his face pressed into the pavement, handcuffed behind his back, and in leg shackles when the paramedics injected him with a lethal amount of this dangerous tranquilizer drug,” the McLeod Law Group said in a statement to Live 5 Investigates. In August, Colorado Attorney General confirmed his office had been investigating “patterns and practices of the Aurora Police Department that might deprive individuals of their constitutional rights under state or federal law. The latest videos from FOX31 Denver. Sadly, several days later Mr. McClain was taken off life support. “It was a horrible thing that happened to Elijah McClain, and we need to look at a lot of different things to make sure it doesn’t happen again, but that doesn’t mean criminal charges should be brought… so let’s get a broader executive order issued to the attorney general that permits him to bring other offenses.”. ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Borg says that ketamine can be used by paramedics at a scene for several reasons, such as putting a breathing tube in, lessening an individual’s pain, or for sedating patients who are agitated or difficult to control, possibly because of mental illness or drug use. The amended executive order is more broad than its predecessor, said Mari Newman, an attorney for McClain’s family. They claim he was intoxicated near a disabled car. Elijah McClain died last year after paramedics in his hometown of Aurora administered ketamine, a drug that is increasingly being used by EMS departments in the Lowcountry. Gov. GET BREAKING NEWS IN YOUR BROWSER. A Dorchester County spokesperson said that the use of ketamine by EMS was authorized in July 2016 and that it was administered 13 times by the end of that year. Officers tried to arrest McClain and used a carotid hold to restrain him. Locally, there has been an uptick in ketamine administration by EMS agencies in Colleton, Berkeley, and Dorchester Counties. That’ll be $8,000 a week, Thrift stores thrive during pandemic, deluged with donations, then shoppers after shutdown, “Hurt, angry, sad and lost”: Coloradans endure pandemic Thanksgiving, Denver Mayor Hancock apologizes for flying for Thanksgiving after urging others not to travel due to COVID-19, Denver mayor traveled for Thanksgiving despite pandemic and Twitter was not happy about it, Health officials lift shutdown orders for 5 Douglas County restaurants that violated COVID-19 restrictions, Another district court judge says inappropriate conduct by other judges is the norm in Adams County, Record Denver snowfall is rare for multiple reasons. Rescinds Order To Close 5 Douglas County Restaurants, Tri-County Health Department Orders 5 Douglas County Restaurants To Close For COVID Violations. Jared Polis, to the investigation into his death being loosened. Lisa joined the Live 5 News team in June 2012. Mr. McClain died days after he was detained by the police last summer. The new order expands the scope of who can be prosecuted by replacing the term “law enforcement officers” with “any persons.”. The latest breaking news, delivered straight to your email! CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - The use of a powerful sedative by first responders has been questioned across the United States after a Colorado man died after being injected with it. Berkeley County says their EMS department began using ketamine in 2017, administering the sedative four times that year, 60 times in 2018, 96 times in 2019, and 62 times between the beginning of 2020 and early October. “It’s an important tool for them,” Keith Borg, MD, PhD of the Medical University of South Carolina said. They say it opens “up the possibility for him (Weiser) to come back with watered down charges against the killers, like we saw in Breonna Taylor’s case.”.